Appalachian Ski Mountain NC: An Awesome Beginner Slope

For Southerners, it’s an easy drive to ski resorts in NC vs. flying out west. Appalachian Ski Mountain in Blowing Rock, NC is perfect for families who are learning to ski. It’s compact and easy to keep an eye on kids, even if they aren’t standing right next to you.

Appalachian Ski Mountain is perfect for beginners.

Appalachian Ski Mountain Blowing Rock NC is one of several North Carolina Ski Resorts. It has nine runs, three freestyle terrain parks, four chair lifts and two conveyors.

The App Ski Mtn lodge is located at the base of the mountain and it’s easy to see all the runs, perfect for parents who want to give their kids a little more freedom. The lodge also has wi-fi, so if parents aren’t skiers, they can let the kids go, and get some work done.

Located within the Appalachian Ski Mountain is the App Terrain Park for freesytle terrain skiers and snowboarders. In all there are three terrain parks, highlighted with over 60 rails, boxes, jibs,and jumps. The park is built by the riders for riders.

Plus, the French-Swiss Ski College at App Ski Mountain is a very well respected and successful ski school program.  Here’s what else you need to know about Appalachian Mountain skiing in North Carolina before you go.

Don’t want to ski? They also have an ice skating rink.


Appalachian Ski Mountain French Swiss Ski School
Appalachian Ski Mountain French Swiss Ski School has been teaching kids to ski since 1969.

Ski North Carolina: Appalachian Ski Mountain French Swiss Ski School

Ski lessons aren’t just for kids. Taking a lesson is the best way to enjoy skiing North Carolina resorts. According to Jim Cottrell, who started the French-Swiss ski school in 1969 and has literally written a book on ski instruction, it takes three lessons to become proficient and truly enjoy the skiing experience.

If you don’t have three days, don’t worry, just do what you can each time and gradually learn the skills you’ll need. If you’re kids are like mine and think that snowboarding is the cool way to go, let them know it may take them a little longer to get going, but the same three lesson rule applies. Three lessons and they’re off (and in control).

Ski North Carolina: Appalachian Ski Mountain Gear and Clothing Rentals

Like other ski resorts in North Carolina, App Ski Mountain offers gear rentals (skis, boards, boots, poles and helmets) but they also offer appeal rental. Great for those that are flying and don’t want to pack bulky ski clothing or those that don’t want to purchase clothing that kids will outgrow before wearing again. Note: Goggles, hats and gloves cannot be rented, so pack those items when you come.

Appalachian Ski Mountain is perfect for beginners.
Appalachian Ski Mountain is perfect for beginners. Photo by App Ski Mtn.

Ski NC: Appalachian Ski Mountain What to Expect

Weekends and holidays at any of the NC ski resorts are much more crowded than weekdays. If you can swing it, come during a weekday for more room and less waiting.

One of the benefits of Appalachian Ski Mountain is that it is compact. Nestled in the mountains, it’s off the beaten path. Parking is available onsite for a mere one dollar and the farthest area of the parking lot is about a ¼ mile or less from the lodge, so everything is very close. Once you park, here’s what you need to do:

  1. If you are renting clothing, stop by the gift shop upstairs to get fitted.
  2. Once you have clothing, head downstairs to rent your gear and get your lift ticket.
  3. Appalachian Ski Mountain offers group and private ski lessons. Before you get all your ski equipment, find out about taking a lesson. Sign up on the lower level at the ski school counter.
  4. Once you have a lesson time, get your boots first. The staff needs the boot to adjust the bindings on your skis, which you’ll get next.
  5. Purchase your lift ticket. (Appalachian Ski Resort has an 8 hr. lift ticket, good for 8 hrs. after purchase. If you want to maximize your time, purchase the lift ticket AFTER getting gear. If you think you’ll be fine with a little less time on the mountain, purchase this before getting gear so you don’t have to haul gear into this line)
  6. Finally, pick up your poles outside. (snowboarders don’t use poles)

Note: Getting fitted for gear can take a while, especially on busy days. Each set of skis has to be calibrated to the individual, so it’s a personalized fit every time. Allow at least an hour to get your gear and get fitted. That means if you plan to be on the slopes skiing at 10 am, you’ll need to arrive at the mountain no later than 9 am to keep your schedule.

Appalachian Ski Mountain Blowing Rock NC Sessions

Appalachian Ski Mountain offers some unique lift packages from other North Carolina skiing resorts.

  1. 8 hour Ticket: Most ski resorts in North Carolina have set ‘sessions’ for skiing. At Appalachian Ski Mountain, the 8 hour ski pass allows you to ski for 8 hours (or until close) from when you purchase the lift ticket.
  2. Midnight Blast: on Friday and Saturday nights in January and February, Appalachian Ski Mountain stays open until midnight. This pass is good from 5 pm – Midnight. Perfect for those who are driving in for the weekend, but still want to get some skiing in the night they arrive.
  3. 4 Hour Early Return: Return to the cashier within four hours of purchasing a full price eight hour flex ticket and receive an App Ski Mountain debit card or cash back. It isn’t the full price, but at least if little Johnny decides he doesn’t like skiing, you can get some money back or a debit to return with someone who does enjoy skiing.
Appalachian Ski Mountain also has an ice skating rink.
Tired of skiing? Appalachian Ski Mountain also has an ice skating rink. Photo by App Ski Mtn.

Where to Stay Near Appalachian Ski Mountain 

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