Where to Find the Best Family Rock Climbing: Atlanta Edition

If you want to know where to go rock climbing, Atlanta has several indoor gyms, as well as a few outdoor bouldering locations. Not only is it a fun sport, but rock wall climbing is great exercise for kids and adults. In addition, indoor rock climbing is one of the few sports the entire family, from young children through teens and adults can do together. We had a blast at Atlanta Rocks family day. Read on for our experience, plus a list of Atlanta climbing gyms and places to go rock climbing in Atlanta.

Rock Climbing Atlanta

Where to Find the Best Rock Climbing: Atlanta Edition

Although my children have all gone indoor rock climbing in Atlanta, either at a birthday party, or as part of summer camp, we have only climbed as a family once, but it’s something I’d love to do again. Here’s why.

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Rock Climbing Atlanta Family Day at Atlanta Rocks includes all the gear.

Atlanta Rocks Intown: Atlanta Rock Climbing for the Whole Family

1019 Collier Rd., Atlanta, GA 30318 | 404-351-3009

Each week, Atlanta Rocks, an Atlanta climbing gym off I-75 on Collier Road, hosts family day where one parent climbs free with each paying child. It’s a great active event with the kids, especially if you have multiple age ranges. Family Day is every Wednesday and includes two hours of climbing between 11 am – 10 pm. They do ask that you make reservations so they can properly staff for the day.

The Best Age for Atlanta Indoor Rock Climbing

My boys are between 7 and 14; I enjoyed seeing them contemplate the walls and determine what route they were going to climb. Each one was challenged, but not frustrated. There is so much to do in Atlanta with smaller kids, it is nice to find something that engaged and excited my tween and teen, but also kept the attention of my youngest. Best of all, Atlanta Rocks prices for family day include shoes and the harness. You only need to bring socks for the climbing shoes.

Rock Climbing Atlanta

Bouldering allows you to climb walls without a rope.

Atlanta Rocks: Indoor Rock Climbing, Ga.

This Atlanta rock climbing gym has more than 12,000 square feet of professionally designed climbing surfaces. There are 50 top-rope stations, some with auto-belays, which means the safety straps you clip onto gently let you down to the floor if you fall or after reaching your destination. These walls are a great way to warm up.

Belay walls require a staffer or someone trained to belay the rope that straps to your harness. If you have someone belay trained in your group, you’ll be free to move about the gym. If not, no worries, family day is supervised by knowledgable staff and they belay participants, usually in groups of six.

Bouldering rocks allow those waiting to be belayed the chance to try their climbing skills without ropes. Bouldering is allowed up to shoulder height and doesn’t require a staff or trained support person.

Couple of notes on the different walls. The auto belays are generally the easier climbs. You can use these to work up to more difficult walls like 14 where the rock jets out. Climb 10 allows you to swing out from the wall if you can’t climb up the entire way – a fun exercise for my youngest and a big challenge to avoid swinging for my oldest.

Ashley, our guide was a great help. She steered us to the right walls for our ability and challenged us to various routes. She even instructed us on climbing, showing us how to lean into the corners for a good grip.

Indoor Rock Climbing Atlanta

We also needed her help to read the guides around the gym, basically a sheet of paper with the various routes and difficulty level. The guide corresponds to colored holds on the wall. Using the same colored holds is more difficult than just using the closest hold available. Colored tape on the holds gives instructions for the more experienced climbers who can read them, I could never figure out what route the tape was taking.

Family Day at Atlanta Rocks

Family Day is a perfect way to test your group’s interest in climbing. If they love it, have someone get certified to belay and you can come anytime. Weekends are busiest, so if you have a belayer in the group, you won’t have to wait for a staffer to belay. Atlanta Rocks offers a Family Climbing Class for a flat fee of $50 per family. After the course, anyone over the age of 12 can take the belay test to belay other climbers. Always make a reservation to climb or call ahead to be sure there is space. Here are more pictures from our outing.

This is a comment from one of our readers on the Atlanta Rocks Family Day – For novice climbers I don’t think you can beat Wednesdays at Atlanta Rocks, because the combination of family night and meet-up night for novice climbers means there is always a good mix of beginners and more advanced climbers roving the gym looking to help. I should add that there are other great gyms in metro Atlanta, each with their own strengths.

Stone Summit Rock Climbing Atlanta location Stone Summit Rock Climbing Atlanta location[/caption]

Stone Summit Rock Climbing Atlanta

3701 Presidential Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30340 |678-720-9882

I’ve only visited the Stone Summit location in Atlanta. It’s located just off I-85, in fact you can see the huge building from the road. Stone Summit is also an excellent roclimbing gym. If you want to climb 60 ft walls, then Stone Summit is definitely the place and so it gets a lot of traffic from experienced climbers. It also has a designated kids area with a cool dinosaur to boulder with a slide and a kids sized rock wall. We went to a birthday party here and my children loved it. My older son came with me to pick up the little guy and he was dying to climb the walls. This is a much bigger rock climbing gym than Atlanta Rocks, but each has their own strengths.

The following is from a reader who climbs as a family often. “The one area where I don’t think Stone Summit is as strong as Atlanta Rocks is in family climbing. Because the kids’ area is completely separate, so if you go as a family you will spend a lot of time making the long trip up and down the stairs between the kids’ climbing area and the main gym, which I found was a hassle (although I’m sure the serious climbers like having the kids completely out of the way).

Stone Summit Climbing Gym Atlanta location kids area

The kids area at Stone Summit has a rock wall, as well as this bouldering/slide, which is actually a huge dinosaur. My kids LOVED it.

