Legoland Pirate Hotel Q&A (It Really Is the Best!)

Shiver me timbers! Legoland Florida Resort has an amazing pirate-themed hotel, so all ye landlubbers best find your sea legs and come aboard while we answer all yer questions about this marvelous treasure. (OK, don’t worry. That’s all the pirate speak yer gonna get in this Legoland pirate hotel article, ya seadog!)

The Legoland Pirate Island Hotel is a great place for a pirate-loving family to stay during their Legoland Florida vacation. Ready to learn more?

Here’s everything you need to know about Legoland Pirate Island Hotel in Florida!



The Legoland Pirate Hotel is only 130 kid-steps from the entrance to the Legoland Theme Park! That makes it super easy to stay and play all day.

If you’ve ever visited the original Legoland Resort hotel, then you know just where to go; the entrance to both hotels is one and the same. You’ll check in at the same desk area, but then proceed to the new attached building that is for pirates only. (Ok – not really. All Legoland hotel guests are welcome in the entertainment area of the pirate hotel. More on that below…but this new building and everything in it are all about pirates.)

Just as an aside, for those wondering, the Legoland Beach Retreat hotel is not in this area…it’s across the main parkway. In this Legoland Hotel post, we break down the differences in the main hotel and the retreat.


Legoland Pirate Hotel Q&A (It Really Is the Best!)

You’ll feel like you’ve entered a LEGO movie when you step foot into your themed room. Like other Legoland rooms, they include a sleeping area with bunk beds for the kids (the bottom bed is a trundle, so they sleep three kids). Near the window, you’ll find a queen bed for the parents. And of course, every detail from floor to ceiling is decorated with the pirate Lego theme.

In the room you’ll find a mini fridge, a safe, and plenty of storage space for your luggage. Note that there is not a microwave, but one is available for request on a first come, first serve basis. There is also one for guests to use on the first floor behind the elevator, next to the vending machine.

One of the kids’ favorite parts of the room (besides the bunk beds) was the in-room treasure hunt. They decoded their special kid-safe combination with a scavenger hunt, which unlocked the door to souvenir lego treasures they then used – along with the other blocks in the lego play area – to build amazing houses and robots and more.

I think one of my favorite things about visiting Legoland is seeing the things they create.


Legoland Pirate Hotel Q&A (It Really Is the Best!)

Of course, there is a theme park to visit! Legoland Florida is an amazing theme park full of everyday fun and holiday and special events too, like Brick-or-Treat or Holidays at Legoland. But there is also a happening schedule of events inside Pirate Island Hotel.

Beginning at 4pm every evening you and the family can gather in the Pirate Island Play Area for some fun. You can build Lego pirate ships, play Buccaneer Bingo, or participate in pirate trivia, too. And finally, at 8:30pm, don your jammies for an excellent pirate story time before bed.

Now, lest you feel marooned in the play area (ugh…I used pirate lingo again, didn’t I?) know that it is adjacent to the Smuggler’s Bar where you can grab a mocktail, cocktail, or anything else you need to wet your whistle. There are fun drinks for both kids and adults.


Legoland Pirate Hotel Q&A (It Really Is the Best!)

Of course there is a pirate pool! And it’s heated, which means that it feels comfortable all year round.

Keep in mind that you are not limited to the pirate hotel pool only – feel free to invade the pool, splash ground and lounge area of the main resort also.

There are plenty of lounge chairs here, lifeguards, floating lego bricks, and clean pool towels. It’s also just a hop, skip and jump to Smuggler’s Bar if you need a juice or soda.


Legoland Pirate Hotel Q&A (It Really Is the Best!)

Shipwreck Restaurant is the Legoland Pirate Hotel restaurant, and it is seriously delicious! We ate here on the first evening, and I recall hubs saying the next evening, “I wish we had made reservations there for both nights because the food was so good.”

The thing to note is that unlike other Legoland restaurants, meals here are served family-style. You’ll pick a Pirate Platter with loads of meat or a Seadog Platter with meat and seafood. After that, just sit back and watch the food come; there is so much delicious goodness.

First you get warm buttered rolls…then a colorful salad with poppy seed dressing. Then your platter arrives (see the Pirate Platter photo above) with brisket, pulled pork, rotisserie chicken, and smoked sausage. Yes, you get all of those, served to the center of the table in a large warming pan.

Oh, we’re not done yet! The comes the sides…mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and green beans! Blimey!

When you think you can’t eat anything else, out comes a small skillet filled with a thick chocolate chip cookie (more like a warm brownie) topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel and Heath bar crunches. Wow!

It was so much food but so incredibly delicious! Plan to have leftovers for lunch the next day.

Vegan and vegetarian options are also available. You can make reservations using Open Table.


Legoland Pirate Hotel Q&A (It Really Is the Best!)

You know it! Legoland resort hotels are known for their free breakfasts and the Legoland Pirate Hotel is no different.

Pirate Island Hotel guests will enjoy breakfast at Shipwreck Restaurant (same place we discussed above). And yes – breakfast is also family-style.

A large warming plate comes to the table with eggs, bacon, sausage, Lego waffles, and more. There are other made-to-order options, also, like omelets or toast. One of my kids had a craving for cereal, and they made that happen, too.

Be sure to grab The Lego Times from your hotel room door stoop to bring with you to breakfast.


Legoland Pirate Hotel Q&A (It Really Is the Best!)
Courtesy of Legoland Florida

Master Builds workshops are one of the best things offered at Legoland Hotels. Your kids get to build their own LEGO model with the help of a master builder.

The sessions are free, and you get to keep your build! Space is limited, so make sure you sign up early, either at the reception desk or online. Each day offers a different variety of builds, so you can experience different ones if you’re staying for multiple days.

Master Builds are great ways for kids to learn about building techniques from the people who are actually making the cool LEGO creations around the park.


Legoland Pirate Hotel Q&A (It Really Is the Best!)

Prices for the Pirate Island Hotel are the same as they are for the main Legoland Hotel, with different packages and price changes depending on the season.

I highly recommend checking out the Vacation Package offerings before making your final preparations.

The most affordable option starts at (at the time of this writing) only $86/person/night. It’s the Early Bird Special, requiring you to book 60+ days in advance, but you get three nights (and three days in the park) for the price of two.

The Standard Family Vacation Package gets you a room, two days of admission tickets to the theme parks, and the free breakfast for $163.74/person/night.

Want to go all-out? The All Inclusive starts at $216/person/night and includes everything we’ve discussed plus free dinners (to complement your free breakfasts), a photo package, and more.

For LEGOLAND theme park tickets + passes without a hotel stay, Get Your Guide is a great place to get your LEGOLAND tickets.


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