29 Amazing Things To Do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is one of the best destinations to visit no matter the season! It is most famous for its rugged mountains, the Tetons, which provide ample opportunity for exploration and fun in both the summer and winter months. 

In the summer, you can go boating or kayaking around Jenny Lake, take scenic drives all around the park, or hike to the most stunning overlooks in the world in Grand Teton National Park. In the winter, test your ski or snowboarding skills at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, take a dog sled tour, enjoy a sleigh ride, or visit an area that is home to the most concentrated amount of hot springs in the world. 

No matter when you’re visiting Jackson Hole, you’re sure to have an incredible time! Keep reading to learn the best things to do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.



No trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming is complete without a visit to Grand Teton National Park! The Tetons are known for being a very rugged mountain range with stunning scenery and rich in geological features and wildlife.

Explore the park by taking many scenic drives or hiking trails to picturesque overlooks. Spend your days out on the water by boating or kayaking along the Snake River, or paddling to different trailheads at Jenny Lake. You can even try your hand at climbing the mountains. Want to stay here? Consider reserving a campsite at Gros Ventre Campground, the park’s largest campground, which is close to the town of Jackson.

No matter what you do in Grand Teton National Park, you’re sure to see some incredible scenery and wildlife.



One of the best ways to see Grand Teton National Park is by driving the 42-Mile Scenic Drive Loop around the park. There are two sections of this road: the outer road and inner road.

The outer road gives you a great panoramic view of the park, while the inner road provides a different perspective as you’re closer to the mountains. You’ll not only witness some incredible mountain views when you drive the 42-Mile Scenic Loop, but you’ll also find that many of the park’s main attractions are located along it.

A very effective way to get a great overview of Grand Teton National Park would be to spend a day driving the loop and stopping at different viewpoints or trailheads along the way. Some of the most iconic stops along the 42-mile Scenic Drive include Jenny Lake, Inspiration Point, and more. 

Details: Website


Jenny Lake is one of the most popular areas to visit in Grand Teton National Park, and for good reason! There is so much to do in and around this scenic alpine lake such as hiking, kayaking, boating, camping, bike riding, and more.

Take a scenic drive or bike ride around Jenny Lake and then park at the Jenny Lake Visitor’s Center. You can access all areas of the lake from here, rent a kayak or boat, or obtain any backcountry permits, like those to Hurricane Pass or Cascade Canyon.

For some scenic hikes around the lake, check out Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. You can boat or kayak for easier access to these trailheads or take the shuttle across. No matter what you do at Jenny Lake, you’re sure to see some beautiful views and have an incredible day.

Details: Teton Park Rd, Moose, WY 83012 | Website


If you’ve only ever seen one photo of Grand Teton National Park, it was most likely a photo of the view from Oxbow Bend. Here you can see the reflection of the majestic Mount Moran over the Snake River, which is the most iconic view in the park.

No two pictures of Oxbow Bend look the same, as both the weather and seasons are always changing. Every sunrise and sunset is so unique, and the leaves turn different colors at different times of the year. Every year at the end of September, you’ll see photographers flocking to capture the golden aspen leaves before they fall to the ground for the winter.

Stop by for a beautiful view and one of a kind photograph of Oxbow Bend.

Details: Grand Teton National Park | Website


If you love scenic drives, you must take a drive along Moose Wilson Road! This unpaved 8-mile road starts at the entrance to Grand Teton National Park in Teton Village, and ends at the Crag Thomas Discovery Center in Moose, Wyoming.

Here you’ll get to see the water, the mountains, and plenty of wildlife, such as beavers and birds. It is closed to motor vehicles beginning on November 1st each year and opens as soon as weather permits, which is normally in mid-May. Always check to see if it’s open though no matter the season, as it can close due to weather or bear activity in the summer months as well.

Details: Website


In the southeast corner of Grand Teton National Park, at the end of Antelope Flats Road, you’ll find many famous barns and other infrastructure making up the Mormon Row Historic District.

This area is known for its rich cultural history, architecture, and picturesque photo opportunities that showcase what life was like in this little Morman town in the early 1900s. When you visit the Tetons, make sure to visit this district to see all the different parts of the community, with lovely views of the Teton Range in the distance.

Details: 13040 Antelope Flats Rd, Moose, WY 83012 | Website


If you only do one hike in Grand Teton National Park, it should be the hike to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. This is by far the most popular hike in the park, so be sure to arrive early if you wish to have the trail to yourself.

In order to reach the trailhead, you must first park at the Jenny Lake parking area and take either a kayak or ferry across the lake. This trail is only about 2 miles long, so it’s not too strenuous and it provides gorgeous views of Jenny Lake, the falls, and the Cascade Canyon area. Be sure to check it out when you visit the Tetons!

