Stone Mountain Park: 17+ Amazing Things To Explore

Stone Mountain Park is a popular family-friendly destination filled with fun attractions, a Scenic Railroad, a laser show on the side of the mountain, seasonal festivals, special events, lodging and more.

In addition to all the fun experiences the park offers, there are also plenty of outdoor recreational activities and places to explore away from the hustle and bustle of the popular attractions. Stone Mountain Park encompasses 3,200 acres, which means you’ll never run out of things to discover.

Ready to learn more? Here are some of our favorite things to do at one of the most visited attractions in Georgia — Stone Mountain Park.

Stone Mountain Park: 17+ Amazing Things To Explore
Courtesy of Stone Mountain Park

Most Popular Attractions At Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park: 17+ Amazing Things To Explore
Courtesy of Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park is full of popular attractions, and the Crossroads Area of the park is where you’ll find most of them. Here are some of the most popular attractions that you don’t want to miss.

Scenic Railroad

The Scenic Railroad is one of the most popular things to do at Stone Mountain Park.

Climb aboard this fun train that’s pulled by a full-sized locomotive from the 1940s. You’ll take a 5-mile excursion around the mountain in open-air cars, giving you the opportunity to explore more of the park and enjoy amazing views along the way.

The train trip lasts 25-30 minutes, and leaves multiple times a day. You can visit the Train Depot in the Crossroads Area of the park for departure times. A trip on the railroad is included in your Attractions Pass ticket.


Summit Skyride

You can absolutely hike to the top of Stone Mountain (more on that below), but if you want to skip that part and just get to the spectacular views, a ride on the Summit Skyride is the way to go.

This high-speed Swiss cable car transports guests more than 825 feet above ground to the top of Stone Mountain. From the top, you can experience amazing views of the Atlanta skyline, the Appalachian Mountains and more up to 60 miles away.

The Summit Skyride is included in the Attractions Pass ticket.

New Light Show Replacing Lasershow Spectacular

After years of enjoying the Stone Mountain Park Laser Show Spectacular, the new Music Across America Drone & Light Show will debut Memorial Day weekend 2023 on the face of Stone Mountain.

The new show will be bigger and better than ever — but will still keep the fun and excitement Georgians know and love.

The new light show will feature more lighting, larger video projections, as well as more laser beams. Using the latest in digital video technology, sound, and lighting, the Light Show will be full of vibrant colors and new animations. State-of-the-art projectors and 3D mapping techniques help make the new show better than ever.

The new Light Show features banks of new high-resolution 4k video projectors, which will enhance the experience with lighting moving overhead, side to side, and on the ground.  The Light Show will also feature more fireworks and flame effects, as well as new musical tracks. An upgraded sound system will provide a full immersive surround sound effect.

The Drone Show will feature 250 color-changing drones synchronized to music. How cool is that?!

Held every year on the Memorial Lawn during the summer months, you can see other themed laser shows during their Pumpkin Festival and Stone Mountain Christmas events. The laser show is projected right onto the 400-foot-tall carving of Robert E. Lee and other Confederate war soldiers.

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Camp Highland Outpost and The SkyHike

The SkyHike in the Crossroads area is an add-on experience at the park. This ropes course gives you plenty of options so you can choose your own route. Choose from the 12-foot-high beginner trail, the 24-foot-high trail for those who are more courageous, or the super challenge trail that’s nearly 40-feet-high! You’ll find plenty of wooden bridges, ropes, and obstacles to conquer. (Must be at least 44″ tall.)

The Camp Highland Outpost is located inside the SkyHike Complex and is a low-ropes course featuring multiple line bridges for smaller adventurers. Little ones can also beat the heat in the Crooked Creek play area!

These add-on adventures are seasonal.

Geyser Towers

In the summer months, one of the most popular attractions is the Geyser Towers. Here you’ll find suspended rope bridges, net tunnels and platforms that overlook a geyser that sporadically erupts! You can either play in the spray, or do your best to stay dry.

This family-friendly attraction is popular for all ages. Little ones can play in the trickling creek nearby.

Mini Golf

Another family-friendly option that’s open year-round is the Great Locomotive Chase Mini Golf Course. Located in Crossroads, you’ll take on the perspective of the train’s original crew, and make your way through 18 holes in pursuit of the stolen General locomotive.

You’ll find train-inspired designs throughout and are sure to have a blast. It’s located right next to the Train Depot, and is included in your Attractions Pass.

Activities To Enjoy In Nature

Stone Mountain Park: 17+ Amazing Things To Explore
Courtesy of Stone Mountain Park

While there are some great attractions at Stone Mountain Park, some of the best features of this special park is the natural beauty of the area. Climb the mountain, hike some trails, go fishing, have a picnic, or enjoy one of two championship golf courses.

Climb Stone Mountain

One of the most popular activities in the park is climbing Stone Mountain itself.

Take the 1-mile trail up the mountain and you can feel like you’ve truly earned those amazing views at the top. Follow the painted yellow line up the mountain and enjoy the amazing scenery and views along the way. Once you reach the top, you’ll be 1,686 feet above sea level, and you can see views of downtown Atlanta, the North Georgia mountains, and more. One a haze-free day, you can see as far away as 60 miles!

The Walk-Up Trail is open daily from dawn to dusk. Access to the trail is included with a daily or annual parking pass. Pets are not allowed on this trail. And a note — this trail is super slippery when wet, so please plan accordingly!

Fishing In Stone Mountain Lake

If you want to fish while taking in the beautiful views of Stone Mountain — you can!

