Six Flags Over Georgia: Beat the Lines, Discounts and More Tips

Visiting amusement parks in Georgia takes time and planning. That’s why we put together the most supreme guide to Six Flags Over Georgia, Atlanta’s own regional theme park, that you’ll ever need.

Want to know how to beat the line at Batman or one of the other popular roller coasters? When is the best time to hit the water park? We’ll tell you. Where can you snag a discount? Read on for the scoop on this popular Cobb County attraction.


Read below for tips to beat the lines, and why you’ll want to consider visiting Six Flags Over Ga. in the fall for Fright Fest or during Six Flags Holiday in the Park.

Tips to Beat the Lines at Six Flags Over Georgia
| Discounts & Money Savers
| Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Over Georgia | What’s New at Six Flags Over Georgia

Battle for Metropolis at Six Flags over Georgia

photo courtesy of Amy Albers


Every year, Six Flags reinvents itself just a little bit — and 2022 will be no different.

Six Flags Over Georgia kicks off its 55th anniversary season on Saturday, March 5, 2022 with an array of enhancements to the guest experience, the park’s historic line up of thrill rides and roller coasters, and new dining options! From March 5 until Memorial Day Weekend the park is open only on the weekends. The park will, however, be open during the first full week of April for the Spring BreakOUT event. Beginning Memorial Day Weekend the park and Hurricane Harbor will be open 7-days a week for fun! We encourage visitors to check their calendar and hours before visiting to ensure the park is open.

Also this year – reservations will not be required when visiting the park. Spontaneous trip anyone? But — if you own a Season/Membership THE FLASH Pass, please visit THE FLASH Pass Reservation portal to reserve your service for your visit


Six Flags announces a three-tiered Pass Program focused on maximizing the value and experience for guests:

  • The Thrill Seeker Pass is perfect for frequent home park visitation
  • The Extreme Pass is ideal for live-on-the-edge thrills all year, without blockout dates
  • The Ultimate Pass provides the best value for everything offered; it includes all of the advantages of an Extreme Pass, plus more
  • For additional benefits and savings, with the purchase of an Extreme or Ultimate Pass, TWO Junior Passes will be given for each one of the passes purchased. (The Junior Pass is for guests under 42”.)


The Great American Scream Machine. Introduced to the park in 1973, The Great American Scream Machine is a designated American Coaster Enthusiast national rollercoaster landmark. It remains a nostalgic favorite among guests. Just in time for the park’s 55th anniversary, this restorative project includes a complete re-tracking, renovation of the queue house, and more than 400 gallons of paint! The park plans to unveil the updated classic rollercoaster later this spring.


This spring, Six Flags White Water will debut Python Plunge, a fast-paced, two-person waterslide featuring multiple swirling discs and adrenaline-pumping drops. Reaching five stories tall and 500 feet long, Python Plunge snakes its way through the park’s beautiful, natural landscape, and gives guests a thrilling journey down the hill to the splashdown below.


Six Flags is known for flagship events like July 4th Fest, Fright Fest® and Holiday in the Park®. Six Flags Over Georgia is excited to announce the return of these fan favorites plus new, exciting events happening all season long:

  • Spring BreakOUT (April 1-10, 2022): Celebrate Spring Break with live music and the park’s line-up of thrill rides and rollercoasters.
  • 55th Anniversary: Help Six Flags Over Georgia celebrate its 55th anniversary on June 14 with an exciting birthday bash and more surprises all month long!
  • July 4th Fest (July 2-4, 2022): Celebrate Independence Day with a multi-day extravaganza, featuring a VIP experience and an explosive nighttime fireworks display.
  • Brews & Bites (August 13-Sept 4, 2022): Sample some of the best food and brews Atlanta has to offer.
  • Fright Fest (Sept 17-Oct 31): Experience Six Flags Over Georgia’s premier Halloween event. The ghouls are back!
  • Holiday in the Park (Nov 19-Jan 1): Enjoy Atlanta’s most dazzling holiday event.


