16 Dreamy Swimming Holes in North Georgia [Waterfalls!]

You can go to the neighborhood pool or hit the community splash ground, but nothing says summer like playing in Mother Nature’s natural waterscapes. Here are 16 waterfalls, creeks and streams that your family can enjoy in the heat of Georgia’s summer.

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The Perfect Secret Waterfall Swimming Hole is in Blairsville!

Helton Creek Falls are comprised of an upper and lower section. The lower section is one of the best swimming holes around, even for kids. The rocks are a little slippery, so bring appropriate shoes. Encouraged young kids to play away from the base of the falls, out in the shallow pools that formed from the spillage. They can dig in the sand, skip rocks on the water, and splash about to their heart’s content! Teens and adults will love venturing closer to the area near the falls, with plenty of room to swim and float.

Blairsville, Georgia

Waterfall Swimming Holes

Denton Branch Falls.  It’s a short walk from the parking area to the falls. You can swim in a small pool and wade in the creek. It’s a bit shaded here so opt for the warmest of days.

Helton Creek Falls. We love playing in the pool of the falls. There is sun and shade, and large boulders for picnicking.

High Shoals Falls. This is the falls in Dallas – not the one in Helen (although that might work too; I just have not yet been myself.)  A short walk with falls and a swimming hole. You can play in the creek and even climb to the creek feeding the falls.

Falls on Waters Creek. Also known as Dicks Creek Falls. You can play at the top and the bottom of the falls. The falls are right next to the parking lot in a secluded area. Be extra safe here because there is no cell service and you are far far far from any houses or businesses.


Creeks, Streams and River Swimming Holes

Amicalola River Trail. Slide the rocks, wade in the water, and spend an entire day relaxing. GORP pass needed.

Blanket’s Creek. It’s known primarily for mountain biking, but hikers are welcome. Follow the easy trail to the far left along the creek. It’s clean and shaded and tons of fun for kids.

gober beach

Gober Beach. An unassuming trail off a back-road in Ballground/Canton leads to a gorgeous swimming hole on the Etowah River, pictured above. There is parking, as this is a common put-in/pull-out space for kayakers and tubers. Our boys and pup love the rocky beach area, flowing stream and waist-deep pools.

Directions: From Exit 24 on I‐575 north of Canton, go south on Airport Road 0.5 mile to Ga. 5. Turn left on Ga. 5 and proceed 1 mile to East Cherokee Drive on right. Turn right and proceed 0.8 mile to river and launch area on left just before the small bridge.

Poole’s Mill. Slide the rocks, play in the creek and have a great time! There are restrooms and a playground on site.

Sweetwater Creek State Park. The Red Trail follows the creek with plenty of places for kids to play in. One of the best places is down stream of the ruins.

Raven Cliff Falls. You can’t play in the falls here, and the hike might be too far for some kiddos. Have no fear. Shortly after beginning the hike a gorgeous stream shows itself, with running water, bridges, resting spots and plenty of play spaces.

Talking Rock Park. Wade in the river and take it slow. My kids love using large rocks to change the path of the water (always careful to put them back.) There is plenty of picnic space, restrooms and a playground.


A few more gems…

The following are places on my bucket list. We haven’t been yet, so I can’t testify to them personally. I’ve included links and notes from my research. As we visit, I’ll update this article.

Blue Hole at Pigeon Mountain. Small but deep fed from a blue hole. Need a GORP pass. Great for kids.

Sea Creek Falls. Waterfall you can stand under.

Wildcat Creek. Rock sliding and swimming hole near a secluded and primitive campground.

Farmers Lake. Spring fed lake with gravel bottom. $5 for the day with restrooms and lifeguards. Even a diving board.

Holly Creek. First stop on a longer trail, Emery Creek. CCC swimming hole and waterfall. Some people jump the cliffs here, but be careful!!


Disclaimer: These worked for our family. Only you are the best judge as to whether or not it is right for your family. Whatever you do, just be safe. Watch for snakes, be careful on slippery rocks, put life jackets on your very young ones, and be respectful of Mother Nature.

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  1. Thanks for this article. Most of these are a bit too far for us. Can you recommend any south of Atlanta?

    • Let me do some research, Lynne. I know there are a few. Maybe that can be a follow up article!! Give me a few days.

  2. Patricia Bishop | 05/23/2017 at 6:51 pm | Reply

    Looking for a place to swim between Monroe and Loganville

  3. Patricia Bishop | 05/23/2017 at 6:52 pm | Reply

    Looking for Rivers or place to swim in Loganville or Monroe? Sincerely Patricia Bishop

  4. Vicki Starnes | 05/29/2018 at 3:51 pm | Reply

    Hurricane Shoals Park in Jackson County is a hidden gem, complete with tubing down the beautiful shoals, picnic pavilions, playground, a miniature putt putt golf, covered bridge, plus the Heritage Village area with lots of history. Check it out!

  5. Anything south of Atlanta ? 🙂
    These sound great but are far 🙁

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