Extreme and Unusual Outdoor Family Sporting Fun In Georgia

Do your kids love to climb, jump, go fast and live on the wild side? Then we’ve got the perfect collection of activities for your family! From zip lining in the trees to white water rafting in the valley…this is the place for Georgia’s extreme adventures.

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Foxfire Museum – Mountain City, Ga

Foxfire Museum is a replica of a southern appalachian town, created by students and based on Foxfire Magazine.

Sleepy Hollow Brings Magical Fairy Gardens To Life

A special thank you to my friend Amanda from Kids Around Cobb, who told me about this fun place in Blairsville. Sleepy Hollow is a store AND an "enchanted garden" of fairies and gnomes. The fairy homes found here are the work of Art Millican, Jr, a former Disney artist and model-maker. His whimsical fairy cottages…

Mountain Crossings at Walasi-Yi

The boys and I took a trip to Blairsville, and we made a stop at Mountain Crossings per the recommendation of Eric from Atlanta Trails. I am so glad he told us about this place! The building was completed in 1937, the same year that the Appalachian Trail was completed, and it marks the only…

Finding Beauty in the Junkyard at Old Car City USA [video]

I first learned about Old Car City USA from Georgia Traveler, and I was hooked immediately. And I'm not the only one. Here's why you'll want to stop at this very unusual, and special junk yard. Finding Beauty at Old Car City, White, Ga. My husband and I appreciate photography and old cars, so Old…

“Hike Inn” To This Epic Fall Destination Perfect For Outdoor Families

Len Foote Hike Inn is one of Georgia's MUST DO adventures. It's breath-taking, captivating, rewarding and fun for the entire family.

The Beloved Springer Mountain Trail is Great For Every Age

Springer Mountain Trail View Website for more info and directions With our ever-growing love of the Appalachian Trail, it was time to make the trek to Springer Mountain. We went on a cold winter morning with Candy and her kids from Happy Trails, Wild Tails. Fun fact... Candy's partner helped build the Springer Mtn shelter, so…

Spring and Fall Delight on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

A ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway is the trip of a lifetime. Our family stepped aboard the historical rail one lovely spring morning - and we explored again in Fall. Read more here.

Unicoi State Park Adventure Program Built to Thrill

Looking for a unique and exciting way to explore Helen, Ga? Georgia State Parks launched a new program at Unicoi State Park (and Amicalola, for those in Dawsonville) – Adventure Programs! We stayed at Unicoi while visiting Helen recently (see our post of AMAZING things to do in Helen,) and explored this new program. It's…

Why Snorkeling in the Conasauga River Is Amazing Fun

The cool factor? Clear mountain waters are home to over 70 different species of fish! This is the most biodiverse river basin the world!! A small pool of water smaller than the size of a football field becomes a living underwater classroom.

WhiteWater Express: Wet and Wild Adventure in Columbus, Ga

White water adventuring in Columbus is only in its third season, but it is already taking the planet by storm. Here's the scoop on our adventure with WhiteWater Express.

120+ Amazing Ways to Have Fun in the North Georgia Mountains

The North Georgia Mountains are filled with adventure for everyone. Hikers, art-lovers and foodies rejoice. Overnights include luxury options, glamping, cabins and camping options.

Little St Simons Island: tips, tricks and tidbits

Pristine beaches…undeveloped wilderness…privately-owned island…accessible only by boat…For this nature-loving family, it sounds like heaven on earth. I implore you to visit, and with our tricks, tips and insight I hope you will also experience this paradise on the Georgia coast.

25+ of the Best Water Parks in Georgia for Splish Splash Fun

Most of the water parks in Georgia are open Memorial Day to Labor Day, and they include everything from full-fledged water parks to county-run aquatic centers. We've done our best to collect every water park and aquatic center in Georgia. Did we miss one you know about? Let us know!

10 Things To Know To Make Tubing in Helen, Ga Totally Epic

Tubing in Helen, Ga is a rite of passage. It’s that thing that every local and visitor alike MUST do when coming within at least 100 miles of the Alpine city. This summer we took the boys for some tubing in Helen as part of their birthday celebration. Yes, they are still talking about it!…

15 Sensational Places For Zip Lining in Ga (+ Our Best Tips)

From mild to maximum thrill - we know the perfect place to go zip lining in Ga no matter what type of experience you are looking for. We even tell you where you can take kids as young as 4 years old.

Callaway Gardens Treetop Adventure Thrills Ages 4 and Up

The TreeTop Adventure at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Ga. is a combination of a challenging ropes course and moderate zip lines. The combination is a whole lot of fun, especially for tweens and teens.

Fly fishing is only for old, rich men (& other myths debunked)

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know how much I adore the Blue Ridge Mountains. We hike and play there regularly, and I am always enamored with the fly-fisherman we see along the Toccoa or Chattahoochee. I’ve always wanted to try fly-fishing, but I had this idea in my…

6 Exhilarating Places You Should Try White Water Rafting Georgia

You can't mark 'White Water Rafting Georgia" off your bucket list until you've man-handled the Ocoee, Chattooha and Chattahoochee rivers. We've gathered the outfitters in Georgia that can help you on each of these rivers. From family-friendly beginner trips to advanced adventures - even overnighters! Grab a paddle - let's do this!

