Legoland Florida: Secrets to Beat Lines, Save Money & Have Fun (+ 2021 New Excitement)

After several visits to Legoland Florida, we have some awesome tips to ensure your vacation is the best it can be –even tips on how to score Legoland discount tickets. All those years of visiting Florida theme parks, even our kids know you have to go in with a plan or you’ll just spend your day (and your money) wandering.

Legoland Florida: Secrets to Beat Lines, Save Money & Have Fun (+ 2021 New Excitement)

COVID Notes on Legoland

Yes, we have visited Legoland since COVID invaded our world, and yes, they are doing a stellar job at handling safety. Here are a few highlights; see the full list here.

  • There is a ton of additional cleaning and sanitation happening
  • Masks are required in all indoor locations across the Resort ands on all rides in the Theme Park for kids 8 and older.
  • Social distancing measures have been put in place to make it easier to stay apart
  • Indoor spaces have set capacity limits (stores, restaurants, etc)

Ten 2021 Highlights for the 10th Year

2021 is the park’s 10th birthday celebration, and this glorious vacation destination built for kids 2-12 will be going ALL OUT! Here are the highlights.

  1. An all new Brickbeard’s Watersports Stunt Show begins Feb 12. The new show also features a never-before-seen, new female Lego® pirate character, new original music & gravity-defying stunts with even higher jumps than the last show!
  2. To kick off the new show and new Pirate Island Hotel, select weekends (beginning in Feb) will be PirateFest Weekends with new characters, builds, and more.
  3. Adventure into a brand new world with a new 4-D movie, premiering at Legoland Fun Town Theater in Spring 2021.
  4. New Master Model Builders Experiences are coming in Spring
  5. Once the pirates get the boot, Heartlake City LEGO® Friends Weekends will be the source of entertainment in May!
  6. Larger-than-life models will bring new stories and characters—and Insta-worthy photo opportunities to LEGO® CITY in the Summer.
  7. June and July will be AWE-SUMMER than ever with with surprises, music and fireworks, and more!
  8. Stay tuned for more info about the an all-new stage show debut in LEGO® CITY!
  9. Miniland is getting a transformation for the summer, including an all-new shade structure!
  10. Of course, Legoland will have a AMAZING birthday party, including the biggest, most awesome Lego birthday cake ever created. More details about the party weekend to come, but it looks like October 2021 is the timeframe for excitement.

Where the Heck is Legoland Florida?

A lot of people wonder where Legoland is in Florida because it’s not really in Orlando proper; it’s in Winter Haven (still Central Florida) just 45 minutes from Orlando and Tampa

You might also know it as the location of the old Cypress Gardens botanical garden, which was famous for their southern belles and water ski shows. And yes, Legoland Orlando does a fantastic water stunt show, carrying on the Cypress Gardens tradition.

It’s an easy drive from Atlanta to Legoland Orlando. We always drive, but if you are interested in flying, our friends at Go To Travel Gal can tell you how to fly free with the Southwest Companion Pass.

Legoland Florida: Secrets to Beat Lines, Save Money & Have Fun (+ 2021 New Excitement)

Should You Stay at the Legoland Florida Resort?

For me, staying on property at one of the Florida theme parks is the only way to go.  If you feel the same, check out our post on which of the three Legoland hotel properties are best for your family.

There are many advantages to staying on property, and being only 130 kid steps from the park entrance is the best! 

What are the Most-Important Things to Do in the Park?

Soar on the New LEGO® Movie™ Masters of Flight Ride

LEGO MOVIE WORLD is now open, and the crowning gem is the new Masters of Flight ride. The first of its kind, and the first-ever in the world to embed a 180-degree turn in the ride experience, you’ll fly on a suspended journey aboard Emmet’s Triple Decker Couch. As you soar along, you’ll see what it’s like to soar through a world made entirely of Lego bricks via full-dome virtual screen.

Experience three new rides in this Bricksburg expansion, including the Masters of Flight flying theater, Unikitty’s Disco Drop family-friendly drop tower, and Battle of Bricksburg water ride. Then, grab a bite to eat at Taco Everyday or meet Emmet, Wyldstyle and Unikitty!

Masters of Flight was our kids’ favorite ride during our last visit (even beating out their previous favorite, Lego Ninjago and Flying School!)

