Where To Find the Best African American Santa Claus in Atlanta

Last year I did a post on where to find Santa in Atlanta. A reader asked where to find an African American Santa in Atlanta. Since we didn’t know, we turned to our community on Facebook and they did not disappoint. The community suggested several places to visit with a black Santa Claus in Atlanta.  Starting mid November, you can visit with the Jolly Man in Red at the following locations. If you know other places, please tell us. If you have some insight or tips for these locations, let us know.


South DeKalb Mall  | 404-241-2431
According to reader Michael Wilcox, this is the real deal!

Greenbriar Mall
 | 404-344-6611
Greenbriar Mall has a brand new interactive Santa Set. Throughout the Holiday Season, families have the opportunity to have their children’s photos taken with Greenbriar Mall’s own naturally bearded African-American Santa.

Stonecrest Mall  | 678-526-8955
Last year this mall had both a Caucasian and African American Santa. The Caucasian Santa arrived at 10 am and the Black Santa took over at 5 pm. At press time they could not confirm this was happening again this year, so make sure to call before you go.

West End Mall | 404-755-1001
Kente Santa arrived on Nov. 25.

The Real Black Santa

Santa Dee, also known as the Real Black Santa, is one of the most well-known African American Santas in Atlanta. You can see him at a variety of private and public events throughout the holidays including:

  • Lithonia Tree Lighting, December 3, 2017, 5pm
  • Holidays at Hartsfield, December 6, 2017, 11am
  • Pottery Painting Party with Santa Dee at Cre8tvtcafe Cafe, Dec. 10, 2017, 2pm

Visit therealblacksanta.com for more events throughout the holiday season.


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Here are 4 places in the Atlanta area where you can find an African American Santa Claus. Starting in November, you can go visit and get photos with this jolly man in red. Some of these locations have both a white and a black santa! Such great community events for your family and for kids of all ages to enjoy this Christmas. #family #Atlanta #santa #Christmas #holidays

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  1. http://www.atlantabkacksanta.com if you need to rent one for events.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. yes me and 2 of my friends millen GA TOOK Picture with this santa

  3. Lance Huff | 12/10/2017 at 9:29 am | Reply

    Santa’s race shouldn’t matter at all man. I’m black and never seen a black Santa in my life. A lot of times it’s just adults turning nothing into something

  4. I think its relevant to have a Santa of your culture why tell a black kid a white Santa bringing you gift.

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