Looking for the Perfect Blue Ridge Ga Brewery? Here Are 7 Great Options

Blue Ridge, Georgia, is a popular destination for all kinds of outdoor activities, scenic beauty, and relaxation, but if you’re also looking for a good, cold brew, this is going to be your new favorite spot. That’s because there are several local breweries scattered throughout the region that’ll offer up something to keep just about everyone happy on their visit.

The hardest part will be figuring out which one to go to first, and which craft brew you’ll want to swig. This area in North Georgia is well-known for its artistic talents and you can bet they ooze out in the alcohol, too.

Here’s a rundown of the breweries you should check out on your next visit to the North Georgia Mountains. Give them a taste and tell us which one ends up being your favorite. Just promise us you’ll pace yourself; this is way too many breweries for one night, and maybe even one weekend. I suggest you make several visits to truly enjoy them all. 

Looking for the perfect Blue Ridge GA brewery? Here are some great options!

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  • Best for Foodies. Hampton Inn Blue Ridge is located in the heart of downtown Blue Ridge and features an amazing rooftop restaurant, Hook & Eye. With “burgers, brews, and beautiful views,” this is one restaurant you don’t want to miss. You’ll enjoy a free breakfast buffet at this hotel as well.
  • Great Location. Comfort Inn & Suites is a pet-friendly family hotel just a few minutes from the downtown area, and even closer to Mercier Orchards and the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.
  • Beautiful Mountain Views. The Blue Ridge Lodge and RV Park is about 5 miles from downtown, but the area does offer great views and is close enough to be convenient to all the festivals and fun you can find in town. The Lodge is quaint and all the rooms are furnished differently, unlike the more mainstream feel of a chain hotel. There are cottages, a RV park, and a lake house, too.


Courtesy of Buck Bald Brewing

Buck Bald Brewing actually now has two locations in this region; one in Murphy, North Carolina, and another in Copperhill, Tennessee. Sure, that sounds like they’re really far, but you have to understand these three states come together in this region, with Copperhill just 11 miles from Blue Ridge, and Murphy about 25 miles from Blue Ridge.

Copperhill is home to the original location, and as remote as it seems, you’ll find visitors from around the world enjoying the brews created there. They started in 2018. It boasts 14 taps of different brews in Copperhill. The Murphy location has 12 taps. You can find all kinds of options, too, from IPA’s, to sours, or English and German style beers. There are different options available, depending on the day.

Buck Bald Brewing is family-friendly, and even pet-friendly, too, and offers up an atmosphere where you can kick back and enjoy your drinks with friends. Their goal is to make sure you find something delicious in their hand-crafted brews with their motto, “Fill a Pint…Fill a Growler..Fill your Mind!” 

Wondering where they get their name? Well, that comes from a mountain peak in Polk County, Tennessee, called Buck Bald. They tried a few other names before settling on this one, and well, it seems to work for them now. The alliteration of the three b’s may have been the convincing factor, along with the tribute to the local flavor, so to speak.

They’ve taken that name and run with it, turning Buck Bald into a character of sorts (a’la the Hollerin’ Man) and now they share short stories about him to impart a bit of the region’s history to those who stop in to imbibe. They even invited you to write up a story of your own and say they may add it to their wall and maybe even name a brew after it.

Some of the brew options you can currently pick from include Hollerin’ Man Pale Ale, Ragin’ Red Ale, and Shesquatch Scottish Ale. 

You can bring your own food here or pick up something from another restaurant and bring it to eat while enjoying your drink. 


Looking for the Perfect Blue Ridge Ga Brewery? Here Are 7 Great Options
Courtesy of Fannin Brewing Company

Fannin Brewing Company has been around more than a decade, starting in 2012, and names its beers after people or places across North Georgia, using local ingredients. The owner brought his skills to Fannin County in the Blue Ridge mountains because he knew that fresh air and fresh water would make fresh beer. They have seasonal options for their brews, but also offer year-round favorites including the Hiawassee Golden Ale, the Toccoa Brown, and the Chief Whitepath White IPA. You can also buy those at most Ingles grocery stores in North Georgia.

The owner, Tom Fennell, first turned the property on a mountainside in Fannin County into a vineyard. That was more than 20 years ago. For half a decade he planted grapes and hoped, experimenting and realizing along the way that it was a lot more work than he’d counted on. And a lot more waiting.

In the meantime, he occupied himself with a cable network called German Kino Plus, essentially for Germans living in the U.S. He went to Germany for research trips, picking up movies for his network, but also sampling plenty of time at the beer halls in Munich. And while drinking some of that beer, he decided he could sell some of it, and other German treats, in the states. The wine became secondary as he honed his beer brewing skills, and thus, birthed Fannin Brewing Company.

It ended up being a team effort, though. He worked with Pat Walker at Blue Ridge Brewery, who was working on producing his own brews at the time. Their combined effort led to their first beers sold in 2012, and within eight months, they had a deal with a distributor and their beers available on taps in eight restaurants, then 14, and then 24. They even became the house brewer for nearby Barnsley Gardens.