My favorite way to visit is to spend the night at the Jenny Lake Campground, kayak to the trailhead just before sunrise, hike to the top, and spend the rest of the day out on the water afterwards.

Details: Alta, WY 83414 | Website


Schwabacher Landing is one of the most stunning viewpoints in America, and a must-visit on your trip to Grand Teton National Park. The terrain here is very flat, and provides stunning views of the Tetons reflected against the Snake River from the ground. Standing here can make you feel so small in the most majestic way.

Because of the flat terrain, the Schwabacher Landing provides a natural launch spot for anglers and river rafters to head out and spend time on the river. You will also find a few trailheads from the parking lot that allow you to see the Teton range from a few different viewpoints.

The road to get to Schwabacher Landing is generally open year round, but is best to travel to in the summer months.

Details: US-191, Moose, WY 83012


Leigh Lake is the third largest lake in Grand Teton National Park and also one of the deepest. It is only accessible by hiking in or by boat, not by car.

When you get to the trailhead you’ll first find a sign leading you to String Lake, which is an excellent area to enjoy a picnic while admiring the views of the Teton range. From here you can launch your non-motorized boat or kayak, or finish the 2-ish mile hike up to Leigh Lake. From here you can admire the views from the shores of the lake, or access other trailheads, such as those to Paintbrush Canyon.

Details: Alta, WY 83414 | Website


Taggart Lake is a 305-acre, glacially carved lake that provides excellent views of the tallest mountain in the Teton range, which is locally known as The Grand Teton, though you also might hear it be called Mount Hayden.

The Taggart Lake Trail only includes about 300 feet of elevation gain, so it’s a very easy hike to accomplish and provides some of the best views (especially in the fall), making it one of the most popular trails in Grand Teton National Park.

You can hike the trail as an out and back, or if you’d prefer to make it a loop, you can hike back to the trailhead via the Beaver Creek Trail. Turning this into a loop only adds about half of a mile to your total hike, and allows you to explore some different terrain.

Details: Website


The Phelps Lake Overlook is one of my favorite overlooks in the entire world! The hike to the lake is considered easy to complete and provides some of the most stunning views you’ve ever seen.

The trailhead to Phelps Lake is the Death Canyon Trailhead. Four wheel drive is required to reach the trailhead, but there is also a landing about a mile down where two wheel drive vehicles can park and walk up to the trailhead. From here, the magic begins!

The beginning of your hike takes you through a forest, where you’ll find tall pine trees and aspen groves. A little ways in, you’ll find a fork where you can take either Woodland Trail or Lake Creek Trail. I recommend taking the Woodland Trail, as this is the most direct and scenic route to The Phelps Lake Overlook. Once you reach the clearing with the lake, you’ll finally see the rocky shores of the crystal clear water with pine trees shooting up to meet the mountains in the distance.

Spend some time enjoying a picnic and taking a walk along the lake before heading out to your next adventure in the Tetons.

Details: Website


Signal Mountain is the best place in the Tetons to catch the sunrise and sunset! It’s not too far away from other main attractions and also not generally very busy in the morning, so you’ll get to enjoy some quiet time alone, minus making some wildlife friends.

There is a good mix of terrain along this hike and the view from the summit at Jackson Point showcases 360 degree views of natural beauty. Bring a journal, a blanket, and a cup of coffee for a serene morning from the top of Signal Mountain.

Details: Grand Teton National Park, 1 Inner Park Rd, Moran, WY 83013 | Website


29 Amazing Things To Do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Enjoy the beauty of wide, snowy plains, view Wyoming’s wildlife, and learn about the terrain and geology in a fun and adventurous way by taking a snowmobile tour.

Join experienced guides who can show you the landscape like you’ve never seen it before. You can trust your tour guide to provide needed equipment, help you get the best pictures, and experience a really fun day. Take trails through the forest and enjoy the beautiful, pristine, snow covered wonderland in a way you will never forget.

You can cover a lot of ground and access remote trails on one of these incredible Snowmobile Tours. Many include lunch and other activities too.

Details: Website


Many skiers and snowboarders flock to Jackson Hole, Wyoming every winter to enjoy its tough trails and famous “cowboy powder,” which is fluffy white and always fresh.

Details: Website


Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is one of the most popular ski resorts in North America, especially for more advanced skiers and snowboarders, as its terrain allows for some unique challenges. Nearly half of the terrain in Jackson Hole is rated expert, and it is home to the steepest open run in North America.

While this mountain has plenty of scary slopes, beginners need not be afraid. There are a few green runs at the bottom of the mountain that you can stick to, or I’d recommend visiting some other ski resorts listed below.

