Movies Filmed In Georgia: 23+ Best Film & TV Locations You Can Visit

I’m a huge movie fan, and I get excited whenever I see a filming location in real life. Luckily, I live near the Hollywood of the South – Georgia. The state has become a mecca for the film industry thanks to its mild weather, significant tax incentives, and spacious set options. 

When I see that peach logo at the end of a favorite movie, I instantly search for film locations and add them to my Georgia travel bucket list. 

Ahead, I’m sharing some of my favorite TV shows and movies filmed in Georgia, and how to see some locations in person. So come along as we travel from Wakanda to Savannah, traveling in the footsteps of Avengers, Zombies, and some Oscar-winning stars.

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Movies Filmed in Georgia

Movies Filmed In Georgia: 23+ Best Film & TV Locations You Can Visit
Parts of the Hunger Games was filmed at Sweetwater Creek State Park.

Black Panther and Wakanda Forever

Black Panther is probably the best Marvel Film, and it got nominated for a ton of awards. Though most of Black Panther was created with CGI at Atlanta’s Trilith Studios, you can still see many filming locations throughout town. 

The scenes in front of a fictional Oakland, California, apartment highrise were filmed at Wheat Street Towers in the Sweet Auburn Historic District. While you don’t want to intrude in people’s apartment space, you should definitely head over to the Sweet Auburn Historic District to learn about Atlanta’s Civil Rights history and changemakers. While you’re there, check out the Municipal Market and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park

One of the most iconic filming locations for Black Panther is Bouckaert Farm, where the final battle occurred in Black Panther and Avengers End Game. Though it’s not open for public visits, you can access the property for ticketed events and private celebrations. 

The Hunger Games

I’m a huge Hunger Games fan. And although I’d never want to experience a real-life Panem, I’m totally down to check out the filming locations that brought the fictional nation to life. Luckily, you can visit both the Capitol and District 13, all in Georgia. 

One of the top places to go is Atlanta Marriott Marquis. You can visit the massive, futuristic atrium, which served as the quarters for Hunger Games contestants in Catching Fire and Mockingjay Part 1. You may also recognize this hotel from the Disney+ series, Loki.

A self-guided Hunger Games film tour is also a great chance to see the state’s beautiful parks. Clayton County International Park was where the iconic Quarter Quell opening scene was fought in Catching Fire. And Katniss and Gale shared emotional moments at Sweetwater Creek State Park and Chestatee Wildlife Preserve

Want to see more? The Atlanta History Center provided interior and exterior shots of President Snow’s mansion. 

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Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures tells the incredible true story of three African American women who helped send John Glen into space in the 1960s. Though the film is set in Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, key scenes were filmed in Georgia. 

Morehouse College in Atlanta provided most of the exterior shots of the  NASA Facility where Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary worked. And the town of Monroe was transformed into a 1960s neighborhood for many of the scenes that showed the women outside of work. 

Emory University and Dobbins Air Reserve Base were also sets for Hidden Figures.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Georgia is THE destination for Marvel fans. Unfortunately, Trilith Studios is closed to the public. I have a family member who worked there for a while, and simply picking her up outside for lunch was an ordeal. 

But you can still discover Marvel hotspots outside of the studios. One great quest? Tracking down filming locations for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.   

Chris Pratt’s character Peter Quill (AKA Star-Lord) is originally from Missouri, but his hometown scenes were filmed near Atlanta. 

The idyllic town consumed by Ego’s erupting spore is actually Cartersville, Georgia. The Dairy Queen in the film is located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, on Memorial Drive, and even though it’s closed down, it looks exactly how you see it in the 1980s-set scene. They used CGI to create the modern-day DQ in its place. 

And that idyllic golden-hour drive Peter’s parents take together was filmed on Brandon Farm Rd SW, in Taylorsville, Georgia. 

