50+ Delicious Reasons To Make a Pitstop at Farmview Market

If you take a foodie to Farmview Market, you are probably making a rest stop driving east from Atlanta along I-20. The foodie will notice the local produce and Georgia Grown products and want to linger. The Foodie will linger so long, he’ll get hungry and get a meal at the Farmview Café, the only farm-to-table quick service restaurant in Georgia.

The foodie will have such a fresh, delicious meal that he’ll want to recreate it at home, visiting the butcher, the baker and the fresh produce stands to get his ingredients before leaving, but he’ll also have to set an exquisite table, so he’ll buy some beautiful Georgia-made products at Farmview Market to decorate.

Later that evening, the Foodie will enjoy his home-made meal so much that he’ll plan a destination visit to Farmview Market to take a class with Farmview Schoolhouse, and since he’s driving west on I-20 back to Atlanta, he’ll probably make a rest stop, and because he realized there are so many other reasons to visit Farmview Market, he asked us to put together this list of 50+ Reasons to Make a Pitstop at Farmview Market. This isn’t your Grandma’s grocery store.

50+ Delicious Reasons To Make a Pitstop at Farmview Market
Photo courtesy of Farmview Market


50+ Delicious Reasons To Make a Pitstop at Farmview Market
Photo courtesy of Farmview Market
  • Big Green Rooster. When the Farmview front yard was in need of at little pizzazz, owners turned to neighbors Great Estates Landscaping to create a piece of iconic art, and the Big Green Rooster was born. Fun fact, the LED lights on the rooster are managed online, so the color can be easily changed, creating a perfect selfie spot. #BigGreenRooster
  • Beautiful Historic Barns. The Farmview Market building is actually two historically restored barns, which were relocated to Georgia from upstate New York. The barns represent two different barn styles and are from the 1700’s and the 1800’s.
  • Rocking Chairs. Rocking chairs on the front porch invite guests to sit a spell and enjoy the country air (and maybe a few treats from inside).
  • Dog Friendly. Pets need a break too. There is plenty of space outside at Farmview Market for them to stretch their legs. And while you are there, treat your pet to some all-natural hickory smoked 100% beef bones from Georgia business Simply Southern Bones.
  • Clean Restrooms. A must for any family rest area.
  • Friendly Service. The team members at Farmview Market are just as proud of who they serve as what they serve, and it shows.
  • Parking. It’s easy to get in and out of Farmview because there is tons of parking, even for buses and bigger vehicles.
  • Meeting space for up to 50. Need a place for your group to meet? Farmview has a rental room that accommodates 50 – with no rental fee!
  • Location, location, location. And the Market’s location on Exit 114 from Atlanta makes it easy to get on and off I-20. Plus it’s just down the street from Historic Madison, Ga.!

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50+ Delicious Reasons To Make a Pitstop at Farmview Market
Photo courtesy of Farmview Market
  • Shop Local. Farmview Market supports more than 300 local farmers and producers by selling their products in the store. Good for them, great for you.
  • Local Produce. All the produce at Farmview Market comes from local farmers, which means it’s always fresh. Always delicious.
  • Brands that have been tasted and tested. Nothing at Farmview Market makes it to the shelves without being thoroughly tasted and tested by the team, so you know you’re getting something good.
  • Olive Farms. Did you know that Georgia has four olive farms? Yup, and you can get extra virgin olive oils from these local companies at Farmview Market. Try the infused Pecan Oil and Sunflower Oil, or the blood orange flavored oil – they’re amazing!
  • Fair Trade Artisan olive wood products benefiting CURE. Beautiful items that do good, and look good on your table. CURE performs life-saving surgeries for children in developing countries.
  • Themed Locally Sourced Gift Boxes. Need a gift for the person who has everything? A themed gift box of Georgia grown products is always a winner. For my husband, the griller’s companion, my middle son, the Georgia Breakfast box, the youngest Runamok maple syrup, and for the college student, the Southern Snacker that includes peanut brittle and popcorn.
  • Essential Oils and Handmade Soaps and Lotions. Need a hostess gift that’s a cut above the rest? Check out Farmviews selection of locally sourced essential oils, soaps and lotions.
  • Farmview Worm Castings. You don’t work with farmers every day without picking up a few tips and best practices. Stock up on Farmview’s worm castings to mix in your raised beds, container kits and seed mixes give your plants and seeds a healthy start with a natural soil amendment packed with lots of good micronutrients.


