Swimply Review: Why It’s Really Cool To Swim at a Stranger’s House (+ Discount Link)

Right up there for most ubiquitous four words uttered in the last ten years has to be, “It’s the Airbnb of….”  You know what I’m talking about. It’s like this. “Have you heard of Storagly?  It’s the Airbnb of closets!”

One of these tropes I heard recently made me perk up and listen.  A company called Swimply — and (wait for it) –it’s the Airbnb of swimming pools.  And do you know what?  It’s a pretty darn cool idea.  We had a chance to try one out recently, and we wanted to share our Swimply review.  Read below for our thoughts, tips and tricks on our first, but not last, Swimply escape. 

But before you beat me to it, a business does exist called neighbor.com.  Essentially the Airbnb of closets…. (Ha!)  Don’t mind me – please read on anyway.


Swimply Review: Why It’s Really Cool To Swim at a Stranger’s House (+ Discount Link)
This one is in Jonesboro, but seems worth the drive.

We don’t all have pools.  We don’t all want pools.  We don’t all need pools.  We certainly can’t all afford and/or accommodate pools. And let’s be honest, if we did all have pools, a good number of us wouldn’t get the use out of the pool to justify the cost for construction and upkeep.  Enter Swimply.

Swimply offers hourly rentals on all shapes and sizes of outdoor and indoor pools in your area.  It’s all done through a website/app, and the beauty of the system is the ease of use.  Much like one of the pioneers of this industry, Swimply takes advantage of bulk insurance contracts to protect the liability and safety of both owners and renters.  This makes the whole process not just possible, but seamless and quite affordable.

As a reminder, these are private pools. And as such, they are great for private parties or events. The Swimply hosts we talked to had guests booking for everything from birthday parties, to Instagram photo shoots, to rap videos, to huge galas with 150 guests.  But don’t let deter you from booking for a small, family swim.  That’s what we did and it was a total win.

Go ahead and search Swimply.com for pools in your area.  You’ll find that every pool has a minimum price per hour for a maximum number of guests.  The maximum is usually 4, 5 or 6 for a base price, with an option to add guests for an additional fee per hour.  Some rentals offer amenities such as tennis, pickleball, trampolines, hot tubs and BBQ grills, for which you may or may not incur additional fees.  

There’s usually a wide range of pool options at widely varying prices. 

Here’s some examples in the Atlanta metro that are all currently less than $100 an hour, plus a 14-15% service fee. (Note – if you’re interested in using Swimply be sure to use this special link to sign up which will get you $25 off on your first rental.)


Swimply Review: Why It’s Really Cool To Swim at a Stranger’s House (+ Discount Link)

As an example, here’s a pretty fine looking pool with a grotto in Roswell for around $65/hr. Check details and availability here.

This saltwater pool allows 5 guests, has dedicated parking and a restroom, and features a waterfall, night lighting, a large shallow area, a tanning edge, and a shaded area when you need a break from the sun.


Swimply Review: Why It’s Really Cool To Swim at a Stranger’s House (+ Discount Link)

We’re currently out west and searched for a pool in the Denver area.  We were thrilled to find this beauty just south of Denver in a small town called Foxfield. It’s a very private location amongst beautiful homes and sunshine.  It currently goes for around $80-$95/hr depending on weekday vs weekend for up to 5 guests. It’s $12/hr per extra guest after that.

This particular pool rental came with a quite impressive pool-house that included a TV and restroom. Don’t expect amenities like this with all Swimply rentals, though.  In fact, don’t expect it with many.  Remember, you’re usually not renting the house – just the pool. 

Our rental pool was really luxurious and heated!  It was heated to about 85 degrees, which was a nice to have in the Denver area.  Waterfalls cascaded over one of the sides. It also featured one of those weird old-timey things called a diving board.  Ever heard of this contraption? (I joke.)

We were also left a nice little ice bucket with waters and soda. It was a great touch. Our hosts didn’t do this because it’s in the contract – it was just a classy thing to do.   