Baby Driver

Baby Driver is one of my favorite action-comedies filmed in Georgia. And best of all, Atlanta gets to play herself. That’s right – Atlanta is the filming location and in-movie setting for Baby Driver. And since there are so many car chases and high-speed stunts, you get to see a lot of the city. 

Want to see some of this film in real life? I recommend heading to the Candler Building on Peachtree Street, where the opening bank robbery was filmed. You can also check out Dahlberg Hall at Georgia State University, which served as the Post Office Exterior in the final heist. 

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

Just as the film portrays two separate worlds, filming for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was also filmed in different worlds: Hawaii and Georgia. 

The exteriors of Alex’s house were filmed at 1646 Friar Tuck Rd NE in Atlanta, and the school’s exterior was shot at Westlake High School. The indoor, real-world shots and some CGI scenes were filmed on soundstages at Atlanta Metro Studio. 

You’ll have to head to Oahu to see the landscape of the video game world, which was filmed at Kualoa Ranch. 


Ant-Man is a quirky yet action-packed Marvel film set in a tech-centric San Francisco. And while some of the film’s scenes were filmed in the area, most were in Georgia. 

Unfortunately, the Old Georgia Archives Building that served as the exterior of ‘Pym Technologies’ was demolished a few years ago. But you can drive by 840 Clermont Drive Northeast in Atlanta to see the exterior of Maggie’s House, also featured in Avenger’s Endgame. 

Nearby, you can also see Samuel M. Inman Middle School, the setting of Cassie’s school in Ant-Man and the Wasp, which used many of Atlanta’s streets as filming locations. 

Creed III

I would dedicate an entire vacation to walking in Michael B. Jordan’s footsteps. That’s why Georgia is such a great place to visit. He filmed scenes for Black Panther here, and it’s also where he recently filmed Creed III. Though it’s set in Los Angeles, most were filmed in Atlanta soundstages.

There wasn’t much on-location shooting for Creed III, but you can head over to 3073 Piedmont Rd NE, the home of Buckhead Diner, a former celebrity favorite that has closed down. They used it for a scene starring Michael B. Jordan.

Black Adam

Though Marvel has laid claim on Georgia, DC fans can also see some favorite locations while in the state. Black Adam, the mesmerizing film starring The Rock, was filmed here. Though much of the film was shot at Trilith Studios, they did extend into the city for some filming. 

During production, cast and crew were seen at Centennial Olympic Park, Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park, the Fayette County Courthouse, and the Ridge Nature Area.

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Spiderman: Homecoming

The Spider man films feel like a celebration of New York City. But just like much of Marvel’s universe, Georgia provided the setting for the film. Of course, Trilith Studios was home to much of the production. And many establishing shots were filmed in New York to showcase the city. 

But when it was time to zoom in and focus on Peter, lower-cost, easier-to-use locations were used in Georgia. 

Henry W Grady High School in Atlanta provided interior shots of Peter’s school. And the big party Peter goes to was at 229 Little John Trail NE in Sherwood Forest. 

Scenes were also filmed at Piedmont Park, a vast downtown greenspace in Atlanta. This space is a super popular filming location and was used for Avengers: Infinity War and Anchorman 2. Even if you’re not going to see filming locations, you should check out the park – it has great views of downtown and regular events. 

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Captain America Civil War

Captain America: Civil War is one of my favorite Marvel movies, as it served as a pivotal installment of the Avengers series. And I love seeing some of its places when I visit Georgia. 

The African market scene was created in The Gulch area of Atlanta near the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and the bomb exploded nearby at the US Bankruptcy Court building. 

But one of the most iconic Avengers locations for Marvel Fans is the Porsche Experience Center, which you’ll recognize as the Avengers Headquarters. While you can’t see any Avengers memorabilia at the complex, you can (for a few hundred dollars) take a spin in a genuine Porsche. 