Travel the Country in MINILAND USA

See all the iconic cities and landmarks in the USA built out of thousands of Lego bricks in Miniland. Our favorites include Las Vegas, with the coolest replicas of the Paris Las Vegas hotel and Eiffel Tower…and Kennedy Space Center, with a shuttle and launch pad. 

Don’t Start at the Beginning

This is more of a tip than a ride or attraction, but nonetheless important. Want to avoid crowds? Start at the back of the park and work your way forward to the park entrance. You’re side-stepping the crowds, and closer to your hotel at the end of the day!

Build Your Own Raft

Don’t skip the Legoland® Water Park; you’re going to love taking a ride around the lazy river! If the kids are looking for something a little more active, have them splash, play, and take on the multiple water tube slides.

Bring your Minifigures

Legoland calls their employees Model Citizens, and they are all equipped with Minifigures! Your kids will love trading popular Lego figurines. It’s the perfect souvenir.

Conquer the dragon on The Dragon Coaster

We love this coaster because it is a great first roller coaster (40 inches to ride), but still incredible for older kids and adults. It starts inside the castle, then heads outdoors for 2000 ft of rail and a 30-ft drop! Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for the steam-breathing LEGO dragon!

Find Your License to Ride

Kids 6-13 can get their very own Lego driver’s license at Ford Driving School! They’ll learn the rules of the road and have fun doing it.

Legoland Florida: Secrets to Beat Lines, Save Money & Have Fun (+ 2021 New Excitement)

How Can You Save Big Money on Legoland Tickets

There are lots of theme parks in Florida, but a trip to Legoland is a must for any Lego lover, especially those with children who are tweens and younger. But theme park visits can be expensive, and Legoland tickets are no exception (though they are substantially better than most.) 

Below are six money saving tips — including where to get Legoland discount tickets–  that will stretch your wallet, plus some additional resources to plan your day at Legoland and ensure you get the most value bang for your buck.

Buy Tickets Online & Early

You’ll always save when you buy tickets early. Even if you literally drive up to Legoland as a last-minute decision, don’t buy tickets at the counter…pull out your iPhone and buy them on the Legoland site to save.

Try Discount Tickets

You’ll find military discounts available on the Legoland website or coupons in the magazines at Florida hotels, but the deal sites typically offer better offers. See below for our list.

A 365AtlantaTraveler reader suggested looking on the back of packages of Legos for tickets. She found them on the mini-figure packs at Target. If you homeschool, Kat recommends going on homeschool days. They saved BIG on their tickets that way.

But our favorite way? Deal sites.

Our favorite deal site? Undercover Tourist.

Purchase Parking Online

Save $2 by purchasing your parking online at the Legoland Florida site before you arrive.

Brown Bag It

Legoland has some great dining options and works hard to offer choices for those with allergies or gluten free needs, but to save money, you may want to pack your own lunch. There are lockers at the park entrance to store your picnic until lunchtime.

If you don’t want to do that, consider leaving the park for less pricey dining options. You may re-enter the parking with a valid parking stub during the same day of your visit.

Hold on the Souvenirs

The Lego sets are so tempting, but resist the urge to give in to your child’s pleas. You’ll find the merchandise at cheaper prices outside the park. Remember the Minifigure trades? That’s our favorite souvenirs.

Just don’t bring your character figures; most figures that the staff have are generic, and you wouldn’t want to trade your prized Star Wars Lego figure for them.

Legoland Florida: Secrets to Beat Lines, Save Money & Have Fun (+ 2021 New Excitement)

How Can I Skip The Lines?

We mention above working the park from back to front, but here are a few additional tips to avoid the lines and maximize the time you have at the park.

Covid Note: We visited at the end of October 2020. The park has limited the number of tickets sold each day, and let’s face it, less people are visiting. If you feel comfortable traveling now, this is the best time to visit. We never stood in a line for more than 5 minutes, and we rode all our favorite rides dozens and dozens of times over 2 days!

Get There Early

As with most Florida theme parks, to avoid lines you want to get there early –even a half hour before the park opens. This gives you time to park, go to the bathroom, put on sunscreen and whatever last minute preparations you need, so you are completely ready to enter the park when it opens.

