Callaway Gardens Zipline and Treetop Adventure: Sky High Fun for Ages 4 and Up

The Callaway Gardens Zipline and Treetop Adventure in Pine Mountain, GA, is a combination of a challenging ropes course and moderate zip lines.  The experience is a whole lot of fun, especially for tweens and teens, but they also have a course for little guys too.

Ready to learn more about this exciting add-on experience at Callaway Gardens? Here’s everything you need to know about the Treetop Adventure and Ziplines at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia.

Callaway Gardens Zipline and Treetop Adventure: Sky High Fun for Ages 4 and Up


The first thing you need to know is that the Callaway Gardens Zipline and Treetop Adventure operates year round. This location has 3 adventure courses that span more than 3,000 feet horizontally and soar up to 70 feet above the forest floor. These courses are adventure courses that mix fun obstacles and ziplines combined.

These courses are height based – The Discovery/Lake courses require a minimum height of 56 inches. The Sapling course is designed for those 36 – 60 inches, and the minimum age to participate is 4 years old.

The entire Callaway Gardens TreeTop Adventure course takes about 60 – 90 minutes to complete. Included in the adventure are a total of five zip lines that range from 44 to 210 feet long. If you’ve zip lined before, you’ll sail through this portion of the course, if not, taking that first step is a bit tricky, but well worth it in the end.


In addition to the ziplines at Treetop Adventure, there are 19 different sections comprised of ladders, wires, logs, discs, netting and other suspended materials, which all seem to sway and move as you walk over them, especially the farther into the course you go.

Guides offer assistance from the forest floor, but they do not accompany you along the adventure. It’s actually one of the nice things about the course. Participants can go at their own pace without having to wait for the group. Tethering and safety measures are reviewed at the beginning of the course, but participants are entrusted with moving their own carabineer clips throughout the adventure.

My oldest started off a bit cocky when we went, leaning out tethered to the safety rope at the beginning. As we moved on, his attention turned to how to keep obstacles from moving so he could get across easier.

We were in front of a group of teenage girlfriends. At the beginning they were quite silly. After they started it was screeches and “I can’t do this,” but as we continued, the girls calmed down and started encouraging each other, offering tips for how to overcome obstacles and one girl’s obvious fear of heights. It was fun to listen to their encouragement and sense of accomplishment at completed sections.


They ask that taller guests please select from these course options:

  • The Discovery Course: Features include 5 zip lines and 19 more obstacles comprised of ladders, wires, logs, discs, swings, and other suspended surfaces, each requiring a high-level balancing act that must be carefully executed in order to reach the next challenge or zipline.
  • Lake Course: This course is for those who complete 2/3 of the Discovery Course or for those who purchased Guided Lakes.  It includes 5 zip lines, three of which are over water and vary from 200-700ft long! It has four obstacles and a spiral staircase that takes you 70ft in the air.


Treetop Adventure is an especially fun family outing for groups with older children. Officially you must be at least 54 inches tall to participate, but I’d recommend a bit taller. For those who are younger, Callaway Gardens also has a course called the Sapling Course for smaller kids. Participants on the Sapling Course must be 4 years old and 36″ to 60″ inches tall.

This course is designed for those who do not reach the Discovery Course’s 56” height requirement. The Sapling Course offers 10 obstacles, one zip-swing and one zip line.

My youngest wanted to be like his older brothers and do the big kid course. At almost 8 years old and 54 inches exactly, he was tall enough to do the course, but failed the ground school test that is essential for going out on the course.

If you fail ground school you can get your money refunded, however, once you step onto the course, there are no refunds, so take a look at the pictures and determine if you think your child can really make it.

Although he was quite disappointed on the front end, I was glad my youngest didn’t join us. He’s an enthusiastic adventurer, having caved and hang glided, but I’m not sure he would have been able to master the ropes course at Treetop Adventure. Some of the obstacles are quite far apart, especially for short legs. In addition, there is no breaking mechanism on the zip line. Participants must break themselves using their gloved hand. It’s not difficult once you get used to it, but his arms were a few inches too short to really get a good hand on the line.

Even in ground school, his arm was jerking back. Had he done the course zips the same way he could have crashed or even dislocated his shoulder. The course is completely safe, but this is adventure travel, so be smart about your child’s abilities. All that said, my husband rode bikes with him to the Butterfly Center and he had a butterfly land on him – all was good.


Callaway Garden Zipline Treetop Adventure
  • Participants must be 54 inches or taller.
  • Harness holds up to 260 pounds. Maximum waist size is 48 inches. Maximum thigh size is 26 inches.
  • Closed-toe, secure footwear is required — no sandals, flip-flops, water shoes, Crocs, etc.
  • Reservations are required.
  • Tickets are non-refundable.
Callaway Gardens Zipline and Treetop Adventure: Sky High Fun for Ages 4 and Up



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Callaway Gardens Zipline and Treetop Adventure: Sky High Fun for Ages 4 and Up