Old School Favorites

Movies Filmed In Georgia: 23+ Best Film & TV Locations You Can Visit
You’ll love the food at the Whistle Stop Cafe, where Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump took us across America and beyond, seeing the world through Forest’s eyes. Like many 90s kids, I became a huge fan of the film. So when I visited Savannah, I had to visit Chippewa Square. In this shady, peaceful park, Forrest waits for his bus to Jenny, eating chocolates and sharing stories of his adventures with strangers who come and go. 

It’s convenient to visit, near many of Savannah’s best sights. But the bench isn’t there – it was set up as a film prop. Not to worry, you can still see it nearby at the Savannah History Museum. 

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You don’t have to drive far in the South before getting worried that you hear banjos. But if you want a true Deliverance-inspired experience, head to Rabun County. The Chattooga River portrayed the fictitious Cahulawassee River that Burt Reynolds and Co. journeyed on in this haunting and disturbing thriller. 

The area is beautiful in real life, but the waters here can be dangerous. Parts of Tallulah Gorge State Park might be a better place to check out. This is where the calmer waters scenes were shot. There are hiking trails throughout the park and a suspension bridge that’s especially beautiful in the fall. 

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Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes is always a favorite film – a heartwarming and emotional tale about friendship in the South. Whether you are a fan of the film or southern cooking, you must check out the real-life Whistle Stop Cafe in Juliette, Georgia. 

This building served many purposes before being used as a film set for Fried Green Tomatoes. After the film’s release, it was turned into a restaurant that celebrates the film. 

Like many film-inspired restaurants, you’ll get a full experience with memorabilia and food from the movie. But unlike many places, the food and service are excellent, making it a great place for anyone to eat, and a place you’ll actually want to return to. 

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Driving Miss Daisy

Driving Miss Daisy is another film created in Georgia that is also set here. That means the streets of Atlanta got to play themselves, and it’s fun to spot some of the Georgia locations.

The movie is based on a play and tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a wealthy Jewish widow and her African American driver during the Civil Rights Movement. 

Daisy’s home is located at 822 Lullwater Road NE in the Druid Hills neighborhood, and it still looks much like it does in the film. 

You can also see Daisy’s temple on Peachtree Street. The temple becomes a central theme of the film when it’s the subject of a bombing, just like the real temple on Peachtree Street was in 1958. 

And when Daisy goes to see Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, she’s at the Biltmore Hotel on Peachtree Street, a real place in Atlanta. The hotel has been developed into offices, but it still looks similar to how it did in the film and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil

I visited Savannah decades after Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil came out, but it was still a considerable part of the visitor industry. Maybe it’s because the film was set in Savannah, with the city feeling like a full-fleshed character.  Or perhaps because it was based on a real event in the town, an intriguing murder only a few decades old. 

Either way, if you haven’t seen Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, you must watch it before visiting Savannah – it’s really neat to see the places mentioned in the film and book. 

The best way to discover these places is through a dedicated tour.

But even without a professional tour, you can visit Mercer Williams House Museum, the film’s setting and the actual home where the murder occurred in 1981. You can also see the statue that graces the book cover at Telfair Academy. 

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The Legend of Bagger Vance

The Legend of Bagger Vance did something incredible – it held my attention despite being about golf. Matt Damon stars as a soldier struggling to return to the sport, and Will Smith plays his caddy who seems to have a magical gift that helps him through a pivotal tournament. 

The Jekyll Island Club served as the primary setting for the film. The sprawling property was once a hub for Georgia’s elite. Just like the fictional golf course in the movie, Jekyll Island Club suffered during the Depression. But today, it’s open as a hotel where you can stay. Be sure to appreciate the in-house bar, which was set up for production and later installed as a permanent fixture. 

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The Color Purple

The Color Purple is an emotional and inspiring epic coming-of-age film that tells the story of an African American woman in the South over 40 years of her life. The novel’s author, Alice Walker, based the setting on her real-life home in Eatonton, Georgia, but the film was primarily filmed in North Carolina and California. 

