5 Things You Need To Know About Zoo Atlanta’s New Treetop Trail

Zoo Atlanta‘s new Treetop Trail encourages you “walk on the wild side!” It’s an aerial adventure with ladders, bridges, nets, tightrope-style walking…and so much more! The boys and I ventured there and are ready to report back the entire scoop! Here are five things you need to know about this new Zoo Atlanta attraction.

treetop trail

It’s open to “all ages” but…

There are no height or age restrictions to partake in the Treetop Trail fun, but you must be able to safely fit in the harness. I spoke with the staff, and they told me that the youngest they’ve seen up on the ropes was a very tall 3yo. My youngest is an average-sized 4.5 yr old, and he had to stretch his abilities in order to do everything.

Kids under 48″ tall (like my 4 yo) will need an adult with them to help them through the course. There were some areas where he was a little scared and wanted to hold my hand across…other areas where we almost ran with glee. Since he is shorter, we stayed on the lower level with the easier aerial obstacles.

Cooper is 48.5″ tall, so he was  just barely able to play “without mom” but he did get stuck in a few places because he wasn’t tall enough/strong enough to push the connector through the track. No worries – the staff were on spot to help him in no-time. And after a while, he seemed to figure it out and didn’t need any additional help.

I should note that there are no age restrictions on BOTH ends of the spectrum. Adults will have a great time on the Treetop Trail, also! I loved it!!

There are two sections

The lower section is called SkyTrail…the upper section is called SkyRail and it includes a short zipline. It’s unlike any I’ve seen, with really cool take-off and landing pads.

In order to take flight on SkyRail, kiddos have to be 48″ tall…even with assistance, shorter children are not permitted.

The SkyTrail ropes courses are challenging! My 8 yo was not able to do everything…and he was a little afraid of climbing to the top level. It was still fun for him (TONS of fun!) and worth the cost, but be prepared that your kiddo might be a little timid.

Adventures last about 30 minutes

There is not a set “path” through the Treetop Trail. Climbers are welcome to explore in any direction they want to – left, right, up or down. So how do you know when you’re done? The staff gives you about 30 minutes of exploring time.

If there are not very many people, they may be a little forgiving, but if you’re visiting during peak hours (with a line waiting) then expect them to be more strict about your time being up.

Pictures and Wallets

There is a great platform to wait for your kiddos and taking pictures. The aerial park is over the playground in the Kid Zone of the park, so heading into the playground and looking UP is another great photo option.

You cannot, however, take your camera on the ropes course for photos or video because of the proximity over the playground. If something were to fall out of your pockets or hands, it could spell trouble below.

So, on the course: no phones, cameras, keys, wallets…NOTHING can be in your pockets. While I was there, I stored my camera bag and purse on the cart that holds the harnesses. The staff was there to keep an eye on it (and they were not busy) but they are not responsible for any missing items. So, if that concerns you, make sure you leave someone behind to watch your things.

It is open NOW!

Yup – it’s open for everyone NOW…just in time for Spring Break and Summer Fun! It’s also right near the front of the park…just take a quick right after you head through the tickets booth.

The course is an add-on item to your Zoo ticket, and is NOT included as part of the All-Rides Wristband or Fun Pass. It’s $13.95 for non-members and $10.95 for members…and it is definitely worth it! The boys are already asking to go back again!

Disclosure: Thanks to Zoo Atlanta for offering us tickets to try out Treetop Trail for this review. As you can see from the boys’ reactions in the video – they hype is REAL! We loved it!

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