The pool came with a lot of toys – and pretty large toys at that.  Our boys had a ton of fun balancing, and (dare I say) playing a little chicken with each other on the floats.  There were also a number of water guns that sure came in handy. 

We also had at our disposal several lounge chairs and other seating all around the pool, some in shade and some in beautiful sunshine. We spent a good amount of time lounging and basking in the sunlight, listening to music on the provided (massive) bluetooth sound system, and munching on watermelon and other snacks that we brought with us.

This pool was incredibly private and inviting .  Honestly, we wished we’d spent a little more than the 2 hours we booked.  The next time we’re planning on a 3-4 hour stay and making use of the available grill, which is available for a small extra fee.


Swimply Review: Why It’s Really Cool To Swim at a Stranger’s House (+ Discount Link)


Many types and results vary depending on your area.  A quick search of the site will uncover outdoor pools, indoor pools, heated pools, seasonal pools, cabanas, diving boards, slides, grottos, grills, pool tables, etc, etc, etc.  

There’s a wide range on the pricing. Some pools have a two-hour minimum, so keep an eye out for that.


While experiences certainly may vary, our Swimply stay was very private and not weird at all. Our host, the pool owner, met us in the driveway, gave us a walkthrough and instructions, and then left us alone to enjoy the pool.  If you have any questions or concerns, Swimply encourages you to contact the host and ask away.


Check the description in Swimply.  Some hosts make a restroom available, which may or may not be in the private residence.  In my unscientific perusing,  most pools have this option.  After all – if you gotta go you gotta go.  Just don’t count on it unless you check the listing beforehand. 


Generally, cancellations are free up to 24 hours in advance. During your swim, if bad weather becomes an issue, then talk to your host about rescheduling. Swimply recommends working in increments of 20 minutes when arranging for making up lost time. If you can’t come to an agreement with the owner, just call Swimply for a partial refund.


First, be sure to use some of the many filters available when choosing the best pool for you.  Filtering options currently include location and date (obvi), price, heated/non heated, grill, fire pit, hot tub, bathroom, water slide, saltwater, chlorine, ADA options, and more.  

Next, communicate with your host or intended host early and as much as needed.  Be sure to read the reviews!


This depends.  We booked for 2 hours and wished we had done a bit more.  Three hours probably would have been ideal, and more if we wanted to grill.  If you’re looking to host a birthday, you may want at least 4 hours.  If you booked a small above ground pool, you may want less.  Plan accordingly.


Maybe you should.  It depends on your budget and what you want to do.  But, remember, if you’d like to host a small party, a lot of Airbnb’s discourage that.  Price is certainly a factor as well.  Renting some of these pool options for a few hours can still be a lot cheaper than overnight house with a pool – especially the swanky pools that you find on Swimply.

(You want to see Swanky?? Check out this number in Los Angeles. Go ahead… look thru the photos and then tell me you don’t want to book an airline ticket right this second!)


Yes! We have a $25 discount off your first rental if you sign up here. You’ll find Swimply in the United States, Canada and Australia, and you’re welcome to use that discount code in any of those locations.


Of course we will. This service seems to fill a clear a need out there, evident in its increasing popularity. We’re a fairly active family and spend a lot of time doing a lot active adventures. Joining a public pool in a set area of the city just doesn’t always make sense for us. But to have this option as a means to get away on occasion in a private location, whether it be for a birthday party, or just a fun afternoon in the sun. That’s something we can really dive into.


Was Swimply on Shark Tank?

Yes, Swimply appeared on Shark Tank in March of 2020! In the episode, all the Sharks declined, but shortly thereafter Swimply became really popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, and has done well even without their investment.

Where does Swimply operate?

Swimply currently operates in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Where do people use the restroom on Swimply?

As we mentioned above, a lot of the pools listed offer a bathroom for use — but you’ll want to make sure before you book. Hosts who provide bathrooms are 80% more likely to get bookings than hosts without bathrooms. 75% of the hosts do offer access to a bathroom within their homes, whether it be through a side door, basement or primary entrance.


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Swimply Review: Why It’s Really Cool To Swim at a Stranger’s House (+ Discount Link)