50+ Delicious Reasons To Make a Pitstop at Farmview Market
Photo courtesy of Farmview Market
  • Raw Juices & Smoothies. It’s the perfect way to start, or maybe end your day. Pick a favorite like the Good Morning Sunshine, Dr. Feel Good, Kale-icious or Energizer Monkey.
  • Coffee. Coffee is America’s favorite drink, and Farmview Market has the best cup of joe around. It’s a custom blend that is certified organic.
  • Fresh Cinnamon Rolls Daily. What goes great with fresh ground coffee? These bakery treats which are made fresh daily, and I don’t mean in a countertop oven.
  • Biscuits. My favorite southern food may be the biscuit. These house-made delights are fabulous.
  • Jam Stuffed French Toast. Need a little more in your belly than just rolls or biscuits. May I recommend the jam stuffed French toast?
  • Farmview Café’s Culinary Herb Garden. Right outside the Farmview Cafe is a culinary herb garden. The herbs are used to spice up the dishes used in the Café. Take a tour of the garden and get some ideas for your own herb growing.
  • Sapelo Island Clam Chowder. Fresh from the Georgia Coast. This isn’t always on the menu, but when it is, get it.
  • Farmview’s Vegetable Soup. One of the best ways to eat your daily allowance of vegetables, Find it in the grocery section and take some home for later.
  • Fresh Salad Bar. You know it’s going to be a great salad bar when you see some of the items growing right outside the window!
  • Southern Cobb Salad. Nominated as one of the 100 Plates Locals Love. This amazing entrée salad includes Reedy Creek greens, local cherry tomatoes, Farmers cheese, Farmview bacon, deviled eggs and crispy onions and is available at the Farmview Market Café.
  • Pimen-Tom Cheese Sandwich. Another café fan favorite is the Pimen-Tom Cheese sandwich. It’s served warm on ciabatta with a fried green tomato and bacon (because everything is better with Farmview bacon).
  • Rock House Farm Burger. Our family eats a lot of burgers. You could say we are burger connoisseurs. So believe me when I say try the Rock House burger with pimento cheese, house made bacon, and crispy Vidalia onion rings. You’re welcome.

And save room for dessert….

  • Banana Pudding Cheesecake. The Farmview bakery would give any big city establishment a run for their money. Try the banana pudding cheesecake. It’s a specialty worth every calorie.
  • Coconut Custard Pie. More of a pie person? They’ve got you covered too.
  • Ice Cream. As wonderful as the produce is at Farmview, they hooked me with ice cream. It’s the perfect treat to enjoy while you are shopping, or maybe just as a welcome break from the road.
  • The Farmview Grist Mill. A Grist Mill was once an integral part of creating foods, which is why there is a functioning Grist Mill at Farmview Market. Watch as grain is fed into the hopper and ground. Then grab a bag of the freshly ground girts or cornmeal to take home. The corn comes from the Rock House Farm in Leesburg. The Hickory King blend of corn is perfect for grits and makes cornbread even a connoisseur will love.
  • Farmview Grits. There are grits, and then there are Farmview Market’s locally sourced Hickory King heirloom stone ground grits. The only thing better is adding shrimp!