Note: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is included in the IKON Pass!

Details: 3395 Cody Ln, Teton Village, WY 83025 | Website


Grand Targhee Ski Resort is another excellent choice in the Tetons, and caters to more intermediate skiers. It sits higher than Jackson Hole Ski Resort does, and receives 500 inches of snow annually, so the weather is always changing and the powder’s always fresh.

It’s more wide open and sees less traffic than Jackson Hole does, so it’s a great spot to go if you’re looking to just improve your ski or snowboarding skills, or enjoy shorter lines. Be sure to pop into town after a day on the mountain to enjoy some local grub and a family-friendly atmosphere.

Details: 3300 Ski Hill Rd, Alta, WY 83414 | Website


Snow King is another great ski resort in Jackson Hole, and one I would recommend for beginners. They have an excellent ski school, fewer crowds, and more beginner-friendly terrain than the other resorts.

It’s also located conveniently to downtown Jackson Hole, so you can grab a bite to eat and plop down into your hotel bed the second you get off the mountain for the day.

Details: 402 E Snow King Ave, Jackson, WY 83001 | Website


If you prefer to sit back in warm, comfy transportation while leaving the driving to an experienced guide, a Snowcoach tour is for you. Snowcoach tours are perfect for families and other groups of various ages and abilities, and are great for a relaxing day of sightseeing.

You can experience trails, see wildlife and areas accessible by snowmobile, without being directly in the elements, and not needing any type of driving experience. You will get a clear view, see spectacular scenery, and enjoy learning, insight and conversations with an experienced guide and your tour group. Relax and enjoy the beauty of a Snowcoach Tour in nature’s wonderland.

Details: Website


Dog sledding is one of the best ways to see the Tetons in a fun and unique way.

There are many dog sled tour companies available in Jackson Hole. It’s important to research which company you go with to make sure they implement ethical practices, so you can enjoy a fun day in the mountains with happy doggos.

Details: Website


Jackson Hole Iditarod Dog Sled tours are the original dog sled tour company of Jackson Hole, and they certainly know how to pack in a full day of fun and adventure! They offer a few different types of tours that you can choose from, depending on how much work you want to do yourself and how long you’re looking to be out.

My favorite tour that they offer is a full day trip to Granite Hot Springs. Ride the dog sled to the hot springs, take a dip for the afternoon, and try your hand at driving the sled on your way back to town!

Details: Granite Creek Road, Jackson, WY 83001 | Website


Jackson Hole is home to some of the most amazing hot springs in the country. Enjoy a day out in the snow, and then relax in the natural springs. What could be better than that?


Granite Hot Springs is a developed, concrete, hot spring pool located beside Granite Creek, above Granite Creek Falls, amidst beautiful, huge spruce, pine and fir forest. The number of people in the pool at one time is limited, as well as the time each person may soak in the pool is limited to one hour.

The hot springs are open in the summer and in the winter. During winter months, they’re only accessible by snowmobile, dogsled, skiing or fat biking. The drive in the summer can be long and bumpy, but also very scenic.

Call ahead to check hours and make sure the road is open.

Details: Website


Astoria Hot Springs is situated within Astoria Park along the banks of the Snake River. Astoria Hot Springs features five different man-made soaking pools with natural thermal waters. Each of the pools is temperature controlled at different temperatures. This is an ideal family and group activity.

The springs are open year round, although hours vary, they’re generally 9:00 a.m. until sunset. Advance ticket purchase is recommended. Memberships are also available and 100% of ticket sales support the Astoria Park Conservancy.

Details: 25 W Johnny Counts Rd, Jackson, WY 83001 | Website


29 Amazing Things To Do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


If you are looking for a great outdoor activity for the whole family, that can accommodate those young and old, make sure you check out all the horseback riding options in Jackson Hole.  There are many outfitters that provide different intensity levels and duration of rides, depending on what you’re looking for. 

Teton Village Trail Rides offer more relaxed excursions around the Snake River Ranch.  Triangle X Ranch offers horseback riding vacations, where you have the opportunity to go horseback riding in Grand Teton National Park, and also has the option to include meals, fishing equipment and an overnight camping experience.

Now if you are all about the full experience and love enjoying food along the way, a chuckwagon ride is perfect for you! Experience the Old West by jumping in a chuckwagon and riding to camp where you can sit at rows of tables next to the sizzling smells of beef and barbecue chicken. From being greeted by rugged cowboys, to enjoying a camp dinner with friends and family, this is an experience you do not want to miss!

Details: Website


Whitewater rafting down the Snake River will be the best adrenaline pumping, adventure seeking activity that you can do on your trip. Whether it’s a family trip or friend getaway, this activity is good for anyone over the age of 6 and can accommodate anywhere from 8-14 people.