Fans of the film and book can take a self-guided driving tour through Eatonton based around Alice Walker’s life and story. It won’t be movie sets – instead, it’s her true journey as an African American in the South. 

Now a new generation of filmgoers will be able to discover her story, as a remake of The Color Purple starring Taraji P. Henson is in the works. This time, the story is filmed in Georgia, with the stars spotted in Savannah and Macon. 

Popular TV Shows Filmed In Georgia

Movies Filmed In Georgia: 23+ Best Film & TV Locations You Can Visit
Our Editor-at-Large’s kids love Stranger Things, and were thrilled to visit some of the filming locations.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead felt like a phenomenon when it was on TV, like it was all anyone was talking about. If you’re a fan of the show, it’s great to go to some of its filming locations in Georgia. 

You likely won’t see any undead in the town of Senoia, but you will recognize many of its places. It’s a great place to visit no matter what, but it’s enjoyable if you recognize the homes and storefronts from The Walking Dead and other productions. Book a guided walking tour to get the most out of your experience here. 

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a retro, supernatural Netflix series based in Indiana, but most of its filming was done in Atlanta. Want to see some of the filming locations in real life? 

Stockbridge Elementary and High School in Stockbridge, Georgia, served as the exteriors of Hawkins Middle School, and Jackson, Georgia, provided shots of downtown Hawkins. 

A former laundromat in Douglasville provided the exterior shots of Palace Arcade in the opener for Season 2. While the building is empty, it boasts the bright, retro colors that are true to the Stranger Things aesthetic. You’ll want to gather your own group of friends and see what kind of supernatural hijinks ensue.


The Netflix drama Ozark has a distinct setting, but it wasn’t filmed in the forested mountain regions of Arkansas and Missouri. Instead, it was primarily filmed in Georgia on Lake Lanier and Lake Allatoona. 

Little River Marina on Lake Allatoona was featured heavily in the first few episodes when Jason Bateman’s character first moves to the Ozarks. Today, the marina restaurant, J.D.’s on the Lake, features memorabilia and homages to the show. 

A DIY Ozark filming location tour is my adventure, as it will mostly take you to restaurants where you can dine and spot details from filming. Check out the Sunset Grille at Victoria Harbour Marina, Northside Tavern in Midtown Atlanta, and J.R.’s Log House in Peachtree Corners. 

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Cobra Kai

I grew up watching Karate Kid, so I was hooked when Cobra Kai was released. So many OG characters returning, a compelling plot line, and filming locations that I could see in Georgia. 

The interior of Cobra Kai Dojo was filmed on an Atlanta soundstage, but the exterior was shot at Crossroads Shopping Center in Atlanta. You can’t see much from the street, but Daniel’s lavish home is at 130 Woodlawn Dr. NE in Marietta, Georgia. 

To see some of Georgia’s natural beauty and recognize some filming spots, head to Stone Mountain Park or Sweetwater Creek State Park, which was also a filming location for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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The Vampire Diaries

Romance, mystery, vampires – it’s everything I wanted to watch in 2009. And though the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, is fictional, you can see real filming locations for the Vampire Diaries in Covington, Georgia, which is also where the series Sweet Magnolias was filmed. 

The quaint Atlanta suburb is a great place to visit, and if you’re a fan of the Vampire Diaries, you must visit Mystic Grill. The restaurant was originally built only as a set but is now a real-life eatery celebrating the film. The southern food is excellent, and the attention to detail is impeccable. You’ll love the vintage setting, even if you’re not a fan of the show. 

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Queer Eye

When Queer Eye was revamped for Netflix in the late 2010s, much of the first two seasons were filmed around Atlanta. This means we get to visit real-life places frequented by the lifestyle experts. 

Top places for fans to visit are My Sister’s Room, an LGBT bar in Midtown, Municipal Market in Sweet Auburn, Bonobos clothing store in Buckhead Village, and Dragonfly Salon.


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Movies Filmed In Georgia: 23+ Best Film & TV Locations You Can Visit