Pause And Refresh At Atlanta’s Amazing World of Coke [video]

The World of Coca-Cola, or World of Coke as most people call it, is one of the most popular attractions in Atlanta. Ask kids what they like best at the Coca-Cola museum and most will say the tasting room where they can sample Coke from all over the world and drink as much as they can stand.

World of Coke Atlanta

Admittedly, the World of Coke is a lot of fun, but it’s also a great place to learn about history, science, and the world around us. Coca-Cola has even put together a teacher toolkit by grade level that corresponds with the Georgia Performance Standards. It’s a great guide for home school groups or type A parents who want to make sure everything they do is educational.

World of Coke Galleries

I’m a huge history buff and Mad Men fan, so the development of the advertising is quite interesting to me. It’s fun to all the places where you can find the Coca-Cola logo. Coke pioneered the use of celebrities in advertising, coupons, premium items and even sports marketing. Coca-Cola has been an Olympic sponsor since the 20’s. You can even watch some of the best Coke television ads at the Coke Museum.

The company set up bottling plants around the world during WWII so soldiers could have a little taste of home. In the process, those men became ambassadors for the product internationally and when the war was over, the bottling plants stayed. Guests can view the modern bottling process in the Coke museum.

World of Coke Tasting RoomThe World of Coke Tasting Room

The tasting room the kids love so much is also a lesson in world cultures. The bitter aperitif Beverly might not be popular in the US, but is in Europe. Even the gift shop offers educational opportunities in recycling. I love all the up cycled products from pop-top purses, to the gorgeous bottle chandeliers.

The Vault of the Secret Formula at the World of Coke AtlantaThe Vault of the Secret Formula

The formula for Coca-Cola has been a closely guarded secret for more than 125 years. It once sat in a locked drawer in a non-public safe at SunTrust bank. Now the Secret Formula has found a new (and lets face it much better) home at Atlanta’s World of Coca-Cola. Guests can get within feet of the famous formula that eventually led to my addiction to Diet Coke.

Coke has created an entire interactive exhibit around the Vault. Match the perfectly balanced taste of Coca-Cola with a virtual Taste Maker or experience a fun zone of myths and legends. Have a hand in protecting the secret in a full-body interactive game that takes you to many of the locations where the secret formula has been kept. (that would be a fun Atlanta scavenger hunt.)

World of Coke Explorer’s App

Coke has even incorporated smartphones into the mix. For those who can’t get enough of the exhibit, use your to learn fun facts and unlock special features with the World of Coke Explorer App. This is a far cry from the World of Coca-Cola where I worked back in the early 90’s. Then it was more a standard Coca-Cola museum with objects behind glass. They did have jumping water in the soda fountain though.

Parking at the World of Coke

Navigating downtown Atlanta can be a bear, especially if you don’t know where you are going. The World of Coke shares a parking garage with the Georgia Aquarium and it’s probably the best place to park, although you can find surface lots around Centennial Olympic Park that may be a few dollars cheaper, but you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration if you just park in the lot.

World of Coke Atlanta

In addition to these fun bottles, you can also have your picture taken with the Coca-Cola polar bear.

World of Coke Tickets

World of Coke Atlanta tickets can be purchased online and do not require a reservation. Be sure to check out the special ticket offers. All active duty, reserves and retired military receive free admission. For World of Coke hours, visit the website at

Pemberton Place at the World of Coca-Cola

Plan to spend some time in Pemberton Place either before or after your visit to the Coke Museum. Seasonally Coke will do different things in this area. One summer then had a mini-golf course set up. During the holidays they have beautiful decorations. Within a few blocks, you’ll also find several great Atlanta museums such as the Children’s Museum of Atlanta, The Georgia Aquarium, CNN Studio, The Center for Civil and Human Rights, and the College Football Hall of Fame.

If you are all museumed out or just have a little time to kill, walk across the street to Centennial Olympic Park. The kids can play on the playground or walk farther into the park to the Fountain of Rings. In warmer weather, bring a bathing suit or change of clothes to play in the fountains.

Getting a Coke at the World of Coke Atlanta

At the end of your World of Coke tour, grab your own 6 oz. bottle off the assembly line.

What: The World of Coca-Cola
Where: World of Coca-Cola, Pemberton Place, 121 Baker St. NW, Atlanta (404) 676-5151 (Note: This is not the Coca-Cola headquarters, that is on North Avenue. This is the Coca-Cola museum.)

The World of Coca-Cola provided tickets for a visit to the attraction. As always, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. 

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The World of Coke Atlanta



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