The 9 Coolest Places for Incredible Snow Tubing in NC

Snow. It’s a novelty for Southern children, especially when it gets deep enough to actually cover the ground and have some fun. But Mother Nature doesn’t have to cover the ground in white stuff to go snow tubing in NC, most of the ski resorts can do that on their own. Here’s your guide to North Carolina tubing excitement.

The 9 Coolest Places for Incredible Snow Tubing in NC

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Hawks Nest Tubing

Hawks Nest features 400 to 1000 feet long tubing lanes, separated into four different tubing areas. The front two sections, including the longest run, and has a magic carpet walkway to bring you back up the hill.

It is serviced by a magic carpet, and he carpet is if you are physically able, or want a great workout, head to the back two sections. You’ll get in more runs by walking rather than waiting for the magic carpet conveyor belt. Staff are stationed at the top and bottom of each hill to keep things moving and help if needed.

Children must be able to touch the ground while inside the tube in order to ride alone (they need to put their feet down to stop themselves). My youngest is about 48 inches tall and had to ride with an adult. He didn’t care, but if you have really independent child, better warn them first.

Where to stay near Hawks Nest

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Wolf Tube at Wolf Ridge

Wolf Ridge is located just 5 miles off I-26 in the mountains of Western North Carolina near Asheville. In addition to North Carolina skiing, Wolf Ridge has a snow tubing run. Wolf Ridge has also been called Wolf Laurel Ski Resort, so if you are looking at reviews, check out both Wolf Ridge and Wolf Laurel Ski Resort.

Where to stay near Wolf Ridge

Sapphire Valley

Sapphire Valley Ski Resort in Sapphire NC, has a moderate slope, ensuring beginner to intermediate skiers and kiddos will each have a good time. However, Sapphire Valley offers more than just skiing on it’s 5700 acre resort, this is also a good North Carolina snow vacation destination. There is the Frozen Falls snow tubing park and winter zip lining at the Vordach Zip Line, plus a Base Lodge with fire pit to warm up afterwards. The zip lines varying heights and lengths. Finish up with a repel down the tree or a zip. A favorite annual event here is the Great Outhouse races. During the race, homemade outhouses are put on skis and sent down the hill for charity.

Where to stay near Sapphire Valley

Scaly Mountain

Ride the magic carpet to the top for some thrilling snow tubing. No worries if Mother Nature doesn't supply the white stuff, Scaly has snow making equipment. Note that kids must be 42 inches or taller and at least 4 years-old to ride. They do have a kiddie slope that is open for little kid snow tubing. And if you get tired of snow tubing, Scaly Mountain has an ice skating rink too.

Where to stay near Scaly Mountain

Moonshine Mountain

Moonshine Mountain snow tubing park in Hendersonville, NC is the steepest snow tubing in NC. This snow tubing NC park has over 500 feet of fun and excitement. Note: Children must be at least 42 inches tall to ride and all children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult. The tubers lift has a 250 lb weight limit. You can still tube (up to 300 lbs) but if you weigh more than 250, you'll have to walk to the top of the snow tube run.

Where to stay near Moonshine Mountain

Jonas Ridge NC

Take the conveyor  to the top and hold on for an exhilarating ride down one of the six lanes on the Jonas Ridge snow tubing hill. Afterwards, warm up near the fireplace or watch others tube from the observation deck. Jonas also has snow guns, so no worries if it hasn't been a white winter. All children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Where to stay near Jones Ridge

Beech Mountain Tubing

One of the newer places for snow tubing in North Carolina is at Beech Mountain Resort. Located at the base of the ski slope, the snow tubing chutes are 700 feet long with a state-of-the-art magic carpet conveyer to the top. We love love love Beech Mountain, so be sure to get a lift ticket, too, and enjoy the entire resort.

Where to stay near Beech Mountain

Sugar Mountain Tubing

Sugar Mountain is best known for some of the best skiing in North Carolina. But they also have a lot to do off the mountain, including snow tubing. Sugar Mountain tube lanes are 700 feet long and have a magic carpet lift, so you don't have to climb back up to the top on your own. They also have snowmaking and lights, so you can add a bit of fun with night tubing.

Where to stay near Sugar Mountain

Maggie Valley Snow Tubing

Another place for snow tubing in North Carolina is Maggie Valley Snow Tubing at Cataloochee NC Ski Resorts. There are five lanes and riders must be at least 42 inches high. For smaller children, there is a Snow In play area.

Where to stay near Maggie Valley

The 9 Coolest Places for Incredible Snow Tubing in NC

Tips for a Great Day Snow Tubing in NC

After researching snow tubing in NC, I've noticed a few things you need to know before you go.

  1. Ask about Age Restrictions. Many of the snow tube parks require kids under a certain age to have a parent accompany them, or they must ride in the tube with the parent. My son had to ride with me at Hawks Nest and it wasn't a big deal, but some kids may be upset by that if they don't know before going.
  2. Ask about Weight Restrictions. On the low end for kids, but also on the high end for adults. If children are too light, the tubes can turn over easily. In addition, snow tubes can only support so much weight, so there may be a restriction on the high end too. Ask not only about the tubes, but the magic carpet or lifts. At Moonshine Mountain, anyone over 250 lbs must walk back up to the top vs. taking the lift.
  3. Is there more to do? Several snow tubing parks are part of NC ski resorts and offer skiing in NC, as well as other activities such as ice skating or a lodge. Some snow tubing establishments like Hawk Nest include zip lining. Know what's offered before you go so you can either take advantage of the other activities, or let the group know you'll only be snow tubing.
  4. North Carolina Snow. Just because you don't see snow on the ground, doesn't mean the there is no snow tubing in NC. Many of the snow tube parks have snow making abilities, so if Mother Nature doesn't cooperate, that's ok.
  5. Dress Warm. Even if the only North Carolina snow is man-made, it can still be cold, especially if the wind is whipping off the mountain. Dress warm. It's always easier to take off those gloves and hat.

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The 9 Coolest Places for Incredible Snow Tubing in NC

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The 9 Coolest Places for Incredible Snow Tubing in NC
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    Went to a WNC snow tubing place about 5 miles or so up the mtn from a main thrufare they had a huge sign that said we only have 1 rule, you cant do anything that begins with HEY YALL WATCH THIS we gad a blast want to return cant remember where it was

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