Great Wolf Lodge, Ga: We Answer Your Top 30 Most-Asked Questions [VIDEO]

Did you know that America’s largest waterpark has opened a Georgia location? Great Wolf Lodge, GA was announced in mid 2018, located in LaGrange – just about an hour south of Atlanta.

Great Wolf Lodge, Ga: We Answer Your Top 30 Most-Asked Questions [VIDEO]

The sprawling Lodge is 93,000 sq feet of indoor waterpark heaven for kids and features all the amenities you’ve come to love from other Great Wolf Lodge resorts.

457 guest suites and nearly 500,000 sq ft of entertainment space make up this amazing family destination. The main attraction of course is the 100,000 sq ft indoor water park, which also includes an upper oasis with with a hot tub and chaise lounge couches.

Great Wolf Lodge, LaGrange isn’t just about the water though.  They’ve kicked the dry land activities into high gear too with a 40,000 square foot Great Wolf Adventure Park.

Old favorites like Ten Paw Alley family bowling, MagiQuest live action game and Howl in One mini-golf course are here. GWL also added a multi-story rock wall called Rustic Ridge, and an outside resort-type pool with cabanas.

Finally, no one will go hungry at GWL. No matter what type of food you want, they have it in the new Food Hall Concept where guests can find pre-packaged and ready-to-eat items for even picky little eaters.

Hungry as a Wolf pizza is back, as well as sit-down restaurants like Barnwood where parents can get a good meal and a nice glass of wine (don’t worry they have a kids menu too).  And for guests with food allergies, all the kitchen facilities at GWL are peanut and tree nut free.

Since it opened, we’ve received hundreds of questions about how to navigate the LaGrange location. We always love your questions, so we’ve compiled them all – with answers- below.

If you have others, let us know…and by all means, share your photos with us on your next visit!

About Overnights and Day Passes

Are day passes available to the water park?

Short answer: Yes! They are available here. Prices vary by day…we’ve seen weekday passes for $65 pp and weekend passes for $95 pp.

Longer answer: There is probably a more affordable way to visit. Let’s take an example…

July 24 (a weekday) offers 4 day passes for $300…but a standard room for that same night is only $219 + tax…and you can bring up to 5 people, all of whom would enjoy the same amenities as a Day Pass. Even if you don’t want to stay the night, getting a room is a cheaper way to get into the park.

In fact, with this Groupon Deal, you can get a room for as low as $119 + tax.

Do I need a room in order to have a birthday party?

Great Wolf Lodge is a fun place to have a birthday party. In fact, my kids have celebrated birthdays here twice.

Packages range from $445 to $760 for up to 13 children…and there are a number of add-ons you can select from (like a private cabana, character appearances, etc)

Is the park open year-round?

Yes! How lucky we are!

The outdoor pool is heated, and the indoor area is warm and heated as well. We did hear that the outdoor pool will close after Labor Day, though.

Great Wolf Lodge, Ga: We Answer Your Top 30 Most-Asked Questions [VIDEO]

About Pricing, Discounts & Deals

Is financing available?

Yes! If you want to go all out with a fancy suite, loads of friends, and all the add-ons like a Wolf Pass and a Character Breakfast…but pay over time…then try Affirm Financing. Go through the process of checking out on the GWL site, and you will see the option to apply for and use their financing for 3, 6 or 12 month payments.

Are there any family vacation deals?


First….sign up as a Great Wold Lodge Member (it’s free). You will get tons of deals in your email.

Next, as a Member, you have access to their Early Saver deals. Book 60 days in advance and you can save up to 50% off your suite…that’s incredible!

Finally, click that “Special Offers” button on the website for the latest deals — usually something special for the upcoming holiday, for extending your stay, etc.

Is there a Groupon?

Yes…usually. This link will get you there if one is currently available for Georgia. Just be sure to check the Special Packages first, to make sure the Groupon discount is in fact the best deal going.

Is the lodge all-inclusive?

It is not all inclusive, although your entrance to the water park IS INCLUDED with your room. No need to pay extra for that.

Many of the activities are included also…like Character appearances, story time, morning yoga, etc. Check the calendar for those fun times.