Stone Summit Rock Climbing Kennesaw

2801 George Busbee Parkway, Kennesaw, Ga. 30144 | 770-545-6227

Stone Summit Rock Climbing Midtown

This location near the Fox Theater is a bouldering site that was announced in early 2017.

Escalade Rock Climbing Atlanta Gym Escalade Rock Climbing has two locations in the Atlanta area.[/caption]

More Indoor Rock Climbing: Atlanta Gyms

In addition to Atlanta Rocks and Stone Summit, there are 5 more places to go indoor rock climbing. Atlanta, Ga actually has quite a few great climbing gyms. So if you are asking where is the best indoor rock climbing near me, here is your answer.

Adrenaline Climbing Gym

460 Brogdon Rd #100, Suwanee, GA 30024 | 770-271-1390

Escalade Rock Climbing Gym, Kennesaw

3694 Kennesaw South Industrial Dr, Kennesaw, GA 30144 | 770-794-1575

Escalade Rock Climbing Gym, Peachtree City

125 Depot Ct, Peachtree City, GA 30269 | 678-870-1400

Wall Crawler Rock Club

1522 DeKalb Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307 | 404-371-8997

Andretti Indoor Karting & Games

11000 Alpharetta Highway, Roswell, Georgia 30076 | 770-992-5688

GSU Rock Climbing Atlanta Georgia State University has a climbing wall and bouldering cave. Photo courtesy of GSU

Indoor Rock Climbing: Georgia Universities

Several of the Universities around Georgia also have great climbing facilities, so if you are a student, teacher, administrator or work there, you can have access to the indoor climbing gyms. A few of the Universities that have indoor rock climbing are

  • Georgia Tech, Atlanta
  • Georgia State University, Atlanta
  • Emory University
  • University of Georgia, Athens
  • Middle Georgia College, Cochran
  • University of West Georgia, Carrolton
  • Valdosta State
  • Georgia Southern, Statesboro
  • Darton State College in Albany

indoor rock climbing Ga in Athens Active Climbing Athens, Ga. photo courtesy of Active Climbing[/caption]

Indoor Rock Climbing in Georgia

If you don’t live in Atlanta and want to know where is the best rock climbing near me, these rock climbing gyms across the state of Georgia should help answer that question.

Active Climbing, Athens

665 Barber Street, Athens, Georgia 30601 | 706-354-0038

Active Climbing, Augusta

643 South Old Belair Road, Grovetown, Ga. 30813 | 706-922-1054

Treadstone Climbing Gym

4209 Milgen Rd., Columbus, Georgia 31907 | 706- 507-7625

Savannah Climbing Coop

302 West Victory Drive, Savannah, GA 31405 | 912-495-8010

Historic Banning Mills Adventure Conference Center

205 Horseshoe Dam Road, Whitesburg, Georgia 30185 | 770-834-9149

This rock climbing wall is actually outdoors, but I included it here because it’s a rock wall, not an actual rock climbing site. Click the header to find out why this wall is in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Rock Climbing Atlanta

Rock Climbing Atlanta Outdoor Locations

In addition to indoor rock climbing, Atlanta also has a few places to go outdoor rock climbing. So if you want to know where is the best outdoor rock climbing near me, this is the information you need.

For rock climbing Atlanta locations, we looked to the Southeastern Climbers Coalition. On their website they state these rock climbing Atlanta outdoor locations. Check their website for additional information on each climb. Some are good if you are near there already, some are destination climbs. All are for those who have some knowledge of rock climbing.

  • Boat Rock: “The Boat” is the hub for Atlanta in-town bouldering with a recent purchase of 7.8-acres of boulders by The Southeastern Climbers Coalition www.seclimbers.org.
  • Island Ford
  • Dixie Boulders
  • Long Island
  • Little Kennesaw Mountain
  • The Zipper
  • The Palisades

Rock Climbing Georgia Outdoor The Southeastern Climbers Coalition cleans graffiti off Currahee rock. SCC also raises money to purchase climbing locations.[/caption]

Rock Climbing Georgia Outdoor Locations

Again, the Southeastern Climbers Coalition is the place for additional information, but here is a list of places they recommend around the state so you can see the depth of opportunities available for rocking climbing in Georgia.

  • Curahee
  • High Point
  • Lost Wall
  • Middle Ga Boulders
  • Mount Yonah
  • Oconee Boulders
  • Panola Mountain
  • Rocktown
  • Shaking Rock
  • Tullulah Gorge
  • Zahnd

Rock Climbing Atlanta

Rock Climbing Store

If you are new to rock climbing, Atlanta gyms will generally have what you need to get started, but you may want to bring some music along with you. Try Amazon Music Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial  to create a great climbing playlist. Whether you want to create a backyard climbing wall, or get serious about gym or outdoor climbing and need gear, here are some suggestions.

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Rock Climbing Atlanta

Rock Climbing Atlanta


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Sue Rodman

Sue Rodman

Co-Founder at 365 Atlanta Traveler
Sue came to Atlanta after finishing the Walt Disney World College Program where she was a tour guide then guest relations hostess (and no she did not moonlight as Snow White). Sue spent 25 years in PR before adding freelance travel writing to her resume. Prior to 365 Atlanta Traveler, Sue published an award winning family travel blog called Field Trips with Sue for eight years, and produced a TV segment with the same name on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta. Her favorite place to visit is anywhere with her husband and three sons. Sue believes anytime is a good time for dessert and there are no bad field trips, just better stories.
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