15 Best Montana Ski Resorts To Visit This Winter

As one of the coldest states in the country, Montana’s winters can be very, VERY cold. But with these cold winters also comes lots of snow and plenty of skiing opportunities!

If you’re making your way to Montana this winter season, pack your skis and snowboards — here are some of the best Montana ski resorts that you should visit.  


15 Best Montana Ski Resorts To Visit This Winter

The biggest skiing in America awaits you this winter with epic peaks and wide-open spaces at one of the best resorts in Montana. The family-friendly Big Sky Resort offers everything to make your winter trip special. This Rocky Mountain resort features skiable terrain of over 5,800 acres, along with various slopes. They feature easy runs for individuals fresh in ski school, as well as fast and steep ones that could challenge veteran skiers.

You can use their advanced chairlift system to get to various peaks of this Montana ski resort. The lift lines run throughout the various trail for experts. Some of their most popular chairlifts include the Ramcharger 8, including weatherproof bubbles and heated seats. The Swift Current 6 is another popular choice thanks to its speed, which makes it North America’s fastest chairlift.

The Big Sky Resort also features plenty of hotels and condos close by for when you’re done skiing for the day. Each room is temperature controlled with comfortable bedding and very quick room service. In fact, everything that we needed was just a phone call away. Of course, if you want a quieter experience far from the crowds, they even offer cabins with stunning views and a comfortable feel.

Big Sky is also home to Lone Peak, at a staggering height of 11,166 feet. You can take the Lone Peak tram to the top of the mountain, which views two national parks and three different states. And if you have the skills for it, you can even ski down these beautiful slopes at the largest ski resort in the United States.

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15 Best Montana Ski Resorts To Visit This Winter

Whitefish Mountain Resort is both a summer and winter getaway you never knew you wanted to visit. In the summer, it is home to multiple bike trails and lush forests. During the winter, it transforms into an exhilarating ski haven for people looking to ride down while taking in the breathtaking views of the beautiful forests below.

Beginners will feel especially at home when they come to this Montana ski resort with its ski school — Learn to Ride and Ski packages. Each of these packages is made for people looking to learn how to ski.

For two days, beginners will be able to rent equipment and will get tickets to the beginner area lifts. They will get two half-day lessons, which will go over all of the basics of skiing. It’s simple, easy, and fairly cheap.

When you finish skiing for the day, you can move into the town of Whitefish below to get a taste of the local cuisine. The S.N.O.W bus runs throughout the day during the winter season and will take you to various points of the skiing resort and the town below. Thankfully, driving or finding transportation is not a concern when traveling to the Whitefish Mountain Resort.

As for lodging, you can find a place to stay in the small town and catch the S.N.O.W bus to get back to the hill, or you can stay in one of the many rooms near the mountainside close to the resort. Staying in these cabins ensures that you are never too far from the action.

And if you want a more laid-back experience for the rest of your day, why not take an ambassador tour? Ambassadors for the mountain will take you to one of the many slopes of the mountain. They will show you around and help you find a comfortable slope to ski on. With over 3,000 acres of skiable terrain throughout the mountain, they will help you find the right one.

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15 Best Montana Ski Resorts To Visit This Winter
Courtesy of: Discovery Ski Area

With its three faces of varying difficulty and onboard lodgings, Discovery Ski Area brings a mix of exhilarating fun and breathtaking views.

The total skiable terrain for the resort is more than 2,000 acres! And throughout all of these acres, you can easily find the perfect slope for you. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or an expert skier, there is something here for you.

Lift lines extend to the summit at a staggering height of over 8,100 feet. You can soak in the view of the small towns below or test your skills and ride down the summit. Even though Discovery is beautiful to look at from the top, it is even more beautiful to ride down.

Discovery also offers visitors looking to improve their freestyle skills a trip to Terrain Park. With a variety of tabletop, rollers, rails, and fun-boxes to test our various freestyling techniques.

As for lodgings, you can choose between many fun-sized cabins for that homey feel. And if you happen to be going out skiing for the first time, Discovery’s ski school will show you the ropes. Instructors can teach you how to effectively move about the terrain and have fun sliding down beginner-friendly slopes.  


15 Best Montana Ski Resorts To Visit This Winter
Courtesy of: Montana Snowbowl

The Montana Snowbowl features all of the best parts of a winter skiing haven that you would expect, along with much more. The snow sports ski school will help beginners get used to the slopes while helping them improve their balance.

You can ski down multiple slopes throughout the 950 skiable acres for beginners, intermediates, and experts. However, the Snowbowl is best known for its incredibly steep runs that will give any veteran chills down their spine.

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15 Best Montana Ski Resorts To Visit This Winter

The Lookout Pass Ski and Recreational Area is easily the resort with the most snow. The affordable lift tickets and easy rentals make it a great family-friendly place for anyone looking to ski to their heart’s content.

The skiable terrain, while harsh at times, is great for riders of all difficulties. The resort also features two terrain parks for people who want to brush up on their freestyling skills. Kids will be able to take advantage of their free ski school, where they can learn how to ski or ride a snowboard.


