Indoor Skydiving Atlanta: Master iFly like a certified champ [video + discount]

What’s up with indoor skydiving, Atlanta? You are CrAvInG this newest sport!! Especially with the opening of iFly Atlanta. We ventured with our kids to check it out, and boy did we have a blast! Here are the details you’ll want to know before you head out to this latest indoor skydiving attraction! Read on so that you know what to expect, where to get a discount, and how to fly like a champ!

indoor skydiving atlanta

Who Can Fly?

Indoor skydiving is available to everyone in Atlanta that is 3 yo and older (yes, even grandma and grampa!) Our youngest is 4 yo and he loved every minute of it! We prepped him with some videos before-hand so he’d know what to expect, and that helped. I have to admit that seeing the boys fly was even more fun than flying myself!

The wind tunnel is LOUD. They give you disposable earplugs and the helmet covers your ears as well. If you have kiddo-sized earplugs at home, I recommend bringing them. It was the only thing my kids complained about – probably because we didn’t work hard enough to make sure the ear plugs were in really well. #momfail

I did learn on a segment from Fox5 that they are able to accommodate those in wheelchairs and those with special needs.

Indoor Skydiving Atlanta: How Much Does It Cost?

It starts at just under $70. See here for the pricing info. That includes 2 flying sessions. We found a 2-for-1 deal before Christmas, which is what I used to buy a family present. I haven’t yet seen them on Groupon, but we’ll keep an eye out.

If you have a membership to Costco, you can save about $20 by purchasing them here. Atlanta is in Group B.

You’ll also want to include the High Fly experience. It is $10 extra, and with an instructor, you ZOOOOM to the top of the tunnel for the last 30 seconds of your second 60-second fly. It is well worth the $10, and seems like a lifetime longer than 30 seconds!

Photos and video are also additional. If you buy the video at the location, on the day you fly, it is $8 per video. Otherwise, it is $10. We bought 4 videos (1 for each of us) and got to pick from which flights we wanted the video – so it was easy to pick the best ones! Photos are also cheaper when you buy them up front. You can see an example of a photo in this title picture…that’s one of Elliot that we paid for. Totally worth it! And they are high-res so you can zoom in tighter if you want!

You can also purchase additional flights while you are there for only $20 more.

Do I really Need To Get There Early?

YES! You need to arrive about an hour before your flight time. You’ll check in and talk about the extras you want to purchase, watch a video, and get further instructions from your flight coach. Then you’ll need to suit up with your flight suit, goggles, helmet, and shoes (wear sneakers or lace-up shoes, or you’ll be borrowing like I did!)

You’ll also get a locker to store your purse, wallet, keys, etc. No jewelry is allowed in the tunnel so you can store your watch and rings here or leave them at home.

There is a small little gift shop if you want to pick up a souvenir. And there is plenty of seating and big screen TVs for watching everyone perform!

Indoor Skydiving Atlanta: What about MY video and camera?

As I mention earlier, you can purchase video and pix from iFly. And you can video and take as many pictures as you want from outside the tunnel. BUT, once you go into the tunnel, there are no cameras or videos allowed. You’ll have to store them in your locker.

And let me be more clear about what it means to be “in the tunnel.” The tunnel includes and “inner” tunnel where you are flying high with your instructor. But it also includes the “outer” tunnel where you and your family and classmates (maybe about 8 or so) are waiting in line for your turn in the inner tunnel.

So, if you are flying with your family like we did, you all go into the outer tunnel area together. So, from that moment on, you have no video or photos unless you bring non-flyers with you (like grandparents) or you purchase video from iFly.

Indoor Skydiving Atlanta: What Happens After We’re Suited Up?

You’ll wait a few moments for the class before you to finish and file out of the tunnel. Then you and your class file into the tunnel via a different door. You’ll have a seat on the bench while the instructor gets ready. Then, he’ll call the first person up to the door. They will enter with him and fly for 60 seconds. Again, it sounds short but it feels like forever!

You’ll know your 60 seconds are almost up because a light starts blinking. The instructor will get you to the door, and you pull yourself from the inner tunnel to the outer tunnel, then head to the back of the line. Everyone scoots up on the bench, as the next person is heading into the inner tunnel.

After each person goes once, then you gear up for round 2, which includes the High Fly (if you paid for it.) Our instructor hurt his shoulder and wasn’t able to take us on the high fly, so another instructor stepped in and flew us up at just the right time.

Two things I noticed: It was hard to get my legs in the right place because of everything else I was concentrating on…and I drooled a lot in the tunnel. lol. Just being honest….I’m guessing this is normal. Just want you to be prepared! The instructors are super nice and helpful, and didn’t seem to mind!

After everyone finishes their second flight, the instructor shows his stuff in the tunnel for a few minutes. They are AMAZING to watch – even more so after you already KNOW how difficult it can be! Then everyone files out!

You’ll hand your suit back to the instructor, get your things out of the locker, and you’re ready to go! Once you are home, you can log in to see your photos and videos! They are available to view at the location, but it’s a bit tricky, so I recommend just waiting until you get home.

You’re going to LOVE IT! My kids are dying to get back. I see a Birthday Party here in our near future!!

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What's up with indoor skydiving, Atlanta? You are craving this newest sport!! Especially with the opening of iFly Atlanta in late when they offered 2-for-1 tickets deals we had to go! Here are the details you'll want to know before you head out to this latest indoor skydiving attraction!

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