4 Colorado Springs Waterfalls You Don’t Want To Miss

My family loves nothing more on a hike than to discover a waterfall at the end! It keeps you motivated during difficult climbs and makes the perfect spot for lunch and a cool mist from the falls before you finish your hike.

Colorado Springs has several beautiful waterfalls that you can visit. Here are four of our favorite Colorado Springs waterfalls not to miss on your getaway to the area.

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Helen Hunt Falls

Located in North Cheyenne Cañon Park, these falls are named for author Helen Hunt Jackson and are popular with hikers. It’s a great activity for families, as it’s a relatively easy climb up the side of the falls with a great reward of awesome views.

To access the falls, you’ll need to drive about 2.5 miles into the park on North Cheyenne Canyon Park and look for a sign indicating waterfall parking. At a large trailhead, hikers can head to the base of the falls or continue to the top, which is just a short hike and which offers fantastic canyon vistas.

St. Mary’s Falls

Past Helen Hunt Falls is a trailhead for St. Mary’s Falls located in Pike National Forest and also a very popular hike. Slightly more strenuous, it’s about 3 miles to reach the falls from the parking lot, and you will follow the trail up and over a closed railroad tunnel and along a creek to the falls.

You can also horseback ride along this trail, and more advanced hikers may continue on the trail past the falls to Mount Rosa.

Broadmoor Seven Falls

If you decide to see Broadmoor Seven Falls, you’ll be looking at the only Colorado waterfall to ever make National Geographic’s list of international wonders. This waterfall challenges you to take 224 steps up the crashing water.

The falls drop 180 feet and pools in seven different areas all within a 1,250-foot-wall box canyon set between two rocks called the “Pillars of Hercules.” If you make it to the top, you’ll find even more hiking trails and streams that feed into the falls.

For even more adventure and superb views, you can zipline over Seven Falls or try your footing along rope bridges. During the winter season for holiday festivities, multi-colored lights illuminate the falls each evening.

Another unique option is the nearby Restaurant 1858, which offers Colorado cuisine in a rustic setting inspired by the mining era. You can even dine al fresco near the waterfall.

Rainbow Falls

Set in the quirky yet charming Manitou Springs area, Rainbow Falls is a small series of falls over 5 acres. Once inhabited by a Ute Indian tribe who believed the falls were a special place, Rainbow Falls is said to be named from the rainbow that appears in the spray.

Be sure to check out the historic 1932 Highway 24 Bridge that leads into Manitou Springs and which is listed on the National Register of Historic Bridges. You’ll also find picnic tables, interpretive displays and a parking lot to access the falls.

If you love waterfalls, you’ll find your fill in Colorado Springs. Don’t forget to snap some photos, as waterfalls always make for great pictures.

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4 Colorado Springs Waterfalls You Don't Want To Miss! Colorado Springs has several beautiful waterfalls that you can visit. Here are four of our favorite Colorado Springs waterfalls.

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