High Shoals Falls: Discover A Secret Waterfall in Dallas, Ga

High Shoals Falls | Dallas

2030 High Shoals Road
Dallas, Ga

Until just this week, I only knew of the High Shoals Falls near Helen. That is, until my friend posted pictures of her kids playing in the waterfall…in Dallas! The very next day, we hit the trail! What a special treat!

Don’t freak out when you get to the address. It’s an old graveyard with a parking lot in front large enough for about 4 cars.  You’ll see a trail that runs in front of the headstones. Follow that down, about 1/4 of a mile. You’ll hear the waterfall before you see it.

There is a picnic table, and plenty of creek in which to wade. The water in front of the falls is perfect for swimming, and you can climb to the top of the falls.  There is more stream up there, but not much trail before you hit private property. This is more “water play” and less “hiking” … but still a load of fun.

We visited in the morning, but I learned from a friend that the sherrif likes to come around at 5pm to make sure people leave the area. My guess is because of the houses that back up to the falls.

Hope you enjoy!

At the grave yard/trail head:


The trail toward the falls:

This made a great “grandparent” hike:

From the top: 


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  1. This is perfect combines two of my favorite place a waterfall and a very special bonus an old graveyard. Nothing to be frightened about they are full of history and art if you will just look for it.

  2. This looks like the kind of place I would like to take my 3 year old granddaughter. I have been looking for a clean creek for her to wade and play in now that its warmer. Do you know of any south of Atlanta? Tks!

    • Lynne, I’m sorry. I don’t. I will keep my ears open, though!!

      • Lynne, Factory Shoals is southeast of Atlanta and is situated almost in the middle between Covington and Monticello. This is some fast moving water, but it is beautiful and kids will love it. You can also check out High Falls State Park south of Atlanta near Jackson, GA. Again, it is beautiful.

  3. Hi Lesli. I am one of the homeowners that back up to the falls. I actually live in the house my father built in 1965 about 200 yrds from the falls. I brought my children here when they were five and six and raised them on this land. I want to tell you how happy it makes me to see photos of families making happy memories there and visiting this little jewel of our community for all of the “right” reasons. It saddens me that the Sheriff’s Officers have to go there to make people leave with so much daylight left, but many who visit trash it, burn unsupervised campfires there (never mindful of how parched the forest is from the drought), and have no understanding of “Posted: Private Property.” We (my neighbors and I) welcome visitors like you and your family and want to encourage you to come and visit again. I have noticed that when families are there, those who come with less than good intentions tend to leave. BTW, the photos are gorgeous!

    • Wow. So glad you found us. And what a joy to live next to that falls and raise your kids there. We’ve been a few more times since I posted this…finally in warmer weather so the boys could swim. Thank you for welcoming us! Maybe more families will find their way, pushing out those with poor intentions!

      • Just saw this reply and I am glad to have found you, too. By all means continue to visit and don’t miss seeing it in ALL seasons. It is breathtaking in the autumn months and, if the weather gets cold enough, there is nothing like the sight of it frozen. When you are facing the falls, tell your kids to turn their heads slightly to the right and give a shout to Ms. Lisa…I will probably hear them!

  4. Michele Scott | 08/22/2015 at 10:46 pm | Reply

    Hello , today my husband and I wanted to show our 3 year old great nephew the waterfall and play in the water.But there was no water. Did we go to the right location or did the heat this summer dry up the creek?

    • Oh no!! I last went in late July and the waterfall was sparse but there was still plenty of water to play in. The photos here are from early spring. Another person commented recently about a Rabun County waterfall not pouring well right now, guessing the weather was also the culprit. I’m sorry that trip didn’t work! I do hope you’ll try it again another time of year.

    • Michele, we have had some good rain since then and the high temps have abated. I would think it would be better now. The little creek gets its’ headwaters from an underground spring further back in the woods behind the falls. Sometimes, with little to no rain and extremely hot weather, it does slow to a trickle…but it always comes back. I hope you will, too!

    • My friend and her husband went today w/ their boys and the waterfall was there in the photos 🙂

  5. Trudy Amos | 02/17/2016 at 9:00 am | Reply

    Thanks for sharing! We will definitely be visiting this place soon!

  6. Hi! My fiance and I are looking for a place to get married. We really wanted it to be at a waterfall at night. This place looks perfect! It would be a very small gathering (maybe 20 people at the most). Is there anyway we could arrange with the neighboring families and sheriff to have the ceremony there (and at night?)

  7. My daughter and her two children are planning on coming soon. So Ms Lisa I will tell them to give you a shout out. My daughter loves keeping her two busy now that school is out. She saw the info from her friend who had posted on FB. I’m not too young so she thinks it’s the right place for a picnic I’m excited and can’t wait.

  8. Did you visit Blue Holes Falls? Is that easier to navigate only 0.5 miles in or something? Another site states the hike back from High Shoals Falls is an unrelenting hike ascending 500ft. Not great for my kids or if I want grandparents to go with us.

    • Paula, there are two High Falls in Georgia. This one is in Dallas and is very VERY easy. We took the grandparents here and that was a perfect excursion!

  9. Susan Leslie | 07/06/2016 at 4:43 pm | Reply

    How long is the hike from where you park to the waterfall? I have an elder i want to take there.

    • hey Susan – the hike is about 1/4 a mile. It is a rocky path with a section that has a slight pitch. We took the grandparents who are in their seventies and it was fine, though they walk everyday.

  10. Can I bring my dogs? Very people-friendly

  11. We went on Saturday September 10, 2016 and, unfortunately, there was no water flow. It is still very pretty and an easy walk. The cemetery is also very interesting…found one person in the far corner who was born in 1798! We’re already planning on a return after a good rain to see the falls in action.

    • Oh no! I am sorry to hear it wasn’t flowing. That’s disappointing. I do hope you’ll go back after a good rainfall…it is so much fun! Cool about the cemetery. We’ve not yet explored it…now I have to do that when we go back.

  12. This is such a beautiful, intimate location. I was planning on surprising my fiancé with an intimate, late evening, marriage at a waterfall. This would be perfect! Just me, him, a friend, and an officiant. Hopefully I can make this surprise memorable.

    • Suzanne – How special!! Just got an email that the water was low so please check the water before you plan…but yes, that sounds AMAZING! Hubby and I were married with just us and an officiant. No friends or family – and I love those memories. Congrats to you. I know you’ll have a thousand things to do, but please consider sending a photo. Sounds perfect!

      • Thank you!!! I’m going to go by there today to see it. I’ve never been. And yes, I didn’t want the courthouse but didn’t want huge planning with family schedules. So yes! Me, him, and the officiant. I’ll keep you posted!

  13. You mention this is near Helen but when I search it (I am in hiawasee) it says it is over 2 hours away?

  14. You are a Godsend, Ms. Lesli! I live downtown Atlanta and was just searching the internet for a nice cool place to get away out of the hot city this upcoming weekend. Definitely going to seek out this location (I adore cemeteries too!). Thanks so much for taking the time to post about it.

  15. Does anyone know how the water level is currently? Visiting from Louisiana and would love to take the kids tomorrow to see!

  16. Amazing! I live not far away from there, and had no clue.


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