Medieval Times Atlanta: 15+ Secrets to an Amazing Knight

Time travel to far off kingdoms at Medieval Times Atlanta. Enjoy knighting ceremonies, jousting competitions, awesome sword fights, and of course a lot of feasting. We’ve got your guide about what to expect at  Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Turn a good night into a great knight with these tips.

Medieval Times DInner and Tournament - 15+ Tips for a great KnightMedieval Times Atlanta Dinner and Tournament

The Atlanta Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is located in Sugarloaf Mills Mall. Atlanta is one of nine Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament castles around the country. As you park in the mall parking lot, the imposing castle gets you into the mood. Unfortunately, there is no outside entrance, so guests must break the spell and head into the mall to enter the castle. The theming would be more complete if guests could cross the drawbridge into the castle from outside.

Medieval Times Atlanta preshow is worth getting there early.

The pre-show includes an up close look at a Peregrine Falcon. Falconry was very popular in Medieval Times

Medieval Times Atlanta Tournament

Once inside the castle, there is a carnival atmosphere befitting an ancient tournament. Vendors sell their wares, beverages are available for purchase and a large roaring fire beckons attendees to sit and enjoy the ambiance. Show staff entertain with information and an up close look at the show falcon. The King himself is available for photos and performs the knighting ceremony for an additional fee.

Visit the dungeon museum for a look at Medieval torture devices, it’s $1 to get in and another $1 to get out. Explanations of how each device was used accompanies the piece. It was bit much for my 7 year-old who left half-way through. I admit, it was quite disturbing, but a part of history all the same.

Medieval Times Atlanta has lots of excitement from beginning to end.

The Medieval Times Atlanta show had my kids cheering, even the teen. Photo provided by Medieval Times

Medieval Times Atlanta Tournament and Show

The show itself offers lots of excitement. It opens with a mesmerizing performance by a horse at liberty, performing without rider or human touch, setting the scene for the enchanting journey ahead.  A daunting visitor from the North challenges King Carlos, testing his loyalty to his family and his daughter, the lovely Princess Catalina.

The battle of champions ensues, with one knight being named victor for his defense of the realm from the unwanted visitor.  The victor selects one lucky lady from the audience as the tournament’s Queen of Love and Beauty, and each of the six knights selects one queen of the tournament, making life-long memories for several audience members.

Cheering and revelry is encouraged, and your family will leave feeling a sense of loyalty for your esteemed knight of the realm. My son is still quite loyal to the Red and Yellow Knight, although on our last adventure, we cheered on the Red Knight.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

My husband enjoyed an excuse to say wench as much as possible. Your ticket price does not include gratuity, so bring a tip for your wench.

The scenes are well choreographed and at some points you can tell, but it doesn’t matter, the action is real and always exciting. The older boys were curious about the weapons used at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Knights showcase six different Medieval weapons including: a lance, espada, mandoble, alabarda, bola and mace. They’re real weapons, but dull blades ensure they don’t kill anyone.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament: 15+ Tips for a great Knight

More Tips for a Great Knight at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