This season, the park is introducing a myriad of technology and mobile app upgrades to expedite the planning and in-park experience for guests, including:

  • A new mobile app feature that allows guests to add their Pass to their Google Pay Wallet or Apple Wallet, expediting the front gate experience and reducing wait time.
  • The introduction of Q SMART Technology, improving THE FLASH™ Pass experience through smartphone-optimized virtual queuing. This advancement allows guests to utilize a mobile app and maximize their time, spending less time waiting in line and more time enjoying the theme park.


Updated skill game experience includes new, incredible games, eye-catching infrastructure, and exciting prizes sourced from a range of designers and manufacturers worldwide. In between thrilling rides and rollercoasters, guests can put their skills to the test and reach new high scores with this new, elevated gaming experience.


No theme park visit is complete without classic eats like juicy burgers, piping hot snacks, and can’t-find-anywhere-else desserts! Here are some spots to grab a bite!

  • JB’s Southern Charm Burger – Burger aficionados will enjoy this savory burger piled high with pimento cheese and applewood smoked bacon before being topped with crispy, fried onions, located at JB’s Sports Bar and Grille
  • Nachuros – Guests looking to satisfy their sweet tooth can try this delectable dessert featuring golden, fried, cinnamon tortillas topped with chocolate and caramel sauce and a hefty helping of whipped cream, located at Macho Nacho
  • Guests seeking healthier and plant-based options will enjoy the Chicken Philly Salad, located at Birds of Prey™ Café, the Crispy Chicken Salad, at Dee Jay’s Diner, or the Johnny Rockets Impossible Burger, located at Johnny Rockets
  • Additional snack locations are being added to the park, offering guest-favorite theme park treats like hand-spun cotton candy, hand-rolled pretzels as well as freshly squeezed lemonade, and freshly popped popcorn.


Finally, Six Flags will offer card and mobile payments only.

In-park guests can convert cash at multiple kiosks located throughout the park. There are no conversion fees and the pre-paid debit card can be used anywhere in the U.S. where VISA is accepted.

Prior to visiting the park, guests are encouraged to visit their website to purchase parking, admission tickets, Season Passes, Memberships, and other add-on items in advance.


Hanson Cars at Six Flags Over Georgia

I love amusement parks, but I hate long lines and throngs of people. If you’re like me, then here are some tips to get the most from your visit to Six Flags Over Georgia them park. 

How to Beat the Lines at Six Flags Over Georgia


This is true for ANY of the theme parks in Georgia or pretty much anywhere. Most people run late, so although they may try to get to the park when it opens, fewer people do.

Add in time to park and walk to the entrance and you’ll find that the crowds are lightest at opening.

Remember, you want to be ready to walk into the park at opening, which means your Six Flags Over Georgia tickets have been purchased, bathroom breaks are finished and sunscreen is on.


At Six Flags you can pay a premium to park near the entrance ($40+), but if you’re looking for bargain parking ($25), you’ll have to walk a bit, so figure time in for parking and walking to the entrance. We found a bargain parking lot on our last visit by going right instead of left toward the park.

The Six Flags address is 275 Riverside Parkway Southwest, Austell, GA 30168, if you need to get directions. Six Flags phone number is (770) 739-3400, just in case.


The operator I talked to mentioned that often the park will open the main gate 30 minutes prior to the scheduled opening of the park. It helps to thin the crowds at the gate. So look up when Six Flags opens on the day you’d like to visit, then be there 30 minutes before that.

Some of their rollercoasters may be open early too. This is a great time to hit these rides and likely ride again and again. Especially some of the most popular thrill rides. During our latest visit, this tip rang true, so get there before opening for no-line roller coaster rides.


Most people meander to the right when they tour an amusement park. Those in the know may head straight to the large roller coasters like Goliath.

Those with the inside scoop on Six Flags Over Georgia rides head to the back of the park and work their way to the front. If you like trills, that means go directly to Metropolis Park.


If you’re a roller coaster fan, go to Batman first. Why? Because Batman is more popular than Superman. Why Batman instead of Goliath? Because Goliath is a high capacity ride that is much easier to load than Batman, or Superman. Plus it has a bigger loading station, more seats, and a longer ride, so it gives the ride operators more time to load and unload. Batman’s station is smaller by design, you’re made to feel like you are in the bat cave.

When you finish Batman, go quickly to Superman and Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. These two rides are very popular too and are located right next to each other. Because Goliath loads faster, you can save this one later.

