52+ Creative and Affordable Date Ideas for Teens

Coming up with creative date ideas for teens that aren’t too expensive, but still manage to impress is difficult, but not impossible.

We came up with 52+ fun dates for teens that go easy on the wallet but are defiantly worthy of an Instagram post. Did we miss your favorite? Let us know.

creative date ideas for teens

52+ Creative Date Ideas for Teens in Atlanta

Take a Tour of Public Art. One of our favorite date ideas for teenagers is to view public art, and most towns have at least a few murals. Find the story behind the art and tell your date as you take a selfie. A few Atlanta installations we like include:

Take a Hike. Whether it’s a hidden community treasure, or a well-known trail, take a walk along a beautiful path for the perfect photo among the trees. These trails are great date ideas for teens.

Go on a Bike Ride. Taking a bike ride around local trails like these in Atlanta is one of the best first date ideas for teens.

Try BMX Biking. If you have fun riding Atlanta trails, up your game on one of the BMX tracks near Atlanta. As long as they don’t have an event, you are welcome to cycle on the track. There are two tracks in Cobb County – Noonday Park in Kennesaw and Wild Horse Park in Powder Springs.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt. Get to know each other by creating a scavenger hunt of your favorite places. Or look for scavenger hunts of your area. In Atlanta we love Cluetown Books. They have scavenger hunts for Piedmont Park, Oakland Cemetery, Decatur and more. Check them out.

Cook Something Delicious. Find a favorite family recipe and make it together. For a special occasion, take a cooking class together. In Atlanta you can find cooking classes at Cook’s Warehouse, Local Three and more.

Play Golf. One of my favorite fun date ideas for teens involves a little competition. Playing a full round of golf may be a bit much, but there is always fun at Top Golf, or playing miniature golf. Here are a few fun courses

Go on a Tour. Share an interest in Marvel, Stranger Things, Walking Dead or just movies in general? Go on one of the Atlanta Movie Tours.

Get Ice Cream. There are so many amazing ice cream places in Atlanta, you can find one to fit your budget. A few of our favorites include:

Hit the Amusement Park. You are never too old for a roller coaster. The Atlanta area has several different amusement parks.

Visit a Museum. You might not think this would be classified under cheap date ideas for teenagers, but if you plan ahead, you can visit on a free day. Here are a few of our favorite museums in Atlanta for teens

See Animals at the Zoo. We love the Atlanta Zoo and the Georgia Aquarium, but you can also find animals at several nature preserves for a much smaller (sometimes free) admission price. A few of our favorites are

Go Zip Lining. I love teen date ideas that keep you active. Zip lining definitely qualifies. We have a full list of zip lines in Georgia. Here are a few favorites near Atlanta

  • Zoo Atlanta – What’s more fun that looking at cute animals – flying above them.
  • TreeTop Quest – This includes both zip lines and ropes elements, and will require lots of holding hands.
  • Banning Mills – This one is for the most adventurous couples

Spin on the Skating Rink. Whether it’s an ice skating rink in the winter, or a roller rink in the summer, the couples skate has been one of the tried and true romantic date ideas for teenagers through the ages.

Go for a Strike at the Bowling Alley. Another old school favorite is bowling. There are lots of bowling alley’s in Atlanta and teens are still eligible to sign up for summer free bowling programs.

See a Movie. You can go to the dollar theater, or pack a picnic and check out one of the free outdoor movies. For something retro, see a flick at the Starlight Drive In.

Go to the Park. It’s fun to hit a neighborhood playground, or head to one of the many parks in Atlanta. Here are a few we love.

Horseback Riding. Looking for a cute date idea for teens then involve animals. A horseback ride through the woods is very romantic, and you can extend the date by petting the horses too. One of our favorite places to ride is Southern Cross Guest Ranch.

Volunteer Together. Good date ideas for teenagers can also be good for others too. Choose a charity or charity event and volunteer together. Here are some ideas of charitable organizations in Atlanta.

Look at Stars. Did you know there are several inexpensive or free places where you can look at the night sky together? This is one of my favorite cheap date ideas for teens.

Head to the Farmers Market. Make a game of finding the strangest fruit or vegetable, or set a monetary limit and go shopping for weird items, then try them together. Here is a list of more than 24 farmers’ markets with a variety of items.

Find treasure at the Flea Market. This can be one of the most creative date ideas for teenagers. See who can find the strangest, oldest, most useful item. Here is a great list of flea markets to choose from.

Pick Something. Teen date ideas that involve doing something are my favorite (can you tell) we’ve always loved going to pick fruit. No matter the season, you can find something to pick.

Pet a Puppy. Need dating ideas for teens that don’t cost much? How about play with the puppies at the local human society.

Go Fish. Find a pond or other area of water near you and try your hand at fishing. In Atlanta a good place to fish is at the Carter Center where they have a stocked pond on site. If the fishing doesn’t work out, you can always check out the Carter Presidential Museum where you can see items given to the Carter’s from foreign dignitaries.

Go Flying. If you and your date are 17 or younger, you can schedule a free plane ride through the Experimental Aviation Association’s Young Eagles Program. You both may even qualify for a free flight lesson.

Search for Treasure. This is one of those good date ideas for teens that like to go exploring. Geocaching is a high tech scavenger hunt that you can do literally anywhere. Read more in our article on Geocaching (and how to pick your pirate name)

Visit a Cemetery. This is one of those teen date ideas that are probably best for a third or fourth date. You may not think a cemetery would be a cool date, but Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta isn’t just any cemetery. You can download tours and learn about the ‘residents’ and their stories, plus they have some pretty cool special events throughout the year.

Visit a Graveyard. This graveyard is a bit different, it’s a school bus graveyard and it’s free. See our post for a video of what to expect. And if you like this, you may also like Old Car City – but there is an admission to visit here.

Watch a Parade. I love a parade, and many towns, large and small have at least one parade during the year. A few of our favorites in Atlanta include

Plan an Escape. See how your date performs under pressure by trying to escape the room together. There are locations throughout the county. Here are a few Escape Rooms in the Atlanta area.

And if you STILL need some ideas, we have 140+ Things to do in Atlanta AND be sure to check out our other date night post. 

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Date Ideas for Teens

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