22 Savannah Ghost Tours & Pirate Events Guaranteed To Thrill

When I say, “Ghosts,” Savannah, Ga is the first place that comes to mind, right?

No one knows exactly why the spirits congregate here in such large quantities.

Maybe it’s the Native American burial ground that lies beneath the city. Maybe it’s the bloodshed of battle-upon-battle as new settlers tried to claim this prestigious piece of land. Maybe it’s a tale of two loves…where the spirits find just as much pleasure in watching us as we find in trying to see them.

Luckily, that’s not a mystery we must solve in order to appreciate and enjoy their antics.

From family-friendly walking ghost tours to ghastly city tours for teens to ghost walks and haunted pubs for 21+ only…this is the list you need for your preview of America’s Most Haunted City!

Ghosts For The Entire Family

There are a great selection of family-friendly ghost tours in Savannah, but you should know what to expect. While many of these are free for kids 5yo -6yo and younger, they still may be a tad too scary for that age.

Tours that are recommended for older kids (or adults only) will be more scary and might include profanity or risqué content.

Also, remember, Savannah has an open container law, so generally people will be drinking on tours – even those labeled family-friendly. Not a big deal to our family, but it might be to yours.

A final note…in general the later the walking tour begins, the older you’ll want your kids to be for the tour.

Morning Walk Ghost and History Tour

You don’t have to chase ghosts in the evening only. The American Tour Company offers a daily 10am walk that allows the morning air to be your guide. Stroll the beautiful streets of Downtown Savannah and learn of its haunted history. No details are left out and this tour is not for the faint of heart. If you have a queasy stomach or if you truly do not wish to be frightened, you might want to skip this one. All of the Tour Guides are actual psychics and not actors playing a role. Live Availability. Book here!

Ghosts And Gravestones Tour

Old Town Trolley Tour’s Ghosts and Gravestones Tour is billed as PG-13, and no children under 6yo are able to join.

The tales of legends and garish characters are told on one of Savannah’s beloved trolley cars as well as on foot. This 90 min tour focuses on the historic district and includes exclusive access to the Andrew Low House.

Andrew was father to Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low who founded the Girl Scouts. Low’s also known to have been friends with General Robert E Lee, whose ghost is said to haunt the house along with a butler by the name of Tom.

The other exclusive stop along this journey is the Perkins’ & Son’s haunted Ship Chandlery, which is known as the epicenter of America’s Most Haunted city.

Ghost Talk Ghost Walk

Learn of the legends that lie beneath the ghost lore of Savannah from the company featured by the History Channel and recommended by Fodors and Frommers.

The tour takes a light-hearted approach, sharing stories from Savannah Spectres and Other Strange Tales, investigations from Duke University, and interviews with the city’s in-the-know residents.

Children are welcome – you won’t find jump scares or crazy antics here. The guides are knowledgeable story tellers with a love of the history Savannah offers.

If your Girl Scout Troupe is looking for a ghost walking tour, this is the one you want! We love their Ghost Talk Ghost Walk patch, available only to Girl Scouts.

The Grave Tales Ghost Tour

With accolades galore, this is the only family tour given by Ghost City Tours. The other thing we love? The tales told on these tours have been thoroughly researched…so while it may seem “unbelievable” you won’t find exaggeration here.

Tours fill up fast, as this is the most popular ghost tour given by one of the most popular tour companies. Don’t wait to the last minute to book Savannah ghost tours here or anywhere- especially on weekends.

You’ll tour Factor’s Walk and learn about the ghouls of this area, the Kehoe house B&B, the Davenport house which boasts a haunted cat, and The Olde Pink House filled with spirits known for their trouble making.

Original Haunted Savannah Tour

This Haunted Savannah tour is an all-ages tour that blends ghost stories with interesting history, and it all begins in a haunted graveyard at Lafayette Square.

The unique aspect about this tour? The owner is a leader of paranormal activity. The tours use audio, video and photos to enhance the story and location, sharing evidence of the ghosts that haunt Savannah.

Exclusive access includes the Courtyard of the Sorrel-Weed Mansion. While the well-shared affair-suicide story has not found a basis of truth, there are too many paranormal activities happening in the house to ignore!

Ghosts and Folklore Tour

Cobblestone Tours literally wrote the book on hauntings in Savannah. This is one of Savannah’s earliest tours, with groups starting as early as 7pm.