Extras include your meals and attractions (the ropes course, bowling, arcade, etc).

What is the Wolf Pass?

It’s a God-send, I tell you. I recommend that you invest in one for your kiddo to save money and hassle.

Basically, it’s a way to purchase their most popular add-on offerings in bulk, saving you about $35. The kids can play MagiQuest, get a new wand (or topper if they already have a wand,) climb the ropes course as much as they want, play mini golf, bowling, the rock wall, an arcade pass, and some candy and ice cream! Whew.

If you have a kiddo under 6yo then consider the Paw Pass for a little less (no bowling, ropes, rock climbing, etc) and toddlers will like the Pup Pass, which eliminates the MagiQuest game but adds a GWL t-shirt, plus a build-a-bear animal.

Are group discounts available?

This is a wonderful spot for a family reunion that includes the kids. What a fun way for the cousins to reconnect. Check out this page for groups, meetings, events, etc.

Great Wolf Lodge, Ga: We Answer Your Top 30 Most-Asked Questions [VIDEO]

About Suites and Rooms

What is included with the room price?

Your reservation includes the your room and access to the water park, and I love that there is NOT an extra “resort fee” so you know what you are getting up front.

Additionally, you get free wireless internet, fitness center access, in-room coffee, life jackets and wolf ears for the kiddos included with your stay. Towels in the water park are included, also. Just remember to return them or you will be charged a fee for a lost towel.

How many people can sleep in a room?

Most rooms accommodate the standard 4-6 people (usually with a sleeper sofa option.)

There are also suites that can accommodate up to 13 people, and everything in between. Check the configurations for what is best for your family.

Some suites include masters in their own space, multiple closed-door room options, a kitchen, second bathrooms, etc.

Are microwaves in the room?

Mini-fridges are in every room, but microwaves are not; however, there is a microwave on each floor near the ice machine.

Unlike a number of other GWL locations, there are no suites with kitchens in the Atlanta/LaGrange location.

What time can I check in?

Your room is not guaranteed to be available until 4pm, but you can check in at 1pm. That affords you the ability to get RFID wristband access to the water park.

I highly recommend this, to maximize your GWL experience!

Keep your luggage in the car (or use the lockers)…just make sure your swim suites are either on or easily accessible and hit the water park! When your room is ready, you’ll receive a text to your phone letting you know.

Also, check out is at 11am the next day. You can pay a premium to extend the use of your room..or do what we did and pack up the luggage early, but hang around all day.

Your wristband might not work for purchases after 11am (just use a cash or card instead) but you have access to the water park and attractions the rest of the day.

Great Wolf Lodge, Ga: We Answer Your Top 30 Most-Asked Questions [VIDEO]

About the Water Park and Activities

Is the water park indoors or outdoors?

Most of the “water park” is indoors, but there is also a large pool and hot tub outside. It is lined with chairs, loungers, tables and cabanas.

The outdoor pool is ALL 3ft so kids like my little one who is just learning to swim will feel very comfortable here.

Is the outdoor pool heated?

Yes! When we visited in summer, it felt like bath water…it will be divine in the winter.

Is there a spa?

Nope, not at this park!

What are the water park hours?

The times will vary by season. We visited in the dead of summer and on a weekday, and the water park opened at 9am and closed at 8pm. If your are curious about the times before you get there, you can chat with their team via the website.

I’ll admit that the late water park opening time is a little frustrating for parents with early risers (like mine!) The attractions opened an hour early, so we hit that part of the park first.

Prior to that, you can enjoy some Dunkin Donuts (they open at 6:30) and snuggle in bed watching some GWT TV like we did.

Are there options for my young children?


There is a toddler and young-children section of the water park, with slides, sprays and more they will enjoy.

And don’t forget the Pup Pass or Paw Pass I mention above, with activities like a GWL build-a-bear, etc.

My son was 3yo the first time I took him (it was the GWL Concord, NC location) and he loved every second!

Is there chlorine in the water?

The pools are kept clean with chlorine, not salt. But I will tell you this….I have an extreme sensitivity to over-chlorinated water. I can’t bear the smell…here in Georgia, it was ideal. I didn’t find it problematic at all.