Depending on how much excitement you are prepared to handle, there are many options to accommodate those of all ages and experiences. If you are seeking a more demanding activity that will bring you through rapids and put a smile on your face, try the 8-mile whitewater trip. If you’d prefer not to spend the ride gripping onto the paddles and splashing through rough waters, try a 16-mile scenic float and lunch combo.

No matter what options you choose, whitewater rafting down the Snake River will be an amazing memorable experience the entire family is sure to love.

Details: 260 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001 | Website


Jump into real cowboy culture at the Jackson Hole Rodeo, starting at 8 p.m. every Wednesday and Saturday, from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day. Take the whole family along to experience the Old West, with bronco riding, bull riding, barrel racing, team roping, calf roping and breakaway roping.

No matter what you get to see while stepping into the rodeo, you are guaranteed a great time, with beautiful views of the mountains and a breathtaking sunset.  Creating excitement from the minute it starts, the rodeo is never a boring option and a great way to entertain the entire family!

Details: 447 W Snow King Ave, Jackson, WY 83001 | Website


There’s a reason why Jackson Hole calls their resorts “mountain resorts” and not “ski resorts.” While spending the winter months skiing around Jackson Hole is an item that should be on your bucket list, there’s still plenty to do in Jackson Hole in the summer.

Ride the aerial tram up to a ropes course, go ziplining, or try your hand at mountain biking to experience the gondolas and mountain terrain, even when there’s no snow on the ground. Take the gondola at Jackson Hole Resort up over Teton Village, and explore the mountain biking trails on your way back down.

Located along the base of Snow King Mountain is the Cowboy Coaster, an activity you may not have had the chance to experience before.  Covering nearly a mile of loops, turns and thrills, this coaster descends the equivalent of a 45-story building.  If you are daring enough to lift your eyes up while coasting down the mountain, you will experience the stunning Teton views all around you. 

Although you must be over the age of 3 and meet the height requirements, this is a family friendly activity that everyone is sure to enjoy!


29 Amazing Things To Do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


As soon as you see those Antler Arches, you know you’re in Jackson Town Square. In the center of the town of Jackson, you’ll find the George Washington Memorial Park, which is known as a civic and cultural hub. Each entrance to the park is adorned with large arches made out of elk antlers, which are provided by the National Elk Refuge nearby. Surrounding the park are plenty of bars, restaurants, shops, and galleries to visit.

If you are interested in horseback riding, but do not want to ride on one yourself, or just want a quick activity to take the kids to, Jackson Hole provides stagecoach rides around the Town Square. Offered everyday between Memorial Day and Labor Day, this 8-10 minute ride can be the perfect option for any family.

Details: 10 E Broadway Ave, Jackson, WY 83001 | Website


The Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum provides an opportunity for visitors to learn all about the history of the valley in Jackson, as well as Grand Teton National Park and nearby Yellowstone National Park.

Stop by to learn more about the history of the area, check out their various programs, or hop into one of their downtown Jackson walking tours to learn more about the history of the town and surrounding parks.

Details: 225 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001 | Website


The National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole is a must-visit art museum that the whole family will enjoy.

This museum is home to more than 5,000 pieces of art, representing wild animals from around the world. Enjoy seeing work by artists such as Georgie O’Keeffee, Andy Warhol, John James Audobon, Carl Rungius, and more. Built into a hillside overlooking the National Elk Refuge, this museum features amazing permanent collections and visiting collections too.

With an on-site restaurant, a fun gift shop, and more — a visit here is a can’t-miss.

Details: 2820 Runguis Rd, Jackson, WY 83001 | Website


29 Amazing Things To Do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If you have an extra day or weekend during your trip to Jackson Hole, I highly recommend taking a day trip to Yellowstone National Park, as it is located only about two and a half hours from Jackson. Yellowstone was the first incorporated national park in the United States, and one of the first national parks in the world.

It sits on top of a dormant volcano, and it is known for having some of the most unique geological features in the world, including the Old Faithful Geyser, among many other natural hot springs and geysers.

The best time to visit Yellowstone National Park is in the spring and fall, as that is when you have the best chance of spotting wildlife and enjoying fewer crowds, though there is still so much to enjoy in Yellowstone at any time of year.

The most popular area in the park is the Upper Geyser Basin. This area is home to the largest geyser in the park, Old Faithful, and also has the highest concentration of hot springs in the world. Some other popular attractions you absolutely cannot miss are the overlook at Artist Point, and the Grand Prismatic Spring area. Here you’ll find picturesque mountain views and stunning hikes.




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