College Football Hall of Fame: The Ultimate Fan Experience

The College Football Hall of Fame and Fan Experience is one of Atlanta’s newest attractions, and the ultimate tailgate. Guests enter through a tunnel to a three-story atrium with 760 football helmets from different schools. Who knew there were that many college football teams? DISCOUNT TICKETS HERE.

College Football Hall of Fame Atlanta

But the College Football Hall of Fame Atlanta isn’t just about on-field feats or glory. This interactive museum includes art, science, history, music, and just plain fun for everyone from fanatic fan to casual observer.

Getting Ready for Game Day at the College Football Hall of Fame

Guests enter the College Football Hall of Fame through a tunnel into the Quad, where they register, using their attraction ticket, a hard plastic all access pass on a lanyard. Once registered, the attraction ticket becomes the key to a customized experience throughout the attraction. Post trip, guests can download personalized interactive segments such as a TV or radio broadcasts.

College Football Hall of Fame Atlanta

My favorite part of the Quad is the almost floor-to-ceiling artwork by Georgia artist Steve Penley. As a University of Georgia graduate, it had to be hard for him to paint tributes to schools like Florida. Come to think of it, I’m not positive Florida is part of the mural.

College Football Hall of Fame, Not Just for the Ultimate Fan

I went to Virginia Tech. In recent years, they’ve had some success on the gridiron, but, as I learned, the Hokies don’t have a lot of Hall of Famers. I enjoy the pageantry, traditions and good ole-fashion party of a football game, but I wouldn’t say I’m a rabid fan.

College Football Hall of Fame Atlanta

That’s what I liked about the College Football Hall of Fame Atlanta; you don’t have to bleed college colors to enjoy it. There are exhibits dedicated to fight songs; I tried to sing the VT fight song, but it was horrid. No wonder I’ve never heard it.

My youngest doesn’t know any football players, but had fun creating a mascot. Everyone got a kick (hehe) out of the Chick fil-A Peach Bowl Skill Zone, although it was apparent we have no Hall of Fame football prospects in our family.

Science Behind College Football

It wasn’t just the interactive elements. The museum really focuses on all aspects of the game too. There are elaborate play books showcasing strategy, former players talking about how lessons on the field translated to off-field success, as well as the psychology of the game. There is even a section on the science behind the gear.

The Ultimate College Football Fan Experience

And the ultimate fan, there’s lots here for you too. A giant 52-foot-long photo wall is customized for your team. Enjoy photos and video of game day, swipe smaller photos to move them to the big screen. This exhibit is sure to stir a flood of memories that will have you gladly penning the big check to your school without thinking twice.

College Football Hall of Fame AtlantaHow to Make the College Hall of Fame Better

One thing that would make the College Football Hall of Fame even better, is a red solo cup and a picnic spread waiting at the end.

After three hours viewing the storied trophies and immortalized plays; calling games and calling plays; recruiting players and organizing the band; testing our speed and agility, and even cheering on our favorite team, we were ready to sit a spell in The Grove at Ole Miss and enjoy a cocktail.

Five Tips for a Visit to the College Football Hall Of Fame Atlanta

My family had so much fun at the College Football Hall of Fame, we spent three hours roaming, reading and playing. To get the most out of your visit to the Football Hall of Fame, here are five tips to keep in mind.

  1. Go Early. As with most attractions, getting to the HOF there early, when it opens, is a great way to beat the lines. Since so much of this attraction is customized for you, you’ll want to play at the kiosks without having to wait for other people.
  2. Head to Level Two First. Level Two is where most of the interactive exhibits, like create a mascot, record a play-by-play or be a sports anchor in a broadcast, are located. If you want to play, you may want to head here first before the crowds build up.
  3. Find out What’s Going On Downtown. Before you head to the College Football Hall of Fame, find out what conventions or groups are at the Georgia World Congress Center or the Georgia Dome. Large conventions could affect the crowds at the Hall of Fame, or as when we went, traffic getting to the Hall.
  4. Where to Stay. If you’d like to stay downtown, there is an Embassy Suites directly across from the Football Hall of Fame. In addition, there is a covered walk way from the Omni CNN Center to the Football Hall of Fame. You will have to go outside, but it’s through a covered walkway, away from wind, sun and other elements.
  5. Chick-fil-A is Closed on Sunday. Chick-fil-A is a sponsor of the College Football Hall of Fame and there is a restaurant attached to the attraction. Before you get your heart set on one of those incredible hand spun milkshakes, remember, Chick-fil-A is closed on Sunday, even though football hall of fame hours include Sunday.
  6. Save with CityPASS. The College Football Hall of Fame has been added to the Atlanta CityPASS. If you are wondering where the Football Hall of Fame is located, it’s in the attractions district of Downtown Atlanta, within walking distance of the Center for Civil and Human Rights, the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola and CNN Studio Tours, which are also on the Atlanta CityPASS. You can Save over 40% with CityPASS.

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College Football Hall of Fame


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