  • Celebrate a Medieval Times Birthday: As long as you are purchasing at least two tickets, you can get in free during your birthday month. That’s quite a savings and a fun way to celebrate.
  • Get There Early: The doors open 90 minutes before the show. Plan to get there within that first half hour, earlier for busy Saturday shows. Tickets are exchanged at the entrance for seat assignments and these are handed out in a first-come, first-served fashion. Seats are given by knight color and then row number.
  • Where to Sit: The center seats are the Black and White and the Red and Yellow. The stadium is rather small, so there isn’t necessarily a bad seat, but if you want the 50 yard line, you want to be in these two sections. The section is the color on your seat assignment, the number corresponds to the row within that section.
  • Get a Royal Upgrade: The first two rows are reserved for those that purchase the Royalty Upgrade. However, if there are no Royalty Upgrades, they’ll fill theses seats on a first-come, first-served basis as well. The best chance to get the Royalty seats without paying for the upgrade is on a Friday or Sunday show.
  • Entering the Arena: Once you have your section and row number, there is no need to race into the arena to get your seats. The sections are divided by rows and the number on your card is your row. Each row has 17 seats and those 17 seats are seated first-come,-first-served, but like church, you’re going to be asked to move to the end of the row and fill in.
  • Medieval Times Menu: The food is fine, kid friendly, and there is plenty of it. Eating with your hands adds to the experience and they make sure to serve messy chicken and saucy ribs. Afterwards you are provided with a hot towel to clean up.
  • If you are a vegetarian or have special food allergies, let the staff of Medieval Times Atlanta know when you book your tickets and they can make accommodations for you.
  • Drinks: Beverage options are water, Pepsi, or tea. If you’re child doesn’t want either, bring a juice box or two. There is a huge bar that serves both adult and kiddie cocktails. A beer was $6.50 in a normal glass or you could purchase it in a commemorative stein for $18.
  • Free Under 3: Children under three can sit on your lap for free if they eat off your plate. Depending on your appetite, that could be a fine solution, portions really are large
  • Utensils: One of the attractions of Medieval Times Atlanta is eating with your hands. If you just can’t handle that, they will offer utensils if you ask. With so much action going on in front of you, some small folks forget about eating. If that’s the case, ask for a to-go box so you’ve got something to feed the kids when they pronounce they’re hungry as soon as you get to the car.
  • Remember Gratuity: Gratuity is not included in your ticket price, so have some cash on hand to tip your wench at the end of the night. As a general rule, folks normally tip between $2.50 and $5.00 per person.
  • Celebrate: Upon arrival everyone gets their picture taken with the King and Princess. These photos are an additional $20 and include a hard cover frame. If you’d like to be knighted, the cost is $25 and includes the ceremony, a photograph with the King, a scroll and an announcement during the show. If you have another special occasion to celebrate, ask about announcing your occasion during the show.
  • Pre-show Free Fun: Once you get your seat assignment, you are welcome to go shop in the mall and return right before showtime or hang out in the pre-show area. For the full experience, I would recommend taking in the pre-show festivities. Be warned, there are LOTS of opportunities to spend a lot more money during the 90 minutes before the tournament. If that’s within your budget, great, if not, a little preparation with the kids is advised. Free entertainment includes a close up view of Kratos the owl and an up close look at the Peregrine falcon from the show. The knighting ceremony is fun to watch as well. We also enjoyed shopping, although we didn’t buy anything, the merchandise was quite different and fun to peruse. We also enjoyed taking pictures with the various costumed staff.
  • The Dungeon Museum The museum showcases Medieval torture devices (you could call it Medevil Times) and was quite interesting and a reasonable $1 to get in (and then another $1 to get out). Explanations of how each device was used accompanies the piece. However, it was bit much for my 7 year-old who left half-way through. I admit, it was quite disturbing, yet interesting all at the same time.
  • Shopping: The gift shop at Medival Times Dinner & Tournament is quite impressive. If I were a child, I’d be angling for a princess hat or costume. My youngest was quite taken with the toy swords and shields. The older ones were drawn to the real swords and shields. We don’t generally purchase souvenirs, but I’d come back here to get a holiday or birthday present for a child who likes to dress up. Especially boys. It’s gotten easier, but it’s still hard to find fun dress up clothes for little guys. Here you can outfit them as a knight or a king quite easily. Princesses have an array of hats and capes to choose from. Swords start at $10. Shields $15. Tiaras start at $7.95.
Shopping at Medieval Times Atlanta

Toy weapons and shields for sale are part of the carnival atmosphere in the pre-show area. Real swords and shields are also available.

Other Medieval Times locations

Medieval Times Atlanta isn’t the only castle and tournament. There are quite a few others around the country. Here is a complete list. Visit the Medieval Times website for more information or to purchase tickets for each location.

  • Medieval Times Texas: Medieval Times Dallas TX
  • Medieval Times NJ: Medieval Times Lyndhurst
  • Medieval Times Florida: Medieval Times Orlando
  • Medieval Times SC: Medieval Times Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Medieval Times Illinois: Medieval Times Chicago
  • Medieval Times California: Medieval Times Buena Park CA
  • Medieval Times Md: Medieval Times Baltimore

Medieval Times Coupons

Sometimes you can find a Medieval Times Groupon, but your best bet to save money or find Medieval Times coupons is by looking on the website. They’ll announce special offers there.

Junior Knight Training at Medieval Times Atlanta

It’s never too early to start teaching children a little chivalry. However, that’s not what Junior Knight training at Medieval Times Atlanta is about. Junior Knight training at Medieval Times is about weapons! Perfect for my kids. This special knight training class is only available at certain times of the year and for certain shows.

