Buford Dam Park Beach near Atlanta

Last weekend I took Miss J and Mr. Z to a little beach escape in our neck of the woods.

It’s not the Caribbean or an exotic beach by any means, but we can’t beat the distance and the cost.

This is a little beach on Lake Lanier. It’s part of Buford Dam Park which is merely a 5 minute ride from our house. FIVE minutes!! And I haven’t been here in the past 3 years that we have lived here! Well, if it wasn’t for my new goal to get out and do more outdoor adventures with my kids, I probably wouldn’t have tried it yet.

We packed our beach bag and headed out. I had no idea where this park was, but I knew it was somewhere in the Buford Dam area. We found the entrance, and the kids couldn’t have been happier.

Why We Love it:

– The beach area is a pretty good size with plenty of sand for kids to get lost in their own imagination building sand castles

– The beach is very calm since it’s on a lake, and boats or jet skis are not allowed in the area

– There are plenty of shaded areas for families to have their own cookout. You can bring your own grill to the park and have a great BBQ by the beach

– There is a restroom nearby so it’s easy for parents to take care of their kids needs

– The fee is merely $4 per car. What a great deal for a fun day at the beach for the whole family

Park Info:

Address: 1200 Buford Dam Rd, Cumming, GA 30041
Fee: $4 per vehicle or $1 per pedestrian
Operating Hours: 8 am – 10 pm

This post first appeared on AtlantaWithKid.com, which is now 365atlantatraveler.com.

Lesli Peterson

Lesli Peterson

Lesli made her way to Atlanta over 20 years ago, after living in Germany, Japan and six U.S. states. She relishes the discovery of obscure, offbeat and unwonted places, and she will chat up any willing stranger to uncover a new secret locale.

After 18 years in software development, Lesli bailed on the corporate scene. When she’s not traveling, she’s hiking in the mountains or checking out Atlanta’s culinary scene, whiskey in hand.

Lesli has two kiddos -Cooper and Elliot- plus two bonus kids currently at UGA, and she’s happily married to her soul mate.
Lesli Peterson

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