7+ Best Georgia Paintball Spots Your Crew Will Love

Paintball is great fun for the older kids, perfect for birthday parties, and excellent for family bonding. I mean — can you think of a better way to let out a little pent-up aggression? All in good fun, of course!

And now, with so many places offering low-impact options, even kiddos as young as seven years old can partake in fun! Looking for Georgia paintball locations? We’ve got them!

Here are the most popular paintball locations in Atlanta, as well as a few on the outskirts of the city.

7+ Best Georgia Paintball Spots Your Crew Will Love


Georgia paintball locations


Paintball Atlanta is one of the largest paintball locations in the city, and they have been around the longest. The Shiloh Road location offers six different fields. Rentals include premium guns and masks, air tanks and ammo. Enjoy open play on Saturdays and Sundays.

They also offer low-impact paintball by reservation on certain days. Ages 10+.


Wildfire Paintball‘s Snellville location provides a paintball field indoors! At this location, you’ll find great weekday special deals, and they offer low impact SPLATMASTER games for kids 7-12. It’s a great introduction for the younger crowd.

In August 2023, Wildfire Paintball is opening an outdoor field location in Madison, GA.


Classic Paintball has a family-friendly paintball field and pro shop, and has been in business since 2001. They offer five separate playing areas, including an urban city for large group play.

Classic employs referees to ensure your safety and to help keep the paintball matches safe and enjoyable for all ages, 10 and up.

Bonus: It’s only five miles from Six Flags!


Xtreme Paintball caters to the beginner and experienced paintball players with games to satisfy any player’s paintball needs. XPC offers continuous games all day: one-shot beginner games, woodsball, capture the flag, attack and defend, center flag, speedball, and more. 

You’ll also find Little League Paintball and low-impact markers for kids seven and up.  Open play on weekends; Private rental on weekdays.


Owner Mike Lanier started the fun more than 20 years ago as an activity for his fire station buddies. Now Arkenstone is a destination for the weekend warrior.

There are five different fields of play at Arkenstone Paintball – Dodge City, Warzone, Chaos, Bunker Hill and Castle. Groups are mingled together, although they will split them up if the groups are too varied. Referees monitor play and help organize the games. My boys played capture the flag, single elimination, and storm the castle.


Top paintball locations outside of Atlanta

Here are few more popular Georgia paintball locations around the state.

  • Athens Paintball (Winterville). Athens Paintball is less than 10 minutes from Downtown Athens and the University of Georgia. This field sometimes hosts games in the evening hours, weather permitting.
  • Big Indian Paintball (Perry). Big Indian Paintball has 25 acres of playing fields! You’ll find set ups like an urban town or trail-filled woods. This place is perfect for every type of player.


  • Ask about gun velocity. The higher the velocity, the faster the paintballs, and the more they hurt. Make sure everyone’s velocity is at the same level – especially if the people playing bring their own guns.
  • Fill the hopper half way or less. The tendency for new players is to shoot, continuously. Paintball is more of a sniper game. If you just keep pulling the trigger, you’ll be out of paintballs (and probably the game) fast. Let new players get the feel for the game by only filling up their hopper halfway. That is, unless you have an unlimited budget for more paintballs.
  • Engage the Referees. We’ve been to a few different locations to play paintball. Atlanta has several different fields (listed above). At some places the refs were in place to keep things moving. At other places the refs played a more active role, planning out the specific game that would be played. If you are going with younger or inexperienced players, ask beforehand how involved the refs will be in play.
  • Know the competition. Most fields will meld players (unless you buy out the entire field of play). That means you are playing against folks you don’t know and may not have the same view of the game. My 10-year-old played with his older brothers and a group of older guys. Even after warning the other team, “Hey the only guy left is 10 and he’s not a big paintball player,” they still went a little Rambo on him. This is where engaging the refs beforehand may help.
  • Split the Groups. If the paintball fight is too much (or not enough) for you, see if they can split the groups. If you are looking for the right paintball for kids, it helps to ask a few questions before you go. See if there is a better time for novice players, or make sure there are no serious paintball groups that will be there when you go.


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7+ Best Georgia Paintball Spots Your Crew Will Love