7 Reasons Blood Mountain Is Our Favorite Family Hike

If you, like us, are a hiking family, then you should not hesitate to make your way to Blood Mountain in Blairsville. It’s not easy…I’ll be honest. But it is rewarding, and one hike the kids won’t stop talking about!

Lace up your hiking boots, and dig out those trekking poles. You’ll need them. Here is why this is our favorite trail, and why it will be yours also! And remember Leave No Trace in this beautiful wilderness area.

Here are 7 great reasons Blood Mountain is our favorite North Georgia hike.

It’s One Of The Most Popular Trails In Georgia

7 Reasons Blood Mountain Is Our Favorite Family Hike

Every time we hike the Blood Mountain trail, we meet people from all over Georgia…and across the South. People come from hundreds of miles around to take on this amazing day hike.

You will most certainly run across people on your hike…but it’s not saturated. Even on the busiest of days, there is still elbow room on the trails and at the top – so don’t let that discourage you. Just take it as a sign that you need this hike in your life!

It’s Under 5 Miles

Blood Mountain - hiking with kids

This North Georgia hike into the Blood Mountain Wilderness is 4.3 miles round trip…but I’ll be honest. It’s intense.

OK – not so intense that we went without the kids. The first time we did it, Elliot was 3 yrs and Cooper was 7yrs. E was in the Ergo almost the whole way, but the 7yo did it with ease. Just remember – he’s a lifetime hiker.

We always follow my friends over at Atlanta Trails for all the details…according to them, the elevation gain is just under 1500 feet…over about 2 miles. Yup – intense. But that brings me to point number three….

The Summit Is The Highest Point On The Georgia Appalachian Trail

Blood Mountain - the summit is the highest point on the Georgia Appalachian Trail

We look a little rough in that picture above, but our last summit hike was magical. It was the day hurricane Florence hit the coast, and that pulled all the clouds and humidity out of the air leaving fantastic views all around. (I’m trying to paint a silver lining to the devastation she wrecked.)

We stepped a bit to the right from this vantage point and could even see the Atlanta skyline! Bring your binoculars, and seek out a low humidity day for the best views of the Chattahoochee National Forest.

At 4458 ft high, Blood Mountain summit it is the highest point on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia! The highest peak on the whole AT? Just a little north at Clingman’s Dome in Gatlinburg – 6643 feet.

There Is A Cool Shelter At The Top

Blood Mountain Shelter

Following the white blazed trail to the top will welcome you with a view and the Civilian Conservation Corps shelter. It was built in the 1930s and serves as an overnight option for thru hikers.

The kids will love exploring here!

You Can Camp Just Off The Trail

Blood Mountain

There are campsites along the trail – both for thru hikers and for those looking for an overnight respite during a longer hike (maybe a thirteen-mile adventure exploring Blood Mountain, Neels Gap, Wolf Laurel Top, and Cowrock Mountain?)

Just take note, there are no water sources here, so you’ll have to bring in your own. There is not even a source to filter. Be prepared!

Extend Your Hike To Mountain Crossings

7 Reasons Blood Mountain Is Our Favorite Family Hike

On our way back, we passed the Byron Reece trail head and continued on the AT, over US 19, to Mountain Crossings.  This detour of 1 mile replaced the .7 mile trail connector we took from the parking lot, but the walk was very very easy.

We rested at Mountain Crossings, took in some music (they were having their annual Fall Festival,) and enjoyed the view.  After awhile, I sent hubby back on the main road to get the car and pick us up.  You can’t park at Mountain Crossings for more than 20 minutes, so you won’t want to park here for the hike.

If you have older kids then you could all possibly walk back to the car from Neels Gap, but it is a busy, wind-y road and you’ll have to walk single-file. I recommend sending Dad like we did, if it’s possible.  Otherwise, take the trail connector back and then drive back up for a short visit.

It’s Close To Tons Of Other Blairsville Favorites

Helton Creek Falls - Blairsville - ideas from 365 Atlanta Family

Let’s talk about the hiking trail itself. When you park at Byron Reece and head up the trail head at Flatrock Gap from here (about .7 miles), you have a few choices.

Turn right to make your way to Blood Mountain – that’s the hike that this post is all about.

Turn left and you head into Neel’s Gap and toward Mountain Crossings. We recommend finishing your hike this way, ascend Blood Mountain, turn around and come back…but walk straight through Flatrock Gap to Mountain Crossings (see above).

If you go straight at Flatrock, you can take Freeman Trail until it connects to the AT, creating the Blood Mountain Loop. (This link heads over to Atlanta trails, which details this loop from the AT to the Freeman trail – backward from what I mention here.)

OK. Let’s get off the trail now…what else is around here?

I love Blairsville, and many of my favorite stops are on the same stretch of road that you find the Byron Reece Trailhead Parking lot.

This doesn’t even include Track Rock, Lake Nottely, Brasstown Bald, tons of great restaurants….you totally need a weekend here in Blairsville!

Blood Mountain FAQ

Why do they call it Blood Mountain?

According to the Georgia Conservancy, some people think Blood Mountain got its name rom a bloody battle between the Cherokee and Muscogee-Creek long ago. The go on to say, u0022Other theories derive the name from red lichen or Catawba rhododendron growing on the rocky summit.u0022

Is Blood Mountain a tough hike?

Blood Mountain is generally considered a tough hike, due to the elevation gain and length. With that said, the views are worth it, and it can definitely be done. Just take your time, and take breaks when needed. Remember to bring water and snacks, too. (And Leave No Trace.)

Where is Blood Mountain?

Blood Mountain is near the North Georgia towns of Helen and Blairsville. It’s a great hike to do if you’re already camping or staying in a cabin at nearby Vogel State Park.

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7 Reasons Blood Mountain Is Our Favorite Family Hike