What to Expect on Your Epic Fall Summit Hike to Brasstown Bald

If you have any interest at all in easy hikes to gorgeous summit views displaying breathtaking fall color then put on your hiking boots and go NOW to Brasstown Bald in gorgeous Blairsville, Ga.

The colors peak at Brasstown Bald well before other parts of North Georgia due to the extraordinary height.  This is the tallest point in the entire state of Georgia, and it basically has its own micro-climate, similar to Massachusetts.

Brasstown Bald Summit

Kids under 16 are free, but adults are $5 each (NOT per carload.)  We found that the fog hangs thick here in the mornings. When we visited about 10:30am, we could barely see the other cars in the parking lot because the fog was so thick.

This was despite being a gorgeous day with hardly a cloud in the sky as we drive to Blairsville.  Even the road up the mountain was clear as day…but you can feel the immediate change once you reach the top. We double-backed for fun at another location, and returned about 1:30pm for fantastic views.

There is a shuttle to the top, but we walked the 6/10 of a mile paved trail.  It wasn’t easy (could that have been a vertical greater than 45 degrees – sheesh) but it was rewarding.  There are no vista views as you climb; you are merely enjoying the trees along the path.  I would still do it again!

At the top you find a museum, a short movie, restrooms, and a breathtaking overlook of Georgia, Tennessee, and North and South Carolina. Restrooms and a visitor center are at the base near the parking lot.

Brasstown Bald Summit

Lake Chatuge in the valley:

Brasstown Bald Summit

At the summit:

Brasstown Bald Summit


Lesli Peterson

Lesli Peterson

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Lesli Peterson

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  1. I have a 2 years old how would you recommend I hike with her. Was the terrain smooth enough for stroller? I will also be dragging a 4yrs old with broken arm and a slow 7yr.love the challenges.

    • The hike is stroller friendly. All paved. If you are worried, though, just take the shuttle. Its easy and runs continuously…and its free!!

  2. Do you know if there is a way to hire someone to lead a hike at Brasstown Bald?

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