Children must be between the ages of 5 and 12 to participate. Space is limited and training is available on a first-come, first-served basis for the first 100 kids. Training is open to both boys and girls. Closed-toe shoes are required to participate. If you are interested, contact Medieval Times Atlanta to ask when the next Junior Knight training will take place. 

Spend a Good Knight at the Hampton Inn, Lawrenceville

I’m not sure who was more excited to experience the Hampton Inn, Lawrenceville Good Knight package, my son, my dad, or me. The idea of making a trip back to Medieval Times an overnight staycation was exciting. After all, if you are going back several hundred years, you want to stay awhile and make the most of it.

It was also something that my 85-year-old dad could enjoy with my boys. He loves hearing about our field trips and I know he’d be even more excited to come along, but it’s hard for someone of his age to go zip lining and hiking and he doesn’t really have any interest in traipsing around a hot theme park all day. This was an event that everyone could enjoy and I had fun watching my dad talk about his time on the road as a salesman and cheer on the Red Knight with my boys.

The Hampton Inn, Lawrenceville Good Knight Package

Medieval Times Hotel Hampton Inn, Lawrenceville

Entering the Hampton Inn we were greeted by a real knight.

The Hampton Inn Good Knight package includes a fully themed hotel room with purple accents, a tunic and sword (you get to keep) and a toy castle and knights on horseback to play with during your stay (you don’t get to keep the toys). If you have a princess instead of a knight, they can switch out the sword for “an appropriately themed item.”

The package also includes two Royalty tickets to the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. These are upgraded tickets that include preferred seating, commemorative program, and cheering banner. 

What we Thought of the Hampton Inn Good Knight Package

Playing with the Medieval Toys at the Medieval Times room at the Hampton Inn, Lawrenceville.

The boys favorite part of the package was the toy knights and horses. (you don’t get to keep these, but can play with them in the room.)

My son was thrilled with the room. He was thrilled with the castle and knights and immediately began playing with them. Even my 13-year-old was excited about the toys and they had some heated battles. I had to laugh when I heard “oh, no, this doesn’t look good” and the next thing I know a knight is flying across the room.

Of course the sword was a big hit, but I wish they’d give you two. How can you have a sword fight with only one sword? It was kind of pitiful to watch my 85 year-old father looking around for another sword so he could play too. I ended up purchasing another one at the show for $10 so the kids could have a real sword fight when we got back. The package also comes with a tunic. Back in the day my boys would have LOVED the tunic, but at 9, and 13 years-old, they’re a little old.

Sword play in the Medieval Times room at the Hampton Inn, Lawrenceville

The Good Knight package comes with one sword. I wish we had two for a real battle. This seems a bit unfair.

The Hampton Inn, Sugarloaf Hotel

I was very impressed with the Hampton Inn, Sugarloaf. The property has been there for about 10 years, but received a total renovation in March of 2013. They did a really nice job. The rooms are fairly standard and include comfortable beds, a mini-fridge and microwave. I was excited to find a USB port to charge my phone, since I had forgotten the plug.

The Medieval Times room at the Hampton Inn, Lawrenceville

The Good Knight Package includes a themed room with toy knights and castle (to play with in the room) plus items to keep – either a sword and tunic or tiara.

My favorite part of the Hampton Inn Sugarloaf was the outdoor areas. In addition to a nice sized outdoor pool, they have an outdoor eating area with a gas grill and an outdoor fireplace with a TV. The designers did a nice job, as you really feel like you’re sitting in a courtyard, vs. next to the parking lot. It’s the perfect place to relax after a hard day jousting.

What would make the Hampton Inn Good Knight Package Even Better

The Hampton Inn Good Knight Package is a great way to extend a fun evening at Medieval Times and make it a special occasion. To make the experience even more fun, my kids suggested a few upgrades to the room. Mainly, they wanted to see a truly themed room that felt like sleeping in a castle. Maybe it includes tapestries on the walls or bunk beds that looked like a castle. The room had several fun extensions like purple towels and pillows, a Medieval Times note pad and even a themed Do Not Disturb sign, but I think with a little creative thinking, they could go a bit further. I’m sure the challenge is doing something that can convert to a regular room, but it would be so awesome if it didn’t have to convert and it was truly like staying in a castle.


My favorite part of the Hampton Inn is this outdoor fireplace. A great place to relax before or after the show. The outdoor pool is just beyond those gates.


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