Fort Mountain State Park – Chatsworth, Ga

If you are looking for Georgia State Parks with cabins, especially for a fall get away, then head to Fort Mountain State ParkThis Chatsworth park sits in the northwest corner of the state near the Cohutta Wilderness. You’ll find magnificent hardwood forests, which shine brightest in fall. We visited on of the cabins, but you might also enjoy camping here on the campground or in the forest at a backpacking site.

Fort Mountains State Park | ChatsworthThe Cabins

The cabins at Fort Mountain have been undergoing a update, and we checked into one of the refurbished ones for the night. It was spacious and beautiful.  I loved the dark hardwood floors, the rustic country decor, the HUGE kitchen, and the ginormous back porch overlooking the fall colors.

The cabin included two bedrooms and two bathrooms, which were on opposite sides of the building making it a great if you want to share with another family. Once bath contained a luxurious tub, and the other included a tub/shower combo. In the morning, the boys were eager to take showers because I showed them the space heaters in the bathroom. Yeah!

The living, dining and kitchen spaces were all open so we could enjoy each other’s company. The boys loved sitting at the large counter watching me cook and watching TV. We made pizza and popcorn while watching a movie that night, by the warmth of the wood-burning stove.  It was peaceful and serene.  In the morning we made coffee (and hot cocoa) and sat on the back porch enjoying the forest.

Exploring the Park

We enjoyed two hikes while we visited. The first was the West Overlook Trail and the Stone Wall Trail. The overlook was breathtaking, with the fading leaves.  I can only imagine what it must be like in Spring. From there, we headed up to the Tower. It was under construction when we visited, but still worth a visit.  The trail went down to the Stone Wall at that point. What an amazing story about this wall…..and no one really knows the full truth because it is so old! “The mysterious 855-foot-long wall is thought to have been built by early Indians as fortification against more hostile Indians or for ancient ceremonies.”

The next day we hiked the Big Rock Trail.  This is a 1/2-mile trail, but we took the spur off for a while on the Gahuti Trail…it was not an easy trail like Big Rock, but we saw great views and passed over two mini waterfalls. Worth the detour! Back on Big Rock, we made our way to a gorgeous waterfall. When we visited, there were spots of ice along the trail, also. Again, the forest is just a spectacular way to enjoy the fall color!

DisclosureI was a guest of Fort Mountain State Park in order to facilitate a review on another website. Adding it here was not part of the deal, but heck, it was awesome! As always, if I didn’t think it was killer, I wouldn’t write about. #keepingitreal

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