AllTrails and GPT4.0 Team Up to Make Hiking Easier

Certainly you’re no stranger to AI… love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. Me? I’m not always a fan, but I do love the GPT that AllTrails has put out when it comes to finding the best trail and helping me plan a trip.

So first – if you’re not familiar with AllTrails, let’s get you aquainted!

AllTrails and GPT4.0 Team Up to Make Hiking Easier
My three gents at Tumbling Waters Nature Trail in Ellijay – in January.

AllTrails is like your go-to buddy for discovering awesome hiking, biking, and running trails all over the globe. Think of it as a treasure map, packed with trail maps, real-deal reviews, and snaps from folks who’ve been there.

You can use it for free, but our family invests in the paid version because I like to download the map before we get there… in case there is no internet. There are other perks too (like an alert when you go off trail!)

You’ll still want the app to take on your adventure… but if you’ve got GPT4.0, then I highly recommend using their new AI companion for your planning. You can get it for free here.

So why is it useful?

AllTrails and GPT4.0 Team Up to Make Hiking Easier
An example of how GPT returns your requests….

The AllTrails app let’s you apply filters to the trails, but the GPT is so much easier…

I have asked it for things like… “Show me the best trails in North Georgia that are easy or moderate and under 5 miles, but that people really enjoy in the winter


Help me 4 find a dog friendly hike within a 20 min drive of my house at 123 My Road, My City


I’m taking a family trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in January. I think there are some closed trails because of the weather. What are the most popular hikes there in winter for families. Can you tell me the top 3 in order.


I want to hike every weekend this year. Tell me the best hike in each park, forest, etc in Georgia. Tell me which one to do each week of 2024 based on ratings… For example, Week 4 do Amicalola Falls Trail because it’s great in winter. That might not be true. It’s just an example.

(You can even make it more narrow by specifying a town, city or region, what you want to see on the trails – like waterfalls, if you want it in a Georgia State Park, what length you want it to be, if dogs are welcome, what difficulty level you want, and more)

Yes… AI can be a little scary… but if it helps us get outside more, then I’m all for it!

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AllTrails and GPT4.0 Team Up to Make Hiking Easier