Fishing is permitted in Stone Mountain Lake from 6am to midnight each day. In Stone Mountain Lake you’ll find bass, carp, crappie, catfish, and bream.

Private boats are allowed on the lake during daylight hours, and they must be launched from the Public Boat Ramp located near the Evergreen Pavilion.

Hiking Trails

Stone Mountain Park features 15 miles of hiking and walking trails with varying degrees of difficulty. Enjoy the 5-mile trail around the base, the 1-mile trail to the summit and more! Get individual trail maps and information here.

Access to the park trails is included with a daily or annual parking pass.


Stone Mountain Golf Club features two championship golf courses and offers scenic views of historic Stone Mountain and Stone Mountain Lake.

The Stonemont Course is a classic challenge that places emphasis on accuracy and strategic course management. The Lakemont Course complements Stonemont with a less demanding, target-oriented layout and exquisite views of Stone Mountain and the surrounding lake.

History & Nature at Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park: 17+ Amazing Things To Explore
Courtesy of Stone Mountain Park

Explore some of the amazing natural and historical areas at Stone Mountain Park!

The Carillon

The Carillon is truly a sight to see…and hear! The Carillon was donated to Stone Mountain Park by Coca-Cola after being shown at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City.

Now you can listen to a daily concert from the 732-bell Carillon at Stone Mountain Park. You’ll find the Carillon located right on Stone Mountain Lake, surrounded by spectacular views. A visit to the Carillon is included with your parking pass.

Covered Bridge

Stone Mountain Park’s covered bridge is a must-see. Not only is it insanely beautiful, but it’s full of historical significance too.

The covered bridge here was originally constructed in 1891 in Athens, GA and it was used to connect College Street and downtown Athens to farm lands across the Oconee River. Severe floods in 1910 and 1963 damaged the bridge, and caused concern for its ongoing use.

In 1965, the bridge was partially disassembled and made the trek to Stone Mountain Park where it was re-assembled and re-installed on new cement and granite piers. The covered bridge now connects the park to an island across Stone Mountain Lake.

This covered bridge is one of only four remaining structures of the many created and constructed by Washington W. King. The King family were prominent African-American businessmen for decades in multiple Georgia cities. The bridge has been named the Washington W. King Bridge, in memory of, as well as honoring the bridge designer and builder.

Grist Mill

The Grist Mill is located at one of the most picturesque spots in the park. Visiting the mill is a must, and you’ll love the amazing views and the beauty of nature found here.

This historic mill was moved in 1965 to Stone Mountain Park from its original site near Ellijay.

The area around the mill is popular for picnicking!

Historical & Environmental Education Center

The Historical & Environmental Education Center is certainly worth a visit if you’d like to know more about the geology and ecology of the mountain, and learn more about the history of the area.

Located at the base of the Walk-Up Trail, this interactive exhibit space features a 25-minute film on the history of the Civil War in Georgia, a gallery, science exhibits, and a life-size cave that features a video about the origin of the mountain.

You can also learn more about how the Confederate carving on the side of Stone Mountain came to be.

Quarry Exhibit

The Quarry Exhibit gives visitors an in-depth look into the history of Stone Mountain and the part that the quarry here played.

This outdoor display will show you how much granite was removed from the mountain, and shows you that almost every state in the United States has a building that uses Stone Mountain granite — including places like Fort Knox and the Panama Canal.

You’ll also learn more about the process of granite quarrying and the changes in technology over time.

Where To Stay at Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park: 17+ Amazing Things To Explore
Courtesy of Stone Mountain Park

There are several different lodging options at Stone Mountain Park. Whether you’re looking for an upscale retreat, or you want to rough it in the woods, there’s something for everyone here.

Stone Mountain Park Hotels

Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort is a great place to stay, with heated indoor and outdoor pools year-round.

Enjoy newly-renovated guest rooms, expansive lake views, private balconies, and more.

The Inn at Stone Mountain Park is another great choice that features a family-friendly pool and great guest rooms. Located in the Historic Square section, right across from the Crossroads, this awesome hotel is super convenient.

Stay Here: Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort | The Inn at Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park Campgrounds

If you really want to be immersed in nature, consider a stay at the Stone Mountain Park campground. Here you’ll find tent and RV campsites, as well as yurts, safari tents, and RV rentals.

A lot of the sites are along the water’s edge, making for fantastic views.

Stone Mountain Park Festivals

Courtesy of Stone Mountain Park

In addition to the everyday fun offered here, you’ll also find that Stone Mountain Park is Georgia’s best place to celebrate holidays and more.

Stone Mountain Park FAQ

How much is the Skyride at Stone Mountain Park?

The Skyride at Stone Mountain Park is included in an Attractions Pass or a Mountain Membership. If you just want a ticket for the Skyride, those tickets are: Round trip is $12.00 per person or $7.00 one way. Skyride-only tickets must be purchased in person the day of and they cannot be ordered online in advance. Parking at Stone Mountain Park is $20/day or $40/annual.

How much is it to get into Stone Mountain Park?

To get into Stone Mountain Park, you’re paying for parking. Parking is $20/day or $40 for an annual parking pass. Free activities once inside the park include access to the natural areas of Stone Mountain Park, hiking and nature trails (such as hiking to the top of Stone Mountain), public picnic areas, the 363-acre lake, children’s playground, Grist Mill, Covered Bridge, and Quarry Exhibit.

Can you walk into Stone Mountain Park for free?

Yes, you may walk into Stone Mountain Park for free, and avoid the parking fee. Bicyclists and pedestrians may enter the park at no charge through the South Woods Gate.


Where To Stay at Stone Mountain Park

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Stone Mountain Park: 17+ Amazing Things To Explore