9+ Amazing Waterfalls in Blue Ridge Ga You’ll Want To Chase

Blue Ridge, Georgia, and the area around it is famous for many things, from the apple picking orchards to the beautiful Lake Blue Ridge and the mansions on its shores. If you’re lucky enough to be able to visit the area, be sure you pack your hiking boots and plan to make your way to at least one of the beautiful waterfalls in Blue Ridge GA.

There are three waterfalls in Fannin County alone, but several more in Blue Ridge, Georgia, and the area nearby. Forget that old TLC song telling you “don’t go chasing waterfalls”. In this case, we strongly encourage you to go see them all!

There are many that are easily accessible by hikes of short distances, and longer ones if you’d like, from easy to moderate to difficult levels. We’ll do our best to fill you in on what you need to know about each of them here.

Before you head out, please always remember to leave no trace of your visit. Whatever you bring in, be sure you carry right back out. Do pack your own water and snacks, because you’ll likely need them on many of the hikes. Be careful, as always. Stay on the designated trails. And remember, the waterfalls are beautiful, but can also be dangerous. If you’re cautious, this is a great way to escape life’s chaos and discover nature’s peace and beauty.

Here are 9+ waterfalls in Blue Ridge GA that we know you’ll love!

Long Creek Falls courtesy of Fannin County Chamber of Commerce

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  • Best for Foodies. Hampton Inn Blue Ridge is located in the heart of downtown Blue Ridge and features an amazing rooftop restaurant, Hook & Eye. With “burgers, brews, and beautiful views,” this is one restaurant you don’t want to miss. You’ll enjoy a free breakfast buffet at this hotel as well.
  • Great Location. Comfort Inn & Suites is a pet-friendly family hotel just a few minutes from the downtown area, and even closer to Mercier Orchards and the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.
  • Beautiful Mountain Views. The Blue Ridge Lodge and RV Park is about 5 miles from downtown, but the area does offer great views and is close enough to be convenient to all the festivals and fun you can find in town. The Lodge is quaint and all the rooms are furnished differently, unlike the more mainstream feel of a chain hotel. There are cottages, a RV park, and a lake house, too.


Long Creek Falls is considered one of the most popular waterfalls in Fannin County. The falls are located on the Appalachian Trail near the Three Forks where the Appalachian, Benton MacKaye and Duncan Ridge Trails meet.

The hike is an easy two miles out-and-back along Long Creek; figure about 30 minutes uphill to the falls to get there, then downhill as you leave.

These falls total about 50 feet in two separate drops and end in a shallow pool below.  The road leading to the trailhead follows Noontootla Creek, which also has a few smaller falls. There are several areas for picnics and trout fishing along the way (though keep in mind it’s catch and release only).

The Appalachian Trail runs through the Three Forks Creek Valley in the Chattahoochee National Forest, just four miles from where it starts in Georgia on Springer Mountain. The falls here are one of very few on the southern stretch of the AT.

Along the trail you’ll see all kinds of flowers and trees, from Hemlocks to rhododendrons, with boulders and rocks to use as sitting spots (or thinking spots, as I tend to do my best thinking while perched on these rocks). Simply put, this hike should be added to any visit to Blue Ridge if you really want to appreciate its natural beauty.


9+ Amazing Waterfalls in Blue Ridge Ga You’ll Want To Chase



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Fall Branch Falls is located 20 minutes from Blue Ridge, and are a tad tougher than the Long Creek Falls. It’s a short hike, though, and most who’ve made the trip say it’s well worth the walk, thanks to the view. You’ll find this treat along the Benton MacKaye Trail west of Aska Road.

The upper portion is a series of cascades that come together into one, with a single drop of about 30 feet. The fun part is the deep pool at the base of the falls.

Again, the travel to the falls here involves a bit of an incline. The trail gets tight in certain spots, and those who’ve done the hike say if you have issues with your feet or knees, you should be sure to use hiking poles because some of the path is uneven.

These falls tend to be less popular than the others in the region, which is a welcome surprise for many. Another thing that makes it different: There are some glamping tents near the base that have been added that I imagine would be fun to stay in, though I will say not everyone is a fan of them becoming part of the landscape in such a beautiful spot.



The Jacks River Falls are in the Cohutta Wilderness Area. Be sure to plan to be hiking for a good while, or camp overnight, because this hike is more than 9 miles from the Dally Gap along the Jacks River Trail. And it’s a difficult one.

That said, you can take an easier route to the falls if you go from the Chatsworth side of the Cohuttas. If you drive in, know that it’s a rough road and really should only be done in an SUV.

If you’re looking for a short hike, you’ll need to climb down a steep hill to see the falls. On the longer hike, you’ll have nearly two dozen river crossings that will provide quite the challenge, though it’s absolutely possible. Some of the trails aren’t marked well, so bring a paper map and GPS or compass so you don’t end up lost.

The payoff is it isn’t likely to be crowded once you do get to these remote falls. 


