Atlanta CityPASS: Now better than ever

If you’re looking for entertainment and fun — Atlanta’s got it.You know this — but have you really explored it all?

Maybe you want to, but it can be costly to hit all the major Atlanta attractions this wonderful city has to offer. Enter: Atlanta CityPASS!

Atlanta CityPASS: Now better than ever

Atlanta CityPASS is a great way to explore the city, at a significant discount.

Whether you want to vacation (or staycation!) in our lovely city, Atlanta CityPASS will help you make the most of your adventure.

What Is It?

One purchase gives you access to five of Atlanta’s best and most popular attractions at a HUGE discount. You aren’t locked into a specific visit date or time, and there are no black-out dates.

Things to Know About CityPASS

Where do you buy it?

You can purchase a CityPASS at any of the participating attractions, but we recommend saving yourself some time and getting it online.

From there you’ll receive printable tickets, or you can access them on your mobile device. Start your adventure right away or within a year of purchase.

We also love that in these ever-changing times, CityPASS offers 365-day risk-free returns.

How many attractions are included?

You get to choose 5 from a list of 6 top attractions — so you can choose the adventures that appeal to you the most! All attractions are currently open and accepting guests.

The Atlanta CityPASS admission includes:

Note: CNN Studio Tours used to be included, but they have permanently closed. 

How much do you save?

The best part about Atlanta CityPASS? You save up to 40% off regular admission prices to the included attractions.

Let’s break it down. An adult Atlanta CityPASS is $77 plus tax. Depending on what attractions you choose, your total if you paid regular price could be anywhere between $118.09 and $128.08. No matter which attractions you choose — you’re saving. Significantly!

Regular price for an adult ticket to the Georgia Aquarium is $45.95 — on its own! Just a bit more, and you have the aquarium tickets, plus tickets to four other spectacular places.

How long do I have to use the tickets?

The Atlanta CityPASS was previously valid for 9 days from the time you visit the first attraction.

Because of COVID, CityPASS has extended that to 30 consecutive days, as long as your tickets are activated by February 28, 2021.

Does it let me save time on entry?

When you have an Atlanta CityPASS ticket, not only do you not have to stand in line after line to buy tickets to individual attractions — in some cases you get to bypass the ticket lines altogether by using your mobile tickets. You can get the fun started even quicker! Savings and easy entry? It’s a win-win.

Are there any other saving options?

You’ll also get a coupon booklet along with your Atlanta CityPASS ticket, which will include extra discounts to help you plan your visit within and beyond the attractions. For instance, a behind-the-scenes tour of the Georgia Aquarium for Atlanta CityPASS ticket holders is only $15.

Plan Your Vacation or Staycation

You have the Atlanta CityPASS and 30 days to explore — here’s a travel guide to what the Atlanta CityPASS entails, and what you can do to make the most of each adventure! For insight on our Atlanta CityPASS adventure int he age of COVID, check out this post.

Georgia Aquarium

Dolphins, beluga whales, and whale sharks…OH MY!

The Georgia Aquarium is a must-do when you’re planning an Atlanta adventure. You’re going to love it. Your kids are going to love it. Everyone loves it!

With the Atlanta CityPASS, you’ll get expedited entry and the Anytime Pass – meaning, you don’t have to wait in a long line to enter. Just scan your Atlanta CityPASS tickets at the scanners inside, and bypass the line altogether!

Your Anytime Pass allows you to enjoy the four galleries at the aquarium — like visiting the beluga whales at Coldwater Quest, and seeing the whale sharks in the underwater tunnel in Ocean Voyager. And my kids love climbing through the tunnels to see the penguins up close!

You’ll also be able to go to the Dolphin Celebration show, see the sea lions during their special presentation, and catch a show at the 4D Funbelievable Theater.

It’s a wonderful fun-filled day, that you won’t soon forget! A visit to the Georgia Aquarium isn’t cheap, but with Atlanta CityPASS, you’ll save big.

AFTERWARD: Head on over to the World of Coca Cola, which is also included in your Atlanta CityPASS. You don’t have to re-park — these two attractions are right next to each other.

World of Coca Cola

Learn all about the wonderful world of Coke during a self-guided tour at the World of Coca Cola, located right next to the Georgia Aquarium.

With the Atlanta CityPASS, you’ll expedited entry during peak attendance times! Just present your tickets at the red entry arch, and pass through the security screening area to start your tour!

Your ticket includes a look at all the exhibitions, like the Pop Culture Gallery, where you’ll see how Coke products have influenced pop culture. Learn how the bottling process works! Learn about the origins of the secret formula, and see the vault where it’s kept.

A visit is not complete without a trip to the Taste It area. Here, you’ll be able to choose from more than 100 different Coca Cola products from around the world — and there are some doozies! Your kids will absolutely love (or hate?) this!

