Treetop Quest Dunwoody: 13+ Tips, Tricks, and Insights for Your Family Adventure

Are you ready for high-rise fun? Treetop Quest Dunwoody is good. Course range from beginner to more challenging courses.

We are so thankful that Dunwoody offered our family the opportunity to “takeover” their Instagram account a few weekends ago while we toured the town.

Our first stop was Treetop Quest, the Dunwoody location! Treetop Quest is a self-guided adventure for those unfamiliar, including treetop obstacles and zip lines. There is a second Georgia location in Gwinnett and one in Greenville, South Carolina.

treetop quest dunwoody


This aerial adventure park will not disappoint as you maneuver from tree to tree through obstacles and zip lines.

Is it safe? Absolutely! Each participant is provided with a harness and gloves, and children ages 4-6 years of age are provided with a helmet as well. Older participants must go through a detailed briefing and a practice session to be eligible to participate. During this time, participants are taught how to operate their equipment before engaging in the course. Each course is a continuous belay system, a lifeline impossible to detach without a staff member.

Here are over 2 dozen tips, tricks and insights you will want to know before you visit with your family.


  • Treetop Quest Dunwoody is closed for the winter. It reopens in March of 2023.
  • You must make a reservation before you visit. Reservations can be made online. Make a reservation now.
  • We have heard that it can be a “party-pooper” if you are there with a small group at the same time that a large school group or camp is visiting. When you make your reservation, you might ask about other groups visiting during your timeframe.
  • If you think you will go more than 4 times in a year, then consider the season pass. You’ve more than paid for it by your 5th visit.
  • During the months of summer we recommend an early morning visit. We showed for the first climb of the day at 10am, and in the shade of the trees it was very comfortable.
  • Save time by downloading the online waiver for you and your kiddos and bringing it with you. If you forget, they have waivers there.
  • Leave kids younger than four at home! Kids 4-6 can enjoy KiddieQuest (more on this later) but kids younger than that will not have anything to do…best to leave them with the grandparents or a sitter.
  • Pack (or wear) your closed-toe shoes; you MUST wear them to enjoy the fun.
  • Bring cash or VISA/Mastercard. No Amex accepted. Besides paying for your adventure, you might also want to purchase a drink or snack, or a cool t-shirt.
  • Go to the restroom. There is a port-o-potty on sight, but it is not fun. Use the restroom before you get there.


treetop quest ropes
  • You will get into a harness with help from the staff. There are special harnesses for small kids, and our 4 yo did not need a harness for most of his KiddieQuest adventure. When he did decide to try the young kids’ ropes course, he donned the harness in that area of the park with the help of another staff member.
  • After everyone in your group is set in a harness, a staff member will go over the basics of the zip line with you, as well as other safety procedures. Our guide was pretty hilarious, so enjoy this part…you have to do it so make it fun!
  • Once you “pass” the intro, you are set to explore at your own pace and way.


  • I did the first level ropes course with my 7 year old; it was the easiest.  It’s a good way to get warmed up and get kids feeling comfortable about the tether and harness.
  • 365Dad did level 2 and 3 with the 7 year old, which included ropes-based obstacles, but were mostly zip lines. The level-3 zip line was awesome, at 300 ft! It runs across the parking lot, so friends on the ground should have their camera’s ready.
  • My 7 year old doesn’t weigh 40-lbs when he is soaking wet, so even with a push from Dad there were a few places where he didn’t make it across all the way. We are taught by the staff how to walk ourselves in but he wasn’t strong enough. No fear – a staff member (cheerfully) came to get him each time. He was embarrassed a bit, but after talking with the staff, we learned this is a regular occurrence and part of their job. No need to let this spoil your fun!
  • I did level 3 by myself just to see what it was like….it is AMAZING FUN! I’m proof that you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this! In fact, the group in front of me were three women on a girls afternoon out.
  • Level 4 is only for those over 12 years old. It is more obstacle than zip line. We didn’t try it this time, but we did hear that it is challenging, and you might want to do it before level 3 so that you have strength saved up to complete it!
  • You don’t have to do them all; you don’t have to do them in order. If you discover that the 300-ft zip is your adrenaline boost, then skip level 2 and take level 3 for as many rounds as you can muster. You get to go in whatever order you want for the 2.5 hours you have on the course.


kiddie quest dunwoody

The Chick Pea Course is a very unique, and one of the reasons I love this is for families. Kids 4-6 yo can enjoy Treetop Quest too. This activity is self-guided. Here are a few tips for making it successful and fun.

Young kids on the ropes course/zip line will need an adult, as do the kids at Child Pea, so bring multiple parents/adults and plan to split your time. 365Dad and I took turns with each of the kiddos in their special areas.

When parents/adults watch their kids on Chick Pea Course, they are not permitted to get ON the equipment…only watch. We didn’t see a sign about this, but we did get scolded when we tried to jump, too. But do bring your camera for the cutest shots ever!

  • There are three sections of the Chick Pea Course. Near the front you will see a huge rope “trampoline” that kids can bounce in, with a slide to get to the bottom. There are balls and pool noodles here that bounce with them.
  • In the back of the main ropes/zip area is another part of Chick Pea Course. Here there are two ropes areas.
  • One ropes area is low to the ground. Kids are welcome to climb over and around it as they wish, but a staff member and parent must be present.
  • The other ropes area is about 5 feet off the ground or so. Kids are put into a special harness and given a helmet before they climb. Again, a staff member and parent must be present.
  • Our little guy is newly 4 yo, and still very young. He donned the harness and climbed up the ladder but was reluctant to take on the 5 feet, even when a staff person offered to climb up there with him. No worries…we’ll give him 6 months and then try again.

Even if your kiddo doesn’t do the high ropes, don’t worry. The low ropes are much like a playground in height. Our 4 yo was all over it! It gives them plenty of play time and practice with the ropes course-like obstacles.


village burger
  • When your time is up, turn in your harness and be sure to tip the staff.
  • Treetop Quest is at Brook Run Park, which is one of the best parks in the area (ok, one of the best parks ITP) so take some time to play at the playground. You can read more about it on our playground post.
  • Not too far from Treetop Quest is an awesome burger joint called Village Burger. We love the burger and onion rings here, and the custard is an awesome way to cool off after a hot ropes run.
  • If you’re enjoying the great outdoors, don’t call it quits when lunch is over. Head to Dunwoody Nature Center for a great FREE time exploring. Check out these 22 things to do at DNC.



How young can my child be to participate at Treetop Quest Dunwoody?

Treetop Quest Dunwoody has courses for children as young as four-years-old. It is advised to leave children younger than four at home. Please note kids ages 4-6 will need a parent with them at all times.

What should I bring?

Here are the items we recommend bringing: A copy of your reservation and signed waiver, closed-toe shoes, a hair tie (if you have longer hair, you’ll need to tie it back), sunscreen, and bug spray. Drinks and snacks are also allowed.

Are there lockers on the premises?

There are no lockers on the premises, so please plan accordingly.

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Treetop Quest Dunwoody: 13+ Tips, Tricks, and Insights for Your Family Adventure