If you want an easy hike, the Sea Creek Falls are ideal, at just a five minute hike to the falls, but you have to drive a bit to get there and it can be a challenge. It’s located in the Cooper Creek Scenic Area of the Chattahoochee National Forest, in Suches, Georgia.

The falls here start with a series of steep cascades that end in a small drop. The second falls are similar. In late winter or spring, the water will really be flowing and it’s an impressive sight. The same is true if it just rained in the summer.

In summer when it hasn’t rained, you may be able to wear water shoes and climb a bit of it. If you try barefooted, know that you’ll likely slip, so don’t try it unless you want to risk injury. And the kiddos can splash around in the pool at the bottom.

Another tip: Parking is limited, so go early or be patient waiting for a spot. 


Raven Cliffs Trails lead to several beautiful waterfalls. They’re in the Raven Cliff Wilderness, which is also home to a trout steam. This trail is one of the most popular ones in North Georgia and if you choose to hike the trail there, you’ll make your way almost three miles to Raven Cliffs Falls.

The 40-foot falls are beautiful, no doubt. But the trails might actually outshine the falls. The view is breathtaking. You even walk across a log as you get started on the trail. It’s a moderate hike after that, about two hours there and two hours back, and it follows the creek. There are steep areas in some spots. It’s best if you can come right after it rains so that the water flow is stronger.

Do know you need to pay to park, which is sometimes limited. You’ll pay $5 cash into an envelope at a drop box, then place the receipt on your dash. 



Amicalola Falls is located in Amicalola Falls State Park between Ellijay and Dahlonega. It’s not only the tallest waterfall in Georgia at 729 feet, but also the third tallest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi River.

Amicalola (pronounced AM-uh-cuh-LOW-luh) means “tumbling waters” in Cherokee. Its strenuous 8-and-a-half mile approach trail leads from the park to Springer Mountain — the start of the famous Appalachian Trail.

There’s the strenuous trail option or the easy one; the two and a half mile trail to the top of the falls, or the optional trail that provides stroller and wheelchair access to the falls.

If you can hike it, it’s a fun journey. I like to take the stairs down. There are 425 of them, so be prepared. There’s shade the entire way, other than the bridge crossing, which helps.

Making your way to the top there are beautiful falls with stunning views all around. It’s impossible not to stop and take photos midway as you walk the bridge platform across the water.  And there are plenty of spots where you can have a picnic.

I love the challenge of this waterfall and think it’s something every Georgian should do at least once. 



If you want to see a beautiful double waterfall, there are two falls on Helton Creek near Blairsville worth going to. It’s about 11 miles from Blairsville, where you’ll turn onto Helton Creek Road just past the entrance to Vogel State Park. After about 2 miles you’ll see the parking area and the trailhead will be just off to the right.

From there, it’s a short trail to the first waterfall. Don’t stop there, though. You’ll really want to climb on up to the second waterfall, too. There are even two viewing platforms right next to the falls, and the top one definitely offers the better view.

You should be careful of the uphill steps and tree roots along the way. And you should know there aren’t any bathrooms, so take care of business before you get there.



Another waterfall close to Blairsville is the Dukes Creek Falls. This one drops 150-feet down a sheer granite canyon.

The area was famous for gold that was found there in 1828, and now its scenic beauty is just as precious. It’s a pretty easy hike from the parking lot, at about two and a half miles total round trip. For such a quick hike, there’s a pretty good payoff with a phenomenal waterfall.

There’s an observation deck at the base that’s a good spot for sitting and taking in the view. The start of the trail is wide gravel, which is good for the crowds it draws. It does turn to a dirt trail after the switch-back, though. Generally, it’s a beautiful hike.


Benton Falls is another option for you in the Cherokee National Forest at the Chilhowee Recreation Area. It’s about 11 miles past Ducktown.

The trail is considered an easy one, with a hike of about a mile and a half each way. The payoff: A 65-foot high waterfall.

It’s an easy drive up the mountain with scenic views peppered along the way. There’s a lot of parking available, though you do need to pay the $3 fee. There’s a bathroom, too.

The hike is not difficult, though it is a steep climb down to the falls at the end. However, they do have stone cut stairs.


If you’re looking for a view with gorgeous views of the Hiwassee River and overlooks of two major waterfalls, this is your spot. Turtletown Creek Trail follows Turtletown Creek to Turtletown Falls and Lower Turtletown Falls.

The trailhead is about a mile and ¼ at the end of the road and it’s a 3.8 mile hike that gets strenuous. The path is also very narrow when it splits. The side to the left can be more challenging, so keep that in mind.

That said, it’s also along the river and can be beautiful. The right side takes you up and away from the water for the hike until the end. 

9+ Amazing Waterfalls in Blue Ridge Ga You’ll Want To Chase



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(PS. This entire list is detailed in our article, 50+ Top Things To Do in Blue Ridge Ga)

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9+ Amazing Waterfalls in Blue Ridge Ga You’ll Want To Chase