Chattanooga Aquarium: 45+ Essential Things to Know BEFORE Going

Sometimes the Tennessee Aquarium is called the Chattanooga Aquarium because if its location in downtown Chattanooga TN. The website recommends two hours to visit, but you could easily stay most of the day – in fact, we did. Here are 45+ essential things you should know before you go and reasons why you’ll want to block out a day to visit one of our favorite Chattanooga attractions.

Chattanooga Aqurium

45+ Essential Things to Know BEFORE visiting the Chattanooga Aquarium

The Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga TN is located along the riverfront, within walking distance of several Chattanooga attractions. It’s a wonderful place to start a tour of Chattanooga, TN, but here are more than a few reasons why you might want to reserve a full day just for the TN Aquarium, Chattanooga.

Outside the Chattanooga Aquarium

Chattanooga Aquarium Logistics

Tennessee Aquarium Hours. The Chattanooga Aquarium hours are 10 – 6 pm Monday through Friday. Saturdays are the busiest day at the Aquarium and mornings are more hectic on any day. Come after 4 pm if you want to avoid crowds, but know that two hours may not be enough to see and do everything you would like to experience.

Flexible Tennessee Aquarium Tickets. One of my favorite things about the Chattanooga Aquarium tickets is the flexibility. They offer an amazing value for the ticket price, and I love the flexibility within their ticket system, such as in-and-out privileges. So if you want to take a break for lunch, just keep your ticket for re-entry. I feel like we only scratched the surface – guess we’ll need a return trip soon.

Children Under 3 are FREE. Children under 3 years of age don’t need a Chattanooga Aquarium ticket for the exhibits and the IMAX theater. However, they DO need a ticket for the River Gorge Explorer boat ride.

Tennessee Aquarium Prices. Aquarium pricing is very reasonable considering it is really a full day of fun. If you’ll visit more than once, consider a family TN Aquarium membership. Although I didn’t find any Chattanooga Aquarium coupons here, I did find lots of coupons for other Chattanooga TN attractions on the Chattanooga Visitors Bureau web page. Maybe check here, as they might add aquarium coupons from time-to-time.

Chattanooga Aquarium Parking. The Tennessee Aquarium location is off I-24 in Chattanooga, TN. There are several paid parking lots around the area if you are only planning to see the Aquarium. If you are staying at one of the Chattanooga Hotels, consider walking. Chattanooga is a great walking city, and when you get tired, take the free eco-friendly shuttle that throughout downtown.

An octopus at the Chattanooga Aquarium

Chattanooga TN Aquarium Campus

The Tennessee Aquarium is housed in several different buildings, so it’s more of a campus than a single destination. Purchase tickets at the ticket center building, then choose one of the following to start your adventure.

The River Journey Building at the Chattanooga Aquarium

River Journey Building. There are two main buildings at the aquarium in Chattanooga, TN that are included in the general aquarium ticket price. The first is River Journeys. River Journey is focused on freshwater habitats from the mountains of Tennessee to the Gulf of Mexico. Below are three of our favorite exhibits in River Journeys.

Rivers of the World Gallery. This exhibit within the River Journey’s building is where you’ll encounter other creatures from around the globe including an impressive diversity of turtles – who knew the world had so many different kinds of turtles!

River Giants Exhibit. One of the main attractions in River Journey’s is the National Geographic-inspired River Giants exhibit.

Seahorses: Beyond Imagination. The River Journeys building also houses a large gallery featuring many species of seahorses. These colorful creatures are masterful at blending in, so plan on spending a little time surveying each exhibit to find them all.

Penguins at the Chattanooga Aquarium

The Ocean Journey Building houses one of our favorite exhibits, the penguins.

The Ocean Journey Building at the Chattanooga Aquarium

Ocean Journey Building. Ocean Journey is a separate structure from the River Journey building. You’ve probably guessed this one focuses on ocean habitats. Below are three of our favorite exhibits in this building.

Penguins’ Rock. The Chattanooga Aquarium has a wonderful penguin display that includes a chilly example of the water they swim in. See how long you can hold your hand in the arctic water. It was hard to get my son away from watching the penguins, so he was a natural during our backstage tour of the penguin habitat where we helped observe the Macaroni and Gentoo penguins for research. More on spring break farther down in this post.

Jellies: Living Art. I always love finding art displayed in places I don’t expect. Ocean Journey has a gorgeous display of glass inspired by the sea. It was easy to see the inspiration for the art with the ocean creatures swimming next to the artwork. This exhibit is a collaboration between the Tennessee Aquarium and the Hunter Museum of American Art, which is located down the street from the aquarium in Chattanooga.

Butterfly Garden. For those that need to catch their breath a bit above the sea, the Butterfly Garden is a nice escape. If you stay still, you may even have one of the butterflies land on you. Want to see how still your child can be? Tell them if they don’t move a butterfly might land on them.

