The Perfect Broadmoor Restaurants for the Occasion (+4 Bonuses)

What makes a resort restaurant stand out? In my mind, it’s when the locals head there too, and that is precisely the case with the Broadmoor restaurants.

There are 20 dining experiences in all at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. Everything from poolside café to the Forbes Five-Star AAA Five Diamond Penrose Room, named after Broadmoor founder Spencer Penrose.

The Perfect Broadmoor Restaurants for the Occasion (+4 Bonuses)
Ristorante del Lago. Photo by The Broadmoor

The Perfect Broadmoor Restaurants for the Occasion (+4 Bonuses)

With so many options, we thought we’d break the Broadmoor restaurants down into our favorites for quick bites, casual stops, family favorites, romantic escapes, adult fun, and sweet endings. Plus we’ve added a few culinary centered bonuses too.

Broadmoor Restaurants
Natural Epicurean photo by The Broadmoor

Quick Stops for Bites and Snacks

Looking for something to grab and go? Have special dietary restrictions? Just want a casual eatery with a good view? Here are our Broadmoor restaurant picks.

Natural Epicurean. Natural Epicurean targets the health conscious diner with organic ingredients, vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. I don’t follow any of those diets, and this would still be my choice for a quick bite with or without the kids. You can find pastries, grab and go items, or watch chefs create your order in the open kitchen. Sit at tables, a bar area or on the outdoor patio.

The Grille. With great views of the Broadmoor golf course, the Grille is an excellent casual dining area with big portions and a variety of pub fare including the “OMG I can’t believe this is healthy” Hiker’s Salad that I enjoyed so much I asked for the recipe (keep reading, we’ve included it in this post). My husband had the burger which was also good and the beef comes from the Denver ranch of The Broadmoor owner Philip Anschutz.

The Perfect Broadmoor Restaurants for the Occasion (+4 Bonuses)
My delicious hiker’s salad.

Broadmoor Restaurants with Sit-Down Service That Understands Families

All the restaurants at The Broadmoor welcome children and you’ll find kids menus, high chairs and activity sheets available for the kids. However, the following two dining room experiences will ensure the adults can have a good time with the kids in tow.

Play at the Broadmoor. This is definitely the place for families. In addition to a kid-friendly, yet adult worthy menu, Play also has bowling lanes, shuffleboard, foosball, playstation and pool.

Even though we didn’t have our kids with us, we found ourselves at Play looking for a shuffleboard competition and watching lacrosse at the bar. The menu includes kid friendly item like smash burger type hamburgers, as well as more sophisticated fare like a caprese salad, and ahi tuna crudo.

Café 1858. Cafe 1858 is located at the base of Seven Falls, a Rock CityRuby Falls type of attraction that has been welcoming visitors since the early 1880s. You might expect this to be a fast-casual type of place given that it is at the base of an attraction, but the food here is similar to the Grille, in fact they had my favorite Hiker’s Salad here too.

Ristorante del Lago. The Broadmoor’s Italian concept, Ristorante del Lago takes you back to the Old World. Feeling a little grown up, I ordered an appetizer instead of holding out for dessert. The Antipasti Misti came highly recommended, and they even let me do a half order so I could try everything. This chef’s selection of formaggi and salumi comes straight from the restaurant’s aging room, and you can taste the freshness.

Bar del Lago. For the kids, there is a wood fired pizza oven that uses apple, cherry and maple wood. Reservations are required for the dining room, but you can order from the same menu at the adjacent Bar del Lago where you can eat inside or out on the patio.

Afterwards, purchase a s’more kit from the bar and head to the large fire-pit outside.

The Perfect Broadmoor Restaurants for the Occasion (+4 Bonuses)
The patio at La Taverne. Photo by the Broadmoor

Superb Selections for Romantic Dining

I’m sure no one would argue that the most romantic Broadmoor restaurant would be the Penrose Room. It’s Colorado’s only Forbes Five Star, AAA Five Diamond restaurant and it sits on the top floor with stunning views of the resort and the mountain range.

However, I think restaurants this nice would be lost on me, so my choice for romantic evening (and a little dancing afterward if you do that sort of thing) is La Taverne.

La Taverne. This classic steakhouse has a beautiful garden room that is totally enclosed, but lush and inviting. We each ordered one of the hand-cut prime steaks, although we weren’t adventurous enough to try the Wagyu beef, which is raised exclusively for The Broadmoor at a ranch in Colorado.