Tour guides (in period costume) lead you by candlelight, sharing stories of famous ghosts and local folklore.

Hearse Ghost Tours

Can you think of a more creative way to caravan the haunts of Savannah than in a hearse?

Don’t worry – you don’t have to ride in the coffin. The back has been outfitted to carry 8 riders and another can sit by the driver. He’ll pick you and your crew up at your hotel, then offer a drive-by of all the coolest spooky locations.

We haven’t personally taken this tour (though I am dying to!) but when researching it on several review sites, it was BY FAR the one that guests raved most about being ‘worth the price.’

Ghoulish Fun For Adults and Teens

Six Feet Under Savannah

This extremely unique tour is lead by an actual psychic and paranormal sensitive. Learn how to work with ghost seeking equipment and tune into your inner gifts to attract and sense the supernatural beings around you. Learn about the haunts and history of prominent downtown Savannah only to realize that you are surrounded by spirits with every step.

Colonial Park Cemetery is the oldest cemetery still in existence in Georgia and has a sorted past. With hundreds of crypts and tombstones and evidence in abundance of the supernatural that it beholds, your psychic guide will lead you around the cemetery in search of what lies beneath. Live Availability. Book Now!

Dead Of Night

Great for kids 16+ and adults. Demonic hauntings, murders, mass burial grounds – nothing’s off limits during this 11pm tour.

Stops include Chippewa and Johnson Squares, Colonial Park Cemetery, and several secret cemeteries. Colonial Park Cemetery is where more guests report seeing or feeling a ghost than at any other place!

Skippy is usually the tour guide, with great enthusiasm and super insight you won’t find elsewhere.

Genteel + Bard

Genteel + Bard is an adult-focused tour company, but they encourage you to bring your older children if they are into the spooky stories of Savannah. This is, in fact, the tour that even the locals love!

The owner is the tour guide, and he’s the only guide in Savannah who provides an audio-enhanced tour, with storytelling the entire time. Your receiver can reach over 200 feet, so you are free to roam and look and take pictures while not missing a thing (or worrying about sidewalk chatter and passing cars causing you to miss the deets).

America’s Most Haunted City Tour

Bring kids as young as 3 yrs to the 7pm tour, but teens 13+ will love the 9pm adventure.

You’ll tour the north side of the Historic District, learning out the stories and intrigue of the private homes in the area. Because the spaces are privately owned, you won’t enter the buildings but you’re certain to get the spooky scoop.

You’ll learn about how Savannah is cursed by sorceress Alice Riley and about the Ouija board seance that liberated a haunted home that was once an orphanage. What about the Savannah locksmith family that outsmarted a Houdini imposter? These stories and more will thrill you!

Savannah Ghostwalker Tour

The Savannah Ghostwalker Tour offers an up close and personal “Ghost Hunters” experience. They guide you to the hot spots of paranormal activity. This is the Savannah Ghost Tour and Ghost Hunt Experience that is on everyone’s “Bucket List” when visiting Savannah.

This tour is limited in size to only 15 like minded individuals each night; no crowds on this tour. Patrick, the owner and tour guide, has been in Savannah for many years studying the ghosts and paranormal activity. He’ll even let you try his K2 EMF meters! Live Availability. Book Now!

Savannah Walking Ghost Tour

Bring the kids to the 7pm tour, but after that it’s adults only, which is considered 18+ yrs old. (Need something for everyone? Try their 2x daily fully-guided Bonaventure Cemetery Tours!)

There are no tours inside of the buildings, but you’ll find awesome and horrific stories to match your stops, which include places such as Hamilton-Turner Inn, the murderous Mercer Williams House, gangster stories from The Espy House, tales from The Old Savannah Jail, and more.

Escape The Haunted Room

Want to take a different kind of haunted tour? Try the Escape Room in Savannah. You’ll enter a Victorian-themed space where a girl and her cruel mother once lived. Discover the truth about what happened…if you can!

Small children are not allowed; over 12 yo is recommended. This isn’t a large chain – Escape Savannah is locally owned and operated, and employs quite the crew of talented artists and actors.

21+ Savannah Ghost Haunts

13 Ghost Haunted Tour

This tour is owned and operated by enthusiasts in Paranormal Research, Occult Studies, and Savannah History. It’s not your typical tour — expect to witness paranormal activity.

The Tour Guides are actual psychics and paranormal sensitives who love sharing their knowledge and experience with the public. The stories they share are collected from residents, visitors, and legends. Guests are all certain to discover something which fascinates their interests. And if you’re lucky the Ghosts of Savannah may even call out to you.