50+ Delicious Reasons To Make a Pitstop at Farmview Market
Photo courtesy of Farmview Market
  • Smiling Butchers. Who will butcher the meats any way you want, anytime. Plus, have a special request? No problem. Just call ahead and they’ll make it happen.
  • Artisan Butchers. Meet Alan Whitaker and Glen Wellman, Farmview Market’s butchers. Farmview is one of a small number of full-service, traditional butcher shops in Georgia. In addition to fresh cuts of beef, pork, chicken and lamb, the butchers also make a variety of amazing sausage, jerkies and snack sticks. Got a special request? The guys are happy to fill it. Heck they get fresh lobster delivered once a month for one guest.
  • Marinated Meats to Go. While you are shopping, have Farmview Market marinate your meat so it’s ready for the grill as soon as you get home. They’ll even pack it on ice in a cooler bag so it’s fresh when you reach your destination!
  • House Smoked Meats. Better yet, just bring home some already smoked meat. Farmview Market has an in-house smoker where they cook the choicest cuts, and make the whole place smell delicious in the process.
  • Heritage Rock House Farm Berkshire Pork Chops. Just one word here – YUM!
  • Rock House Creamery Chocolate Milk. Near Farmview Market is Rock House Creamery where milk goes from the cows to the bottle in 48 hours or less. What could be better than fresh milk? Fresh chocolate milk made with premium dark cocoa powder and real cane sugar, that’s what. And, it won the 2018 Flavor of Georgia contest.
  • Clack’s Cheese Curds. A squeaky snack, cheese curds are a delicious by-product of cheese making. You know they are fresh when they make a squeaky sound as you eat them.
  • Good Food to Go. Eat in or take out. Farmview Café is the only farm-to-table quick service restaurant in Georgia.
  • Quick Meal Solutions. The Market has everything you need to create an amazing fresh dinner, but if you are running low on time, it’s easy to grab a healthy locally sourced meal ready to heat and serve.


50+ Delicious Reasons To Make a Pitstop at Farmview Market
Photo courtesy of Farmview Market
  • Chef’s Farm Table. Wednesday – Saturday from 11 – 2 pm, enjoy Chef’s Farm Table at the Café. You’ll enjoy traditional southern food like fried chicken and fish with local vegetables cooked the way your grandmother made them.
  • Flavors of Fall Festival. Held on an October Saturday each year, the Flavors of Fall Festival is a great event. Enjoy fresh produce, handmade crafts, and delicious food from local vendors. They also have a petting zoo for kids, and lawn games, free samples, and live music for everyone.
  • Farmers Market at Farmview Saturdays. If perusing the Georgia Grown products in Farmview Market still seems a little too removed from the source for you, then come out on Saturdays for the seasonal (spring-fall) weekly farmers market where you’ll meet the farmers and artisan craftsman face-to-face.
  • Farmview Schoolhouse. You’ll never grow old if you are learning something new. Farmview Schoolhouse has a wide variety of classes that are always changing. Some are related to food, but you might also find a class on quilting, or making a Raised Bed. Book early for the Instant Pot Cooking classes – they sellout FAST!
  • Southern Classic BBQ Competition. Whether you compete or just come to savor the delicious results, mark your calendar for this late August event. There is a large cash grand prize, but the real winner will be your belly. Bring the kids too. There is live music and kids’ crafts.
  • Monthly Family Friendly Events. There is always something new going on at Farmview Market. From monthly supper club events to classes, many of the events are family friendly. Keep an eye on the Farmview Market website calendar for the latest.
  • Seasonal Recipes. Need the perfect recipe for your garden’s bounty? Farmview Market chefs are happy to share their recipes, either at the Market or online at www.farmviewmarket.com. If you make the jam stuffed French toast, make extra, I’m coming over.


Is Farmview Market good for kids?

Farmview Market is definitely a family-friendly stop! Kids will love the menu items in the cafe, and there are plenty of fun things to look at in the market.

What is Madison, GA, known for?

Madison, GA, is known for its historical homes and buildings, awesome arts scene, and its beautiful downtown area. After a visit to Farmview Market, take time to explore the shops and greenspace in downtown Madison.

When was Madison, GA, established?

The town of Madison, GA, was established in 1809. The early town flourished as a stagecoach stop and an in-town residence for planters’ families.



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50+ Delicious Reasons To Make a Pitstop at Farmview Market