Your ticket also includes a show at the 4D Theater, and an ice cold Coke product for you in the lobby.

AFTERWARD: Head on over to the Georgia Aquarium, which is also included in your Atlanta CityPASS. They are right next to each other, so you don’t have to re-park. Or for something different, take in the views from the Atlanta SkyView ferris wheel, located right next to Centennial Olympic Park!

Zoo Atlanta

As part of your Atlanta CityPASS, you can choose between Zoo Atlanta and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. You can’t go wrong either way — both are amazing. Choosing the one for your family will have a lot to do with their ages on this one.

Zoo Atlanta is a fabulous weekend choice, for the simple reason that it’s outside. So even on crowded weekend days, it can feel open and you can find spots to escape the crowds.

They opened their new African Savanna area in June 2019, so you can enjoy watching the elephants, giraffes, and zebras in their big, new habitat.

The seasonal splash pad is a kid favorite, so make sure to pack suits so they can cool off after visiting all the animals!

Parking is free here, and you can bring your own lunch, snacks, and drinks! So in addition to the savings you’ll get from Atlanta CityPASS, you’ll also be able to save even more with a little advance packing.

AFTERWARD: After a day at Zoo Atlanta, I doubt you’ll have energy for much more — but I would spend some time letting the kids run around in Grant Park. You don’t have to drive anywhere else, since it’s right there. Bring a blanket, and rest your feet, while the kids get any remaining energy out. Expect to see them snoozing in the car on the way home.

The National Center for Civil and Human Rights

A visit to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights is a wonderful way to learn more about the American Civil Rights Movement and the global human rights movement.

Here, you’ll find some of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s personal papers, and see moments from the Civil Rights Movement brought to life — so you and your kids can get a better understanding of the movement.

You’ll learn about the global human rights movement, and learn about the people who are taking a stand in the fight.

Original recordings, videos, touch-screen technology, and original artwork are also part of this powerful museum.

To enter, just present your Atlanta CityPASS ticket at the ticket window on Pemberton Place.

AFTERWARD: There are many local restaurants in the area, if you’re looking to grab a bite to eat. The National Center for Civil and Human Rights is also within walking distance of the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca Cola, both included in the Atlanta CityPASS ticket.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Choice time again! With the Atlanta CityPASS, you get to choose either the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, or the Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame! College football buffs, your choice is made! We’ll talk all about it in the next section. Everyone else — you’re in luck. The Fernbank Museum of Natural History is the best!

If you choose to go to Fernbank with your Atlanta CityPASS ticket, it includes general admission to all the exhibits — both indoor and outdoor. Just present your Atlanta CityPASS ticket at the ticket window.

Inside, you’ll find all sorts of amazing, hands-on exhibits. You’ll travel back in time and around the world as you discover all the things this amazing museum has to offer. See giant dinosaur skeletons in the atrium, and a dinosaur gallery as part of the A Walk Through Time in Georgia exhibit. You’ll find so many fun and hands-on experiences in the brand new STEM exhibit, Fantastic Forces. Your kids will love NatureQuest — where they can play while discovering the wonders of the world. And this is just a little bit — they have so much more!

Fernbank has fun visiting exhibits throughout the year, too. So if you decide to staycation or vacation here every year, there will always be something new.

Outside, you’ll love discovering the 75 acres that make up WildWoods and Fernbank Forest. Combined, these outdoor experiences highlight the awesomeness of the outdoors through trails, scenery, boardwalks, exhibits, and fun activities for the kids! The kids will love playing on the massive treehouse with rope bridges and fun places to discover.

AFTERWARD: Grab a bite to eat at the Fernbank Cafe inside the museum, or add a Giant Screen Experience for only $5 (that’s 60% off!) using the coupon in your Atlanta CityPASS ticket booklets and enjoy an awesome show in Fernbank’s new state-of-the-art Giant Screen Theater.

College Football Hall of Fame

TOUCHDOWN! College football fans, this one’s for you!

The Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame is a must-do for the football loving family. Just present your Atlanta CityPASS ticket at the will call window for your All Access Pass.

Feel like a star with a memorable entrance through the Entry Tunnel, and check out the more than 765 helmets on the Helmet Wall, representing all the college football teams.

An indoor half-football field will have you feeling like you’re part of the game. Make sure to test your skills at the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Skill Zone — we want to see your field goal kicks and awesome throwing arm.

Enjoy a behind the scenes look at a game day experience in the Game Day Theater, and an interactive experiences dedicated to the wonderful art of tailgating in Coca Cola Fans’ Game Day.

AFTERWARD: Grab a bite to eat at the Chick-fil-A on site!

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