Great Wolf Lodge, Ga: We Answer Your Top 30 Most-Asked Questions [VIDEO]

About Eating In and Around GWL

Are there allergy-friendly options?

One of the many things we appreciate about Great Wolf is their attention to detail about allergens.

Although parents who have children with severe allergies still need to be vigilant, Great Wolf Lodge makes a great effort to be an allergen-friendly zone by taking all peanuts and tree nuts out of their dining facilities, and chef’s are always on hand to talk to guests about their families specific dietary needs.

Is there a buffet?

Campfire Kitchen offers an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet with eggs, applewood bacon, their famous wolf waffles, and organic yogurts, granola, fresh fruits, and berries. Yum!

What restaurants are nearby?

There are plenty of dining options inside the park. We enjoyed everything from the [better-than-Helen, GA] Bavarian pretzel snacks…to salads, pizza and pasta…to an upscale dinner of steak salad and grilled trout. It was delicious.

But, if you insist on heading out, I recommend finding your way into Downtown LaGrange. For an upscale option, I cannot recommend Mare Sol more highly.

We also love Country’s BBQ and Charlie Joseph’s Famous Hot Dogs and Hamburgers. Charlie’s has been serving hotdogs in LaGrange for over 90 years. Kids will love the snack bar atmosphere with Coca-Cola memorabilia. Grab a chili cheese dog, a burger, even a PB&J.

Can I bring outside food?

You can! Whether you want to bring food for the baby, snacks for your hungry kiddos, or a bottle of wine for the adults – no problem!

You can’t bring your coolers into the water park, though…just the Lodge.

Here was our trick…we put a cooler on the deck of the outside pool…it was outside but on the patio area just outside the pool gate. We were following rules…the cooler was in the shade…and we could easily access Capri-Suns and granola bars for the boys. Oh, and that bottle of presecco on ice, when my Solo needed a refill.

Are there grills?

There are no grills, and no kitchens in this location. So, while you can bring your own food in, you can’t cook anything here.

Great Wolf Lodge, Ga: We Answer Your Top 30 Most-Asked Questions [VIDEO]

General Questions

Is there public transportation to get to the Lodge?

There is not public transportation near the Lagrange location. If you are flying in to enjoy the park, we recommend you rent a car from the airport.

Expect about a 1-hour drive (when you’re not in rush hour) … so getting an Uber from Hartsfield is probably more expensive than a rental car.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking including the use of electronic cigarettes and smokeless tobacco is not allowed on guest room patios and balconies, or in any area of the resort or water park. However, you may smoke in designated smoking areas. A cleaning fee may be applied if this policy is not followed.

Are pets allowed?

Only service animals are allowed in the Lodge.

Poochi Pet Resort is the most popular boarding option in LaGrange for dogs and pets. Be sure to have proof of vaccinations available, and reserve your spot early during peak times.

Is the park handicap accessible?

Yes! There are accessible rooms available, and many parts of the park can be accessed as well. The waterslides and elevated sections of the park (like the hot tub) are not wheelchair accessible.

What should I bring?

Kiddo and adult lifejackets, as well as towels, are available for use free of charge.

Besides the regular “we’re heading to a resort with a water park” gear, I’d add the following to my packing list:

  • Swim shoes, if you have them, for walking around the water park. We felt safe for the most part, but any wet surface can get slippery so if you have slip-resistant pool shoes that is a plus.
  • Closed-toe shoes for the ropes course and rock climbing wall. You are not permitted to climb without them.
  • A cooler with snacks to cut down on the amount of food you’ll need to purchase.
  • Your MagiQuest wand from a previous visit. You can re use it here!
  • A wet-bag for packing out those swim suites before you leave
  • Your kids most comfy PJs, because everyone is wearing theirs at story time!
  • Bathing suit cover ups, because it is very common to wear your suites (kids and adults) around the Lodge as you are going back and forth from the attractions to the water park. Life is better with a cover up.
  • A waterproof phone case will make sure your phone isn’t ruined from a rouge spray while you are capturing those perfect smiles. This is the highest rated one on Amazon, and recommended by Travel + Leisure.

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