Ruby Falls: Chattanooga TN Breathtaking Natural Wonder [video]

There are more caves in Tennessee than anywhere in the United States. Most are located on private property. Ruby Falls Tennessee however is open to the public and a perfect introduction to the underground past time of spelunking or caving. Plus, the falls at the end of the walk is breathtaking. Don't miss it next…

25+ Excellent Outdoorsy Things to do in Birmingham, AL

When you think about things to do in Birmingham, AL, most people’s thoughts turn to Civil Rights. In the 50’s and early 60’s, the city was considered the most segregated in the US. Protests in 1963 turned the tide of the movement and focused the US, and the world on the inequalities in the South.…

Swim with Manatees: Secret FL Find You’ll LOVE [video]

Winter is the perfect time of year to swim with manatees. However, leaving a warm bed at 6:30 in the morning to go jump in chilly water doesn’t sound like a good idea, but I promise, it’s worth it. Especially when under the water, below the chilly air are hundreds of manatee, gentle sea cows who, like a…

Off Road Awesomeness for all Ages at Durhamtown Plantation

Experienced and novice riders have lots of room to push their limits on dirt bikes and ATV's at Durhamtown Plantation. Or if hunting is your thing, they've got that too. Durhamtown Plantation: Dirt Bike and ATV Riding Less than two hours east of Atlanta, just past the…

North Georgia Canopy Tours Perfect for First Timers

WE ARE SAD TO REPORT THAT NORTH GEORGIA CANOPY TOURS HAS CLOSED THEIR DOORS FOR GOOD. North Georgia Canopy Tours is one of Georgia’s oldest and one of my favorite for first timers. It’s also perfect for Atlanta folks...located near Lula, Ga, it's only about 90 minutes north of Downtown Atlanta on the way to…

Your Complete Guide to the Best Flea Markets in Georgia

For the folks who love a good bargain and a hunt for unexpected treasures, the flea markets in Georgia offer an ever-changing shopping experience. You'll find them in every corner of the state, from multi-acre roadside setups to old churches filled with vending booths and produce stands. Here's a guide to a few of the…

North Georgia Zoo: 5 Reasons to Visit and Save

The camel at the North Georgia Zoo nuzzled my neck. I like to think it was because he liked me, but let’s be honest, he thought there might be food in my teacup. No matter, I gave him a good-natured pat anyway and rubbed his nose. It was soft like a horses muzzle. North Georgia…

Your Complete Guide to Georgia’s Kid-Friendly NASCAR Race Weekend

Atlanta Motor Speedway hosts race #2 of the season in the “Chase for the Cup” -- right after the legendary Daytona 500 -- and this Georgia event is SUPER kid-friendly and full of FREE fun!

Horseback Riding In GA: 20+ Unforgettable Trail Rides

What child doesn’t dream of horseback riding? In Georgia, there are stables that offer guided trail riding, as well as horseback riding trails where you bring your own horse. Are you wondering, 'Where is the closest horseback riding near me?' Well here are 20+ places to go horseback riding in Ga. Did we miss your…

The Most Adorable Petting Zoos in Georgia: A Few May Surprise You

A petting zoo and kids go together like cookies and milk. There is just something about interacting with a fuzzy friend that makes children smile. If you are wondering where is a great petting zoo near me where my kids can get up close and pet animals, we have a great list for you. Some…

Kids Soar on a Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding Adventure

When neighbors heard we went to Lookout Mountain hang gliding they stop me in the street to say "My wife said you went hang gliding? Where was that? How can I do it?" Need an awesome gift for the man in your life? Try a hang gliding session. Oh yeah, and kids love it too.

See Rock City: TN Attraction Still Awesome After 80+ Years

What drew me initially to See Rock City TN, was the famous ad campaign that simply had the bold words See Rock City painted on rural barns. In addition to finding an awesome bird house that resembled the famous barns, we also found simple family fun exploring ancient rock formations, learning nursery rhymes and taking in…

Where to Find the Best Family Rock Climbing: Atlanta Edition

If you want to know where to go rock climbing, Atlanta has several indoor gyms, as well as a few outdoor bouldering locations. Not only is it a fun sport, but rock wall climbing is great exercise for kids and adults. In addition, indoor rock climbing is one of the few sports the entire family,…

Blairsville, Ga: A Stunning Mountain Town Filled With Family Adventure

Take a break from the busyness of life, from the concrete jungle, from cellphones and video games.....and unplug in Blairsville, Ga. Take the #urbanchallenge, and unplug today. Reconnect with your family. Sometimes slow is just the perfect speed. We've got dozens of ways for you to turn off the noise, and revive that close family feeling.



Do your kids love to climb, jump, go fast and live on the wild side? Then we've got the perfect collection of activities for your family! From zip lining in the trees to white water rafting in the valley...this is the place for Georgia's extreme adventures.