Chattanooga Aquarium Glass Jellies

IMAX at the Aquarium in Chattanooga

TN Aquarium IMAX Theatre. A short walk from the River and Ocean Journey buildings is an IMAX theatre, which is one of only a handful in the U.S. with the new IMAX with Laser projection system. This is a separate ticket and can be purchased at a discount with your aquarium tickets or individually. All my boys loved the IMAX movie, which was something I’m usually tempted to skip. I’m glad we didn’t.

IMAX Tickets are Flexible. When purchased with the aquarium it’s a flexible ticket, meaning you can go to any showing you’d like, instead of being confined to a specific time, which makes for a more leisurely afternoon in the aquarium galleries or sites in Chattanooga. Movies change often, so consult the website for the latest.

More To Explore at the Aquarium, Chattanooga, TN

River Gorge Explorer. Also included on the Chattanooga TN campus is the River Gorge Explorer boat. The River Gorge Explorer goes out on two-hour cruises down the Chattanooga river front into the scenic Tennessee River Gorge and through Tennessee’s Grand Canyon. Although we did not take this tour, friends have recommended the Sunset Cruise if they have it during your visit. Cooler temperatures mean more wildlife, plus you don’t have to cut into your Aquarium visit time.

Splash Fountains. Although not part of the aquarium in Chattanooga, there are three places for kids to splash around, so you may want to bring a bathing suit or extra set of clothes and a towel on your Chattanooga TN Aquarium adventure. The first is a stream that flows in front of, and between the River Journey and Ocean Journey buildings. The second is an area called The Passage where water cascades down steps into a reflecting pool. Be sure to read up on the interesting history behind “The Passage”. The third is actually across the river at the fountains in front of Coolidge Park.

Chattanooga Market. Starting in mid-March every Saturday the Tennessee Aquarium Plaza is home to a Chattanooga Farmers Market called the River Market, one of six public markets in the area. Frommers named the Chattanooga Market one of the Top Ten Best Public Markets in America. Have one person wait in line for Tennessee Aquarium tickets, while the others do a little local shopping.

Lemur Forest is new at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, TN

Check out red-ruffed and ring-tailed lemurs in the Chattanooga Aquarium Lemur Forest.

New at the Chattanooga Aquarium

Tropical Cove. The Tennessee Aquarium is opening a new exhibit just in time for Spring Break 2017. The Tropical Cove section of the Aquarium has been renovated into a Madagascar rainforest, complete with lemurs and radiated tortoises. I wonder if you can find King Julian from the movie Madagascar? I love that movie, and King Julian.

The Lemur Forest. “Lemur Forest” features real, not cartoon, Ring-tailed and Red-ruffed lemurs in the newly renovated Tropical Cove. These charismatic animals will be able to take advantage of the towering heights beneath the glass peaks of the Ocean Journey building.

Red-Ruffed Lemurs. Red-ruffed Lemurs tend to be arboreal creatures, native to the rainforests of Madagascar. So look for them climbing and swinging in the canopy above the sculpted cliffs of the habitat. They tend to live solitary lives, but are sometimes very vocal.

Ring-tailed Lemurs. Ring-tailed Lemurs (King Julian is a ring-tailed lemur) are more social, and frequently energetic. They will leap from location to location, often scampering throughout the space which covers two areas. At times, they may seem to skip over the heads of guests as they traverse an elevated walkway from one part of Lemur Forest to the other.

Radiated Tortoises. Large, Radiated Tortoises, also native to Madagascar, will be found with the lemurs.

Stingray Bay Touch Tank. The popular Stingray Bay touch tank has been also been remodeled to make it easier for everyone to gently touch the stingrays and other sea creatures that glide through the warm waters.

Rays at the Chattanooga Aquarium

Special Programs at the Chattanooga Aquarium

Spring Break Safari. Each spring break, Chattanooga, TN rolls out the red carpet for kids and their parents for a spring break extravaganza. The Chattanooga Aquarium, IMAX, and River Gorge Explorer are just three of the Chattanooga attractions that take part in the Spring Break Safari, and offer special events just for kids.

Welcome to the Islands. The Chattanooga Aquarium is planning an island theme for the 2017 Spring Break festivities to celebrate the new Lemur Forest exhibit opening. Special spring break programs are offered daily at 1:30pm in addition to more than 20 Extraordinary Experience programs that are offered FREE with Aquarium admission.

Extraordinary Experiences. You don’t have to come during spring break to participate in the free Extraordinary Experience Programs. These experiences range from talks, to animal encounters to up-close experiences. See what will be happening during your visit on the website, or through the TN Aquarium App.

Tennessee Aquarium App. Make the most of your visit by downloading the free Tennessee Aquarium app, which has a complete list of the programs, parking information and IMAX showtimes.

Paddle by Moonlight. The Aquarium has special programs within the exhibition space, but they also offer events with the Chattanooga TN neighborhood. This guided paddle showcases nocturnal wildlife, as well as a chance to explore the glittering nighttime sky.