They grew big enough to open a new location and then opened a tasting room, along with expanding their reach even more, even down through Atlanta and up into Tennessee, and also have collected an award or two. You can pick from hops, ales, wheat beers, Belgians and more. The oldies but goodies include Blue Ridge Lager and Hiawassee Golden Ale. Or, you can go with a cider, and if you want something non-alcoholic, they have some flavored tea options to try. You will need to bring your own food, though.


Looking for the Perfect Blue Ridge Ga Brewery? Here Are 7 Great Options
Courtesy of Grumpy Old Men Brewing

The name sounds anything but welcoming, but people who enjoy this brewing company say it’s the most chill brewery in the U.S. (and this was written by a couple that has traveled to 20+ breweries nationwide). They describe the beers as amazing and the staff as super friendly. With those kinds of reviews, it’s easy to understand the attraction for the Grumpy Old Men Brewing.

The brewery has been around for about a decade, and has evolved from grumpy guys brewing in an outdoor shower and eventually opening their micro-brewery, to one grump man and his wife, who now run the place.

They create light ales and lagers, malty stouts and porters. And they have IPAs, of course. The favorites include Acoustic Blonde, Hells Holler, Scentsation Double IPA, and Aska Pale Ale.

You can drink a flight if picking just one is too challenging. They have live music on Friday and Saturdays, and karaoke on Thursday nights. They don’t sell food, but do host food trucks occasionally.


Looking for the Perfect Blue Ridge Ga Brewery? Here Are 7 Great Options
Courtesy of Angry Hops Brewing

Sometimes, when you work for one company, you come to realize maybe you can live the dream, too, and start a brewery of your own, which is exactly what happened at Angry Hops Brewing.

In this case, two men who met at another local brewery decided to see what they could create together. They had the expertise and the desire, along with the support of their wives, and before long, the brew just started pouring, so to speak.

They offer up traditional options, along with popular brews including IPAs, stouts, and sours. Whether you go for Drink All Day IPA or Bridge Burner, The Girls are ALL Right, or Premium Blue Ridge, there is something for everyone.

They have live tunes on the weekend, whether you want to sit on the patio, or inside where they can raise the garage doors to bring in the outside. They don’t offer food, but often have a food truck stop by. 


Looking for the Perfect Blue Ridge Ga Brewery? Here Are 7 Great Options
Courtesy of Copperhill Brewery

Copperhill Brewery wants you to know they have “Craft Beer You’ll Dig” among gorgeous scenery that you’ll also enjoy. They have a passion for brewing what they describe as high quality, diverse, and exceptional tasting craft beer.

You can go to their Copperhill or Ducktown locations and likely find a casual and relaxing spot to spend your time while enjoying their brews.

Even though they describe their beverages as “high quality”, their brewery is casual and designed to help you spend a relaxing couple of hours with them. There’s live entertainment sometimes, along with karaoke and trivia games and darts if that’s what you prefer.

There are seasonal drinks to choose from, but also the year-round favorites of light ales and pilsners, dark porters and bocks. Sours are hot these days at this brewery. And, of course, IPA options, too, especially the Oconee IPA that’s become their trademark.

You can bring your own food, and they suggest the pizza from down the street. Fun fact: This brewery is owned by two gals. It’s the only woman-owned brewery in the entire state. 


Looking for the Perfect Blue Ridge Ga Brewery? Here Are 7 Great Options
Courtesy of Tipping Point Brewing Company

Tipping Point Brewing Company is situated right in Downtown Blue Ridge, across from the city park, on the second floor of Trackside Station. They serve up a variety of craft brews and seltzers, and are open 7 days a week.

You can sit indoors or outdoors, and often catch live music and special events while enjoying their craft beer. Whether it’s their Critical Mass Black IPA (which is named because they have so many ingredients in it they say it’s reached Critical Mass), or Island Boi which adds a tropical twist to an American IPA.

They also offer up the U-Pick Seltzer, which essentially is a seltzer with flavors they rotate.



Looking for the Perfect Blue Ridge Ga Brewery? Here Are 7 Great Options
Courtesy of Mercier Orchards Hard Cider

Mercier Orchards is famous for its apple-picking, but you have to give mad props to the winery and cider tasting room near the exit.

The Farm Winery is a great stop on your way out the door, or honestly, as a stop all its own if you’re looking for a thirst-quenching cider. They offer up Hard Pressed Beverages year-round. In fact, they were among the first apple orchards in Georgia that grew, pressed, fermented, and bottled their own product and it’s now a booming industry.

Their winery creates and pours seasonal wines they make there, along with hard ciders all pressed in-house. They also can offer up some wines and mead from local vendors. You can even try a flight if you want to sample more than one.

The choices you’re likely to find include Old #3, which is their original hard cider, made from Gold Rush apples, and Grumpy Granny, made with Granny Smith apples to create a dry cider that’s strong and tart. The wine flavors range from a sweet floral made with 100% strawberries to the Summer Sweet Peach that’s not too sweet and features a peach flavor.

Again, Mercier isn’t a true brewery like the others, but there are definitely options you’ll want to give a try!



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