Expedition Big Foot: This Epic Museum Will Make a Believer of You

When I heard that Georgia was getting a Bigfoot museum – Expedition Big Foot — I was stoked!

Now, my excitement didn’t have too much to do with me, because it was my husband I was thinking of — the Bigfoot believer.  I could not imagine a more perfect place to take him than Expedition Bigfoot: The Sasquatch Museum.  I drag him all over this state doing all the adventures I want to, but this was one that was going to be all for him.

Expedition Bigfoot near Blue Ridge, Georgia, is perfect for every type of visitor. Whether you’re already a believer, or you’re not too sure about the existence of these big footed creatures, this fun museum is definitely worth a stop.

Expedition Big Foot: This Epic Museum Will Make a Believer of You


On a rainy weekend, we headed up to the town of Cherry Log near Blue Ridge to Expedition: Big Foot! The Sasquatch Museum is located right on GA 515.

I want to go ahead and tell you — we went in not knowing what to expect, and we walked out really impressed!

This little museum is really well done.  The displays were all awesome, and the artifacts they have on display are really impressive.

Expedition Bigfoot is known as the world’s largest Bigfoot Museum, with 3700-square feet of self-guided exhibits. The museum is divided into two rooms with a small movie room, known as Sasquatch Theater, where two short videos were showing while we were there (totaling about 20 minutes). 

They also have the world’s only Bigfoot Research and Tech Vehicle on display. You’ll also find the country’s largest permanent display of footprint casts – and an actual Bigfoot bottom!

They also have an entire recreation of a Bigfoot attack (complete with headphones so you can listen to the story), another bank of headphones where you can listen to Bigfoot noises, a mini research vehicle, and all sorts of information on tracking down your own Bigfoot.  (Hint: They like marbles and small mirrors!)

My kids loved both of the audio areas the best.  It was really awesome to hear the Bigfoot sounds, and it definitely left my 4-year-old daughter asking, “So…this is real?!”  My son listened to the story of the “Ape Canyon Attack” over and over, he loved it so much.  The Ape Canyon Attack display was my favorite — it was so well done.

And my husband?  Well, he loved everything.  Every, single, thing.  He definitely recognized a lot of the artifacts from documentaries he’s watched.  He was really impressed with the wide array of displays they had.  He had the absolute best time!  (He also bought out the gift shop on our way out.)

The museum took us about an hour to go through (including watching the movies), which I think makes it the perfect roadside attraction.  It’s close to Ellijay and Blue Ridge, and only 30 minutes from both Amicalola Falls State Park and Fort Mountain State Park — definitely worth the stop if you’re up that way.

We all loved it.  My 6-year-old son asked if we could go back the next day, he loved it so much.  It’s a perfectly themed, awesome stop, with a really friendly staff.  You can’t beat it.



How long does it usually take to go through the Expedition: Bigfoot Museum?

The museum is self-guided, and how long you spend depends on you and your crew. Generally speaking, it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

Are strollers allowed at Expedition: Bigfoot?

Yes, strollers are allowed at Expedition: Bigfoot. In addition, most wheelchairs and mobility scooters can easily maneuver around the museum. The museum is all on one level.

Are pets allowed at Expedition: Bigfoot?

Pets are not allowed inside Expedition: Bigfoot, but the museum provides a kennel under their covered porch free of charge for visitors. Just ask about using the kennel when checking in. Service animals are allowed.


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Expedition Big Foot: This Epic Museum Will Make a Believer of You