Yoga. Laugh with the penguins. Gentle Yoga with the jellies. Just the names are fun. And water has always been a great relaxer.

Small Fry Mini-Programs. On select Tuesdays, the Chattanooga Aquarium staff puts on programs for the youngest fans. This drop in program is for 2-5 year olds.

Sleep in the Deep. How much fun would it be to spend the night at the Chattanooga Aquarium? Answer lots. And then you can skip this next section.

Hotels Near Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga TN

The Chattanoogan. We stayed at the Chattanoogan during our visit and loved it. There is an indoor pool, and an amazing buffet breakfast. This hotel is about a mile from the Chattanooga Tennessee Aquarium and there are certainly closer hotels, but it’s easy to catch the free shuttle bus line if you don’t want to walk.

Chattanooga Choo-Choo. What kid wouldn’t like to stay in a train? This fun family-friendly hotel is the farthest from the Chattanooga Aquarium at 1.4 miles.

Courtyard Chattanooga Downtown. This is the closest hotel to the TN Aquarium. There are several chain hotels within a half mile of the TN Aquarium including the Hampton Inn & Suites Chattanooga, The DoubleTree (because their awesome cookies are always a welcome sight on check in.), Hilton Garden Inn, Spring Hill Suites, Holiday Inn and Suites.

Locally Owned Hotels Near Chattanooga Aquarium

The Dwell Hotel. Less than a mile from the aquarium in Chattanooga TN is the Dwell Hotel. This is a great choice if you are coming sans kids, as they only welcome kids 12 and above.

The Bluff View Inn. This is a great choice if you want to get a little of the historic flair of Chattanooga. This bed and breakfast is actually a collection of historic homes downtown.

Where to Eat Near the Tennessee Aquarium

One of the great things about the Tenessee Aquarium ticket packages is the flexibility to come and go. If you get hungry, take a break and hit one of these nearby restaurants.

Lupis Pizza – Whenever we visit a new city, I like to find local establishments instead of the same chains. In Chattanooga there are lots of options. For pizza, Lupi’s is the local favorite, close to Downtown attractions.

The Ice Cream Show –  The locally owned Ice Cream Show is on the Downtown side of Walnut Street Bridge. This is a must stop for a tasty ice cream with mixed in treats.

Big River Grille. On pretty Chattanooga days, plan to sit outside at the Big River Grille.

Blue Plate. The Blue Plate is a fun choice for families.

The Terminal Brewhouse – This isn’t close to the Chattanooga Aquarium, but it was so good I’m adding it. Terminal Brewhouse is located in a funky triangle shaped historic building and has a rooftop patio with a great view of the iconic Chattanooga Choo Choo sign. The menu has a lot of variety from pizza to burgers, and their home brew is quite tasty.

The Ruby Falls Waterfall in Chattanooga TN

Ruby Falls is another great family attraction near the Tennessee Aquarium.

Other Great Chattanooga TN Attractions

In addition to the Aquarium, Chattanooga has several awesome attractions. There are too many to list them all here, but I did want to give you a couple of our favorites.

Walnut Street Bridge – Take a walk across the half-mile pedestrian only bridge. It’s one of the longest in the world.

Coolidge Park  – A walk across Walnut Street Bridge from Downtown Chattanooga to the North Shore brings you to Coolidge Park. Bring a few dollars for the old fashioned carousel, which originally resided in Atlanta’s Grant Park.

Coolidge Park Fountains. Pack a bathing suit and towel during warm weather to splash in the fountains outside or a Frisbee for the wide lawn.

Ruby Falls. This attraction is located in the Lookout Mountain, TN just outside Chattanooga. It’s part of several attractions often grouped together – Ruby Falls, the Incline Railway and Rock City TN. Ruby Falls is a bit kitchsy, but the underground falls truly are breathtaking.

Looking for other Aquariums in Tennessee

If you love aquariums, here are several other aquariums to visit in Tennessee. And don’t forget the Georgia Aquarium too. It may not be in Tennessee, but it’s not too far from Chattanooga.

Nashville Aquarium. How far is Nashville from Chattanooga? About two hours, but you cross the time zone, so you’ll gain an hour heading from Chattanooga to Nashville. More time for the Aquarium! Nashville Aquarium is located in Opry Mills Mall, across from the Grand Old Opry and the Opryland Hotel. There are several behind the scenes tours available, or you can opt to dine under the sea at the Aquarium Restaurant, billed as an underwater dining adventure.

Memphis Aquarium. The Memphis TN Aquarium is actually located within the Memphis Zoo. See Pocupine pufferfish, electric eels, Red bellied Piranhas and more.

Knoxville Aquarium. Aquarium Knoxville is actually an aquarium store extraordinaire, not a true aquarium, but you can still stop in and see their collection of colorful fish and invertebrates, as well as different types of habitats.

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies: The only other true Tennessee aquarium is Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, TN. This aquarium has two floors of exhibits, plus a multitude of special experiences (like an indoor glass bottom boat adventure), and live shows.

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