41 Creative Car Camping Tips For Adventurous Families

41 Creative Car Camping Tips For Adventurous Families

We love everything about car camping: unplugging, spending time under the stars, eating s’mores to our hearts’ content and exploring together. Our children are now seven and five years old, but we’ve been camping with them for years. As a car camping family, I’m excited to share some tips we’ve learned along the way!

Stone Mountain Park Covered Bridge

The Secret Side of Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park is famous for the 400 feet high carving of three Confederate war heroes, the laser light show, and the Crossroads family entertainment district. But did you know those areas only encompass a small portion of the 3,200-acre park? In addition to those attractions, Stone Mountain offers a lot of nature treasures too.

Kids Soar on a Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding Adventure

Kids Soar on a Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding Adventure

When neighbors heard we went to Lookout Mountain hang gliding they stop me in the street to say “My wife said you went hang gliding? Where was that? How can I do it?” Need an awesome gift for the man in your life? Try a hang gliding session. Oh yeah, and kids love it too.

FDR State Park

FDR State Park: 25 Ways To Explore & Enjoy This Ga Treasure

FDR State Park is Georgia’s largest state park, so it should be no surprise that it is filled with things to do! This park has it all: hiking, swimming, fishing, boating, beautiful views, camping, cabins, history, presidential love, and many unique events.

gibbs gardens

Gibbs Gardens: Have You Heard Of This Breathtaking Ball Ground Secret?

Gibbs Gardens, located in Ball Ground, Ga, includes 220 acres of breathtaking gardens set in mature rolling woodlands dotted with 24 ponds, springs, streams with 32 bridge crossings and 19 waterfalls. It’s also the country’s largest residential estate gardens…and it is GORGEOUS!

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