If you follow these two suggestion, you’ll have covered three of the 11 roller coasters (probably multiple times) within the first half hour of the park opening!


Mid-week is the least crowded time to visit Six Flags Ga. If you must come on the weekend, Sunday is a better day than Saturday.


Shoulder Season, April, May, Sept. Oct., Nov. and Dec. aren’t as crowded either. (Although in October be aware of Six Flags Georgia Fright Fest which is not appropriate for young children after 4 pm.)


Lines will usually thin out after dinner. From dinner time until closing the lines should be much shorter. However, if you want to see the shows, check the Six Flags schedule, often times the shows don’t run in the evenings.


Thunder River has a long line in the afternoon once folks get hot and are looking to cool off. Visit Thunder River in the morning and you’ll avoid the longest lines.

Hurricane Harbor, SixFlags Over Georgia’s Water Park, has a similar traffic pattern. Folks generally wait until the afternoon to get wet, so visiting the wave pool or  your favorite water ride in the morning is a best bet.


The best way to avoid lines is to map out the day prior to your visit, here’s a Six Flags Over Georgia Park Map. Know before you get off one ride, where you’re going next.

Like many theme parks, Six Flags also has an app with ride wait times, show schedules, and restaurant menus. It’s free to download for both iPhone and Android. Be sure to download and review BEFORE you head to the park so you don’t spend precious time trying to figure out the app.


Get a Six Flags schedule before heading out and determine what shows you want to see and when. Inside venues are great for mid-day when it’s hot and you need a break.


To avoid long lines at the concessions, and to enjoy the shorter lunch time ride lines, plan to eat a bit early or late. Either eat no later than 11:30 or after 2 pm. You’ll skip the food lines and enjoy slightly shorter ride lines during peak dining hours.

If you are a season ticket holder, you may want to consider purchasing a dining plan.


If you want to save a little money, bring a picnic. Six Flags does not allow coolers, but you can exit the park (make sure to get a hand stamp for re-entry), have a healthy lunch and return.

There are a lot of great restaurant choices if you don’t want to leave the park, though. Daddy O’s BBQ was a favorite of several folks surveyed. Daddy O’s is located near the Dare Devil Dive rollercoaster.


The Lickskillet Section of the park is food court type set up. If you have lots of different tastes, this may be the best place for variety.


Six Flags does boast healthy options, too.

For a more traditional healthy option, try the grilled chicken Cobb salad at JB’s Sports Bar & Grille or substitute fries for a fresh fruit cup at Dee Jay’s Diner.

And here’s something to feel good about. Six Flags Over Georgia is now the first U.S. theme park to partner with Goodr, a sustainable waste management company that leverages technology to combat food waste and hunger. This collaborative effort will directly impact food insecurity in metro Atlanta and the surrounding region.

Founded by Jasmine Crowe, Goodr provides a winning solution by donating surplus edible food to local non-profits, as well as reducing greenhouse emissions from landfills.


Six Flags Over Georgia Batman Ride

Before paying full price for Six Flags Over Ga. tickets, check for discounts. Here are a few we’ve found.

  • Buy tickets online at least one day before your visit for the best prices, and so you can skip the ticket lines and go directly into the park.
  • AAA members receive a discount when they show their card at the ticket booth.
  • A Six Flags military discount is offered at most military bases.
  • Often you can find discounts on locally purchased Coca-Cola cans.
  • Children can earn a free ticket to Six Flags through the Read to Succeed Program (deadline is during the school year).
  • If you plan to visit more than twice, consider a Six Flags Over Georgia Season Pass.
  • You can upgrade your Six Flags Over Ga. tickets to an annual pass on the day of your visit. That means the Six Flags ticket price you paid that day, will go toward your season pass (must be done before leaving the park)

Although not a discount, you can get more for your money on the games in the midway if you know which one to play. For instance, the water race games like Top Glo, there is a winner every time you play. At Rising Water and Spyromania, kids get a hat just for playing, and every player wins something at Piedmont Scale or Lick Scale. And if your kiddos under 42 inches want to play Balloon Dart, they’ll let them keep shooting until they pop a balloon and win!


