Finding Beauty in the Junkyard at Old Car City USA

I first learned about Old Car City USA from Georgia Traveler, and I was hooked immediately. And I’m not the only one.

Old Car City USA in White, Georgia, is located just 15 minutes north of Cartersville. At this unique spot, you’ll find over 4,000 American-made cars from the early 20th century. This cool and eclectic place is known as the “World’s Largest Known Classic Car Junkyard.”

Perfect for history buffs, photographers, and anyone looking for a unique experience, Old Car City USA is definitely worth a visit.

Here’s why you’ll want to stop at this very unusual, and special junk yard.



My husband and I appreciate photography and old cars, so Old Car City USA in White, Georgia was the place for us.

Old Car City USA started as a general store in 1931, and although its main draw is the cars these days, it’s still a family-owned and operated business. Home to over 4,000 vehicles on more than 34 acres, you’ll find cars, trucks, vans, and even a couple school buses here.

Among the collection, you’ll be able to see the last car Elvis Presley ever bought in 1977, just months before his death. You’ll find the maroon 1977 Lincoln Mark V in a covered garage on the property. A car used in a movie starring Andy Griffith and Johnny Cash also calls Old Car City USA home.

There are about six miles of trails found here, and you can take a few or all of them to see the vast collection. We found the most dense selection of cars, and the oldest, near the entrance. It’s amazing to see all the beauty and history the cars still contain.

During our visit, the boys enjoyed meandering the trails with us, lined with cars on both sides.


Finding Beauty in the Junkyard at Old Car City USA

As we’ve mentioned, Old Car City USA is beautiful in its own rite. This famous junkyard has become a haven for photographers, and it’s easy to see why. The vehicles and classic cars found here have been arranged especially to make beautiful backdrops for photos.

Over the years, thousands of photographers have come to Old Car City USA to get the perfect shot.

There is an admission fee to visit Old Car City USA — even if you don’t want to take pictures. If you only want to walk through and not take any photos, ages 13+ is $20, ages 7-12 is $10, and children 6 and younger are free. If you do want to take pictures, it’s $30 for all ages. All active military members receive half off.

Admission is CASH ONLY, so come prepared!

We paid the photography fee when we visited, and we left with almost 500 shots!


Finding Beauty in the Junkyard at Old Car City USA

The “mayor” of Old Car City USA, Dean Lewis, loves to have visitors see his varied automobile art — with a little help from Mother Nature.

Before you leave, be sure to check out the main building. In the upstairs loft, you’ll find the doodle gallery, where Lewis has used the most unique canvas for his artwork — the Styrofoam cup! You’ll find hundreds of Styrofoam canvases on display, and the “cup art,” as he calls it, is amazing to see.

You’ll also find a store here that has folk art for sale. You’ll find this art on other types of unique canvases, like tin can lids, scrap wood, and more.


We mentioned that we took hundreds of photos when we visited Old Car City USA. Here are some of our favorites.

Finding Beauty in the Junkyard at Old Car City USA
Finding Beauty in the Junkyard at Old Car City USA
Finding Beauty in the Junkyard at Old Car City USA
Finding Beauty in the Junkyard at Old Car City USA


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Finding Beauty in the Junkyard at Old Car City USA