Lane Packing Southern Orchards: 9+ Peachy Things You’re Going To Love

When you’re in the Peach State, you know there’s got to be some wonderful and locally grown peaches — and Lane Southern Orchards in middle Georgia is the perfect place to find them!  Started in 1908, the place locals refer to as Lane Packing, or just Lane’s, is so much more than a peach farm and packing plant these days.

First, they grow all sorts of produce here: pecans, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, just to name a few. And second, their market and tours are just awesome.  Lane’s has so much to offer, and is the absolute perfect place to stop with your family when you’re traveling through middle Georgia on I-75.

With an amazing restaurant, a roadside market that offers every locally grown product you can imagine, a playground that includes vintage tractors, fun tours, and more, Lane’s isn’t just a southern orchard — it’s the southern orchard!

I grew up coming to Lane’s every summer, so I’m happy to share everything I know about it.  Here are 9+ reasons I know you will love a visit to Lane Southern Orchards, too!

Lane Packing Southern Orchards: 9+ Peachy Things You’re Going To Love


Lane’s Southern Orchards has the perfect location if you’re looking for a stop along I-75 in the heart of Georgia.  It’s located 5 minutes west of I-75 off exit 142 in Fort Valley.  FIVE. MINUTES. 

I-75 is such a busy interstate, but five minutes later you could be in a completely different world.  It’s a great stop between Atlanta and Florida, for a quick bite and leg stretch.  You can’t beat it!

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The summer is peach season, and the can’t-miss thing to do at Lane’s is also a FREE thing to do at Lane’s!  It’s called the Lane Packing Lane Tour and it is incredibly fascinating.  You’re able to use the raised walkways to view the inner workings of this peach packing plant.

You can see the trucks bringing the peaches in, you can watch them first get sorted by the machines, getting sorted by the employees, getting waxed, getting stickers, and then getting boxed.  It’s really interesting, and the kids absolutely love it.

Watching the peaches roll down and begin to get sorted can be mesmerizing. If you love the smell of peaches, you’re going to love the smell of this room. Peaches, peaches everywhere! The employees are super nice, and are always quick with a wave and a smile.

The self-guided tour is offered mid-May through August.


Ready to get lost in an a-MAZE-ing corn maze? Lane’s Southern Orchard has one in the fall!

Try to find your way out of their 6-acre corn maze and play Maize-O-Poly along the way. You’ll punch your card when you find the signs, and then you can discover who will be “Farmer of the Year.”

Take an old fashioned hayride around the maze, too! You’ll find pumpkins at the roadside market, to complete your fun fall adventure.

Admission is free for kids 3 and under, and military and 55+ get a 10% discount. Open Wednesday-Sunday in the fall. See prices here.


A trip to Lane’s Southern Orchards isn’t complete without a stop at the Peachtree Cafe and Bakery for some delicious lunch and dessert options.

This is no small roadside place. This is an incredible restaurant with some of the best food featuring locally grown produce you’ll find.  They’ve got it all: savory main courses, great southern cooking, and mouth-watering desserts.

Here you’ll find ample indoor seating, or you can find yourself a rocking chair on the front porch to enjoy a quick bite.  They offer all sorts of good eats, like meatloaf, pecan-crusted catfish, and southern fried chicken.  They have an array of awesome sandwiches too — BBQ, a southern slaw dog, burgers, and paninis.

They also have an awesome kids menu.  And dessert?  There is nothing like a dessert from Lane’s Peachtree Cafe! They’ve got some of the best peach cobbler in the South. They have pecan pies, fried fruit pies, fritters, pecan bars, breads, muffins — you name it, they’ve got it.

But the real treat here is their famous peach ice cream.  It’s a must.  It’s the thing you have to have while you’re there.  Take my word for it, and go ahead and get it in the waffle cone.  Now find yourself a rocking chair on the porch and enjoy!


The Lane’s Southern Orchards roadside market is so much more than a gift shop.  This is a place where you can buy their peaches, pecans, all sorts of Georgia-made food products, and a cute shirt while you’re at it.  

The Lane Packing roadside market is indoors and quite large. You’ll find peaches of course, but also pecans, strawberries, and apples when in season. You’ll also find other seasonal produce, delicious treats, jams and jellies, and local wines and craft beers.

In addition to the food products, you’ll find shirts, hats, vintage toys, and all sorts of home decor.

The cool thing about their market is that although they do have all of their own products, they also offer other produce that’s grown at neighboring farms.  Can’t make it down there right away? They also have online ordering.


While visiting the roadside market, makes sure to pick up extra jams, jellies, syrups, cider, fruit butters, breads, pies, salsas, and more — because they make great gifts! Lane Packing even offers pre-made gift baskets, to make gift giving easier.

You’ll also find gourmet treats and candies, Georgia Sweet Peach wines, craft beers, and many jarred goods that are offered year-round. 


When you visit Lane Packing, make sure to bring the kids. Lane’s has an awesome playground for the kids, and some fun vintage tractors for the kids to climb on for a photo op. 

Their playground is fun, and a wonderful place for the kids to blow off some steam — especially if you’re using a stop here as a break during a Florida road trip.  They have several vintage tractors on display in the same area, and kids are allowed to explore them at will. The tractors are set up with markers explaining their makes and models.


Not only do they grow peaches at Lane’s, but they’re also experts at growing pecans.  The pecans are harvested in the fall and winter, but are available at their market and online store year-round. 

They offer them whole or shelled, roasted or salted, in halves or pieces, in pies, and dessert bars, candied, and crusted on their catfish.  This Georgia farm knows their pecans, and they are the best!


In addition to peaches and pecans, they also have strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries too!  They have a 6-acre strawberry patch that is open from mid-April through May for picking.  And in June and July, guests can pick blueberries and blackberries.

And, of course, they can pick the berries for you too.


Lane’s Packing offers special events throughout the year, so if you can plan your trip to include one of them, you’re in for an extra special treat.

In the summertime, you’ll find Food Truck and Farmer’s Market events on certain Saturdays. Enjoy yummy eats from local food truck operators, as well as music, and arts and crafts vendors.

We’ve already discussed their Corn Maze Days in the fall, but the winter also brings fun to the farm. Enjoy Breakfast with Santa, or Breakfast with the Grinch during the holiday season! In the spring, they have a Breakfast with the Easter Bunny event.


How many peaches are grown in the U.S. each year?

Twenty states, including Georgia, commercially produce peaches each year. The total U.S. peach production is over 690,000 tons each year!

When can you get Georgia peaches?

Peaches grown in Georgia are some of the first to ripen. Due to the state’s warm climate, Georgia peaches can be ready to harvest as early as mid-May. The typical peach season is mid-May through August.

Where are most peaches grown in Georgia?

Most peaches grown in Georgia are grown in middle Georgia. The quality of Georgia peaches is so remarkable that Georgia’s nickname is the “Peach State.”  The peach was named the official state fruit in 1995.



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Lane Packing Southern Orchards: 9+ Peachy Things You’re Going To Love