Most people think about Six Flags Over Ga as a summertime adventure, but off season is a perfect time to visit for shorter lines and special seasonal fun. Here’s what you need to know about Six Flags Fright Fest and the Six Flags Christmas celebration called Holiday in the Park Six Flags.

Be sure to consult the Six Flags calendar before heading out. Six Flags Over Ga. hours are different for the seasonal events than the regular six flags hours during the summer.


Six Flags Over Georgia's Fright Fest is family friendly during the daytime.
Photo by Six Flags Over Georgia

Photo by Six Flags Over Georgia

All in all, we found fall a great time to visit Six Flags Over Georgia. For one, it’s not so hot. For another, there is Fright Fest. This year’s fest will be held from September 17 through October 31. The ghouls are back this fall!

The Six Flags Halloween celebration during the day is perfect for young children, but after 4 pm, many of the areas of the park are not recommended for children under 12. We have an entire post on Six Flags Over Georgia Fright Fest, but here are a few quick tips.

Not so Scary Activities include Free Candy. Free candy is always a plus, I mean isn’t that why we trick or treat? We scored a few treats while running from ride-to-ride in Bugs Bunny Boomtown from some very friendly pirates. Inside the Bugs Bunny World Theater, there are even kid friendly spooky stories being told.

Fright Fest Extras: Fright Fest is included as part of the normal Six Flags Over Georgia tickets. However, you need to purchase a Haunted Attractions Wristband to get into the six mazes/haunted houses. Six Flags Over Georgia Season pass holders also need to purchase the Haunted Attractions Pass to get into the haunted houses/mazes. Here are the Six Flags Fright Fest Ticket options.


Six Flags Over Georgia Holiday in the Park is Six Flags Christmas celebration.

Photo by Six Flags, Atlanta Ga.

Enjoy one of Atlanta’s most dazzling holiday events this year, held November 19 through January 1.

The holiday season is one of my favorite times to visit 6 Flags. For one thing, it’s a heck of a lot cooler. That said, you may want to head to the rides early in the evening, so when the sun goes down and the temperature dips even more, you aren’t screaming through the chilly wind upside down and sideways on a roller coaster.

Save the later evening for enjoying a hot chocolate and walking around the park to enjoy the more than one million LED lights, or take in a show in the warm Crystal Pistol theatre. Here are seven more reasons we enjoy Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Six Flags Over Georgia Holiday in the Park

Lights. Lights and more Lights. While there are millions of LED lights around the Six Flags theme park to create a festive atmosphere, my favorite is the light tunnel that glistens and dances to the music.

Snow. It’s always snowing on Main Street. Listen the carolers, gather round the beautiful Christmas tree and catch a few flakes in your hand. (I think it’s actually soap, so you may not want to catch it on your tongue. But not sure about that)

Meet Santa Claus. Of course a Six Flags Christmas wouldn’t be complete without Santa. Young kids will love taking the train ride to get to the North Pole.

Holiday Shows. My favorite are the carolers, but Six Flags has several holiday shows with lots of singing and dancing to get you in the spirit.

Six Flags Rides. The one-horse open sleigh is replaced by a multi-car roller coaster. My kids’ favorite is Goliath. Best part, with the smaller winter time crowds, we were able to ride again, and again.

Holiday Treats. Christmas means sweets. At Six Flags Holiday Park, there are lots of seasonal treats. In fact they have two themed areas dedicated to favorite holiday treats. Peppermint Plaza is a sensory experience with the sights, and smells of the season. S’more Village has fire pits to toast your own.

Beer. This would be my husband’s favorite part. Seasonal beers at JB’s Sports Bar and Grill, plus the latest game on the screen. He’s not much of a spinner.


There are several Six Flags theme parks all over not just the United States, but also North America. In fact, in 2019 there were 27 parks across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. A few others along the east coast you might want to visit include Six Flags New England, Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Darien Lake, Six Flags The Great Escape, or Six Flags America, home of the famous Superman: Ride of Steel coaster. Want to stay closer? Try Six Flags White Water.

Before you head to Six Flags Over Georgia, you MUST read this post on how to beat the lines, save money and get the best experience ever at this amusement park outside Atlanta.

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Six Flags Over Georgia: Beat the Lines, Discounts and More Tips