15 Best Montana Ski Resorts To Visit This Winter
Courtesy of: Lost Trail Powder Mountain

The Lost Trail Powder Mountain happens to be one of the few resorts operated and owned by a family. This mom and pop resort also gets plenty of snowfall during the winters and has some of the most affordable lift tickets you can find.

The resort stays open from Thursday to Monday, with the first open day called Powder Thursday. Snow usually accumulates during the closed days, giving people plenty of fluffy snow to ride on.


15 Best Montana Ski Resorts To Visit This Winter
Courtesy of: Great Divide Ski Area

With over 1,600 acres of skiable terrain throughout the locally owned mountain, the Great Divide Ski Area rests 20 miles away from Helena. It is also one of the few Montana ski resorts with a reputed school for beginners.

The great ski school matched with the cheap lift tickets instantly makes it one of the ski resorts with the best value. The lift lines can take you to many black and blue diamond slopes and close lodgings, keeping you close to the action.


15 Best Montana Ski Resorts To Visit This Winter
Courtesy of: Showdown Montana

As a hotspot for tourists and locals alike, Showdown Montana only operates during the peak winter season. During this peak season, you will experience some of the many thrilling slopes of one of the oldest resorts in the state.

When on top of the 8,200 foot summit, you can choose between 35 runs of various difficulties. However, the most famous thing about Showdown Montana is that it features slopes that are not very challenging, making them a great place for beginners.


15 Best Montana Ski Resorts To Visit This Winter
Courtesy of: Blacktail Mountain Ski Area

The Blacktail Mountain Ski Area rests near Flathead Lake, with visitors being able to experience more than a thousand acres of skiable terrain. The entire area is perfect for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels, with multiple slopes to choose from.

This Montana ski resort is a favorite among the locals. On a clear day, you can get a great view of the city, and the smaller crowd also means that powder stashes are relatively untouched.


15 Best Montana Ski Resorts To Visit This Winter
Courtesy of: Red Lodge Mountain

Red Lodge Mountain in the town of Red Lodge is seen as the ultimate beginner-friendly resort. This Montana ski resort features plenty of skiable terrains, with the mountain encompassing over 1,600 acres. The best part about Red Lodge is the shorter lines and a generally more laid-back atmosphere.

Intermediate and professional runs are closer to the summit, whereas beginners will find easier the slopes near the mountain base.


15 Best Montana Ski Resorts To Visit This Winter
Courtesy of: Maverick Mountain

Maverick Mountain is a popular choice among the most avid skiers, specifically because the lines here never seem to get too long. This ski area also has very friendly rates, and it’s only 40 miles away from the town of Dillon.

Maverick Mountain Ski Resort offers incredible views that skiers and snowboarders can appreciate from all routes. With over 450 acres of skiable terrain and 24 routes for all levels, Maverick Mountain is a must-visit.   


15 Best Montana Ski Resorts To Visit This Winter
Courtesy of: Turner Mountain

Turner Mountain happens to be one of the most remote Montana ski resorts, resting in the Kootenai National Forest.

The lift tickets here are fairly inexpensive, and with a total elevation of almost 6,000 feet, it is the perfect place for intermediate and professional skiers. It also helps that the non-existent lines make for untouched powder stashes! 


15 Best Montana Ski Resorts To Visit This Winter
Courtesy of: Teton Pass

Teton Pass is one of Montana’s smallest ski resorts, which it plays to its advantage. The ski area remains one of the best places to ski throughout the winter for its farmer’s charm and down-to-earth nature. The lodge is quite small, but it does make up for many of its shortcomings with some truly incredible food.

The lift lines support a single chairlift, but considering how small the hill is, it is reasonable to expect.


15 Best Montana Ski Resorts To Visit This Winter
Courtesy of: Bear Paw

Bear Paw starts to stretch the definition of a ski resort, but it does have a very intimate feel to it. With just 80 acres of skiable terrain, there is a cozy feeling to skiing in Bear Paw, which is rare in other places.

The longest run here is only 0.7 miles, and is generally the best place for beginners to learn the reigns of skiing. Furthermore, the highest rise there is 900 feet and is not as steep as some other popular mountains. It’s a great little ski resort, and perfect for a low-key ski day.


15 Best Montana Ski Resorts To Visit This Winter
Courtesy of: Bridger Bowl Ski Area

Bridger Bowl Ski Area is a destination resort intended for college and university students. The hill is close to Montana State University, and you can usually find students skiing down the hill during the afternoons.

Bridger Bowl has a very developed hill as well, with multiple chair lifts. This ski area is popular and usually busy, since it’s so close to the city. The town revolves around the hill, with the Baxter Hotel even giving off a signal to the residents when the hill gathers two inches of snow or more.

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How many ski resorts are there in Montana?

There are between 15-20 ski resorts in Montana, with Big Sky Resort being one of the most popular.

Does Montana have good skiing?

Yes, Montana has great skiing! In fact, it’s known to be home to some of the best skiing in the United States.

Why is Big Sky so popular?

Big Sky Ski Resort is popular because it offers lots of skiable terrain for every experience level. In addition, Big Sky is popular year-round because there’s plenty of outdoor fun to be had, including fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and more.



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