The side of green beans with smoked bacon was a perfect accompaniment and there was plenty to share. Although I had been eyeing the gorgeous baked Alaska at a neighboring table when we walked in, I decided to hold off for one of my Julie’s chocolates (more about that later).

Bottle Alley. Make sure you check out the bottle alley next to LaTaverne. When renovating The Broadmoor workers found a vault used during Prohibition to store then owner Spencer Penrose’s liquor and wine. They found more than 200 bottles, which are now on display.

Broadmoor restaurants - The Golden Bee
The Bar at the Golden Bee. Photo by The Broadmoor

Broadmoor Restaurants for Late Night Adult Fun

There is no shortage of bars at The Broadmoor and there are several places to sip a cocktail in a comfy chair in front of a roaring fireplace. In fact, the Broadmoor has eight public fireplaces throughout the resort, (and 50 sleeping room fireplaces) some are elegant, some ornate and others just cozy. In addition there are fire pits scattered around perfect for roasting s’mores.  The best fireplace is located outside of The Hotel Bar, in fact, it is the only remaining fireplace from the original hotel. But if you’d rather join a bigger party, here is what we suggest.

Golden Bee. For something a little less refined, walk out the doors of the main hotel, a few blocks down Lake Avenue, and you’ll find the Golden Bee, a piano bar that has song booklets on the table so you can sing along, in between sips from the yards of beer they serve. This lively bar is a favorite of Colorado Springs locals too, at least that was the word from our fly fishing guide, and the gentlemen next to us at the bar.

Broadmoor Restaurants - Cafe Julie
Pastries from Cafe Julie. Photo by The Broadmoor

For your Sweet Tooth

Every one of the restaurants at The Broadmoor Hotel make some of the desserts on the menu on-site. For instance, at Cloud Camp, they made the most A.MAZ.ING cinnamon rolls that were served hot in an iron skillet. I’ll be dreaming about those for quite a while. They also offered other desserts that were made at the main bakery for the resort, but be sure to ask about each restaurants in-house specialty, they all have them.

Café Julie’s. This is our pick for the true sweet hound. This newly opened Parisian Pasteirre is named after the matriarch of The Broadmoor Julie Penrose. The standout here is the on site luxury chocolatier. The kitchen is located behind glass so you can watch them making these delicious bites of heaven. The day we visited, they had molds ready to make chocolate sculptures for that Sunday’s Mother’s Day brunch. They also have homemade gelato, and believe it or not this ice cream lover never tried it. The chocolates just kept calling.

The Perfect Broadmoor Restaurants for the Occasion (+4 Bonuses)

Four Broadmoor Restaurant Bonuses

Chocolate Making Classes. With such a great chocolate kitchen, they should probably do classes right? Since the kitchen is so new, they don’t have anything specific…yet, but it’s coming. In the meantime if you are interested, just inquire about setting up an experience for either yourself or a group.  The chocolatier is all to happy to show off the new chocolate room.

Cooking Club at Cloud Camp. During our stay at Cloud Camp, we participated in cooking club, which has been a tradition at the Broadmoor in one form or another since the beginning. Our event took us into the kitchen with Chef Jonathon who showed us how to make a delicious asparagus soup (and make sure it stays a vibrant green color), as well as a bernaise sauce that my husband and son had failed at previously – they now have what they need to try it again. Ask at the main hotel about upcoming cooking classes.

Request Recipes. Below are a few of my favorite recipes from our stay. If you find something you really love, ask for the recipe, the chef’s are more than happy to email it to you, just give them some time as they are normally in the kitchen, not at the computer.

Broadmoor Farms Tour. The Broadmoor Chef’s have access to an on-property produce garden. Ask about a visit to Broadmoor Farms to learn about the vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers grown at the Broadmoor. Then find out from Lorri Voss, Broadmoor Horticulturist how chefs decide what to plant, as well as when and how to harvest the bounty.

Our Favorite Broadmoor Restaurants Recipes

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There are 20 dining experiences at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. This post breaks them out so you know the perfect Broadmoor restaurants for special occasions to casual dining. (+ 4 amazing food related activities)
Green Chili Mac n' Cheese from the Broadmoor Restaurants
Green Chili Mac n' Cheese recipe from the Broadmoor Restaurants at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO, plus the scoop on the best Broadmoor restaurants for any occasion.

Thank you to the Broadmoor for hosting my husband and me for the purpose of this review. However, please know we only recommend places we truly love, and this is one of them.