Go to the Back and Work Your Way Forward

It’s worth repeating. Assuming you get to the theme park early as we suggested above, head to the back and work your way forward. Most people go to the right when they enter a theme park, not back. This shift will allow you to do the popular Legoland rides at the back of the park before the crowds hit.

Stay at a Legoland Hotel

We said it before, but it’s worth mentioning again, guests leveraging accommodations receive early admission to the park. This is a perfect time to get in some of those rides that form long lines during the day (especially the coasters) while also enjoying unique themed rooms that kids (and adults!) love.

Kids 8+ Register for Mindstorm Robotic Challenge

If your children are over eight years old, head to Imagination Station and register for the Mindstorm robotic challenge as soon as you enter the park. There are three different challenges to choose from and they fill up quickly. The last time we went, there was also a challenge for kids six and over, so ask at the gate what ages can sign up for the Mindstorm challenge. This was a favorite activity for both of my sons (including the 13-year-old).

Younger Kids? Head to the Ford Driving School

If this is something your kids want to do, head here immediately after registering for Mindstorm (or first if you don’t want to or can’t do Mindstorm). Loading for this ride is painfully slow, which means the line is continuous and gets longer as the day progresses. And don’t miss Duplo Valley – the perfect space for youngsters, with play areas they will love and plenty of shade!

Older Kids? Head to the The Great LEGO Race

Our older kids loved the coaster The Great LEGO Race. It’s the perfect mix of roller coaster thrills and virtual reality. You’re thrown into the center of an action-packed road rally where they are the star of a rollicking race against several LEGO Minifigure competitors – all while taking an exciting roller coaster ride.

Don’t Miss Flight School

Right behind the Ford Driving School is Flight School, a roller coaster where your feet dangle. This ride entrance is easy to miss. Perhaps it’s because we went on a slower day, or because we got there in the morning, but we rode this coaster twice without a wait, and loved it.

Coasters Have Long Lines? Come Back Near Closing

My friend Jennifer Hutchinson @mami2mommy recommended that if there was a long line at the Coasterasaurus, to wait until closer to park close and try again. We did this and the line went from 60 minutes to about five.  Perfect!

Hit Build and Test Between 10 and 12 or after 3 pm

Most families are looking for a break after lunch and Build and Test is the perfect place (hello air conditioning), which means a line forms. To get the run of the place, come before noon. If that’s not possible, head here after 3 pm when most folks are leaving. Sunday is a less crowded day in the park overall, so if you must come on a weekend, choose Sunday.

Any Other Tips? 

Get the Apple Fries

Everyone I know raves about the apple fries. These are baked apple slices with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top and a side of whipped cream, what’s not to like?

Granny’s Apples is located at the front of the park, so pick them up on the way in or out. If you miss these (or just love them so much) reader Jean-Francois Roman sent this recipe for Apple Fries. If you make them, let me know what you think.

Eat Healthy(ier)

I will say, Legoland Orlando gets an A+ for theme park food. We ate at the I-Zone Panini in the Imagination Zone. It was the first meal my son had all weekend that didn’t include french fries or chicken fingers. It did include a ham sandwich he proclaimed, excellent! Plus apples and baked Lays potato chips. When I asked to substitute lemonade for milk or water, I was told they can’t do that – which totally got me off the hook.

If you’d rather save some money, Legoland allows guest to bring in food and drinks. There are lockers at the front of the park, so you don’t have to carry your picnic all day.

Leverage Package Pick Up

If you purchase something at any of the gift shops, Legoland has package pick up, which means you can send your purchases to the front of the park and pick them up on the way out instead of  hauling it around the park with you.

Take a Shuttle from Orlando

If you are staying in Orlando and don’t have a car, or would prefer not to drive, there is a shuttle that provides roundtrip transportation from the Orlando Premium Outlets – Vineland Avenue to Legoland. The day we checked out the Legoland shuttle, roundtrip was only $5 per person.

Legoland Florida Resort is a multi-day 150-acre theme park with more than 50 rides, shows, and attractions, including the world-famous botanical garden Cypress Gardens. Legoland is a product of Merlin Entertainments. See site for hotel and admission ticket information.

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Legoland Florida: Secrets to Beat Lines, Save Money & Have Fun (+ 2021 New Excitement)

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