Plus – who doesn’t love an advisory like this one: This tour is gory and gruesome. No details are left out and this tour is not for the faint of heart. If you have a queasy stomach or if you truly do not wish to be frightened, DO NOT GO ON THIS TOUR. All of our Tour Guides are actual psychics and not actors playing a role. Live Availability. Book Here!

Ghost City Pub Crawl

Take a walk through four of Savannah’s most haunted pubs. Hear the tales, and enjoy exclusive drink specials while you visit.

Stop at the 17Hundred90 Inn and Bar, where the cook was once known to master voodoo, and The Olde Pink House is said to be one of Savannah’s most haunted drinkeries…just to name a few.

Drinks are not included in the price, but you’ll more than make up for the cost of the tour and insightful stories with the drink specials offered.

Haunted Savannah Ghost Tours

This 21+ tour includes both haunted historical stops and a few pubs, making it the perfect mix of spirits. You’ll also love the mix of paranormal stories and intrigue.

Bringing the kids on the next visit? Spectral Savannah’s family tour overflows with stories of sad, tragic and creepy residents of the past…and how their spirits still linger today. Do the adult tour first, then come back with the kids on your next Savannah adventure.

Spirits and Scoundrels Ghost Tour

This tour is completely uncensored, with stories of murder, suicide, ritual sacrifice, and voodoo. You’ll also learn about the occult influence in this historic city and even a few modern-day ghosts.

What’s great about the tour guides here is that they are super knowledgeable and hilarious, so you’ll be scared to death and laughing hard – at the same time!

The Zombie Tour

This adult-only tour will spook you! Zombies? Yes! These aren’t stories from The Walking Dead…these are stories about the spirits of the Low Country – the ORIGINAL zombies of hoodoo lore.

You’ll learn about the Gullah/Geechee cultures and their spirits, and the story behind the Mercer Williams House haunts.

Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Tour

Plan to hit up 4-5 pubs depending on the crowd size, starting at the Irish Six Pence Pub. You won’t be staying up at night because of the stories told, but they are very interesting.

It’s a great way to make new friends, explore some pubs, and hear about the haunted history of Savannah. High energy guides are the draw here.

Savannah’s Original Midnight Tour

Only available Fridays and Saturdays, this popular ghost tour includes some unique paranormal adventures.

Each stop gets progressively creepier, with stories about human possession, vampires, remote viewing, morgue tunnels and more. I also love the stories about Savannah’s Masonic civil planning.

Pirates! Courtesy of Visit Savannah

Pirate Shenanigans For Everyone

Lest the pirate spirits get jealous, we should mention there are plenty of buccaneer antics in Savannah, as well! Here are a few of our favorites.

The Pirates’ House Restaurant

Be sure to make reservations for dinner at The Pirates’ House, whether you’re with kids or not. The food is delicious, and we hung on every word of the staff’s stories of hauntings and daring pirates.

After dinner and drinks, don’t skip a tour of the house with a pirate and a visit to the gift shop upstairs.

Tybee Island Pirate Fest

Each October, Savannah’s Beach – Tybee Island – welcomes pirates from across the country to three days of pirate festivities.

Kids 12 and younger are free, with a special petting zoo/bouncy house area just for them. Other entertainment includes music, a pirates parade, and Thieves Market.

Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum

If the scalawag in your bunch loves the high seas, then take them to theShips of the Sea Maritime Museum where they can see sensational models of nine ships representing Savannah’s history. All the boats, including a model of The Titanic, are built to a scale of 3/8″ = 1′.

Escape From Pirate Island

You read about the Haunted Escape Room – now it’s time to try to Escape From Pirate Island! Join a boisterous crew of pirates at a tavern, and try to escape before they make you walk the plank. Kids 12+

Want more fun? Try these Ghost Tours in New Orleans!

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When I say, "Ghosts," Savannah, Ga is the first place that comes to mind, right? No one knows exactly why the spirits congregate here in such large quantities. Maybe it's the Native American burial ground the lies beneath the city. Maybe it's the bloodshed of battle-upon-battle as new settlers tried to claim this prestigious piece of land. Maybe it's a tale of two loves...where the spirits find just as much pleasure in watching us as we have in trying to see them. Luckily, that's not a mystery we must solve in order to appreciate and enjoy their antics.

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