Are You Committing These Airplane & Hotel Sins?

Summer travel is in full swing. You’ll be hopping on planes… overnighting in hotels. Do you ever wonder if your behaviors in these spaces are, well, acceptable?

Are You Committing These Airplane & Hotel Sins?

YouGov surveys are shedding light on what you should and shouldn’t when traveling – from airplane etiquette to what’s acceptable at hotels.

Here’s where Americans are most split on how they feel:

  • The most divisive behaviors, ones that about as many Americans say are acceptable as unacceptable for passengers on planes include making phone calls, unbuckling their seatbelt when the seatbelt light isn’t on, and leaving their overhead light on when cabin lights are off.
  • Some of the more divisive behaviors include tipping housekeeping, wearing pajamas in common areas, and leaving the lights on when you’re not in the room.

Here are the most egregious acts reported.

On airplanes:

  • 86% unacceptable – Let their children play in the aisle
  • 82% unacceptable – Get drunk and Leave their seat during turbulence
  • 81% unacceptable – Watch a movie or show without headphones

In hotels:

  • 93% unacceptable – Take decorative items from the room home with them (Wait. Isn’t that stealing? Who are those 4%?? haha)
  • 92% unacceptable – Smoke in non-smoking rooms
  • 86% unacceptable – Take coat hangers home with them and Take towels home with them

Read the full list here: airplane etiquette and what’s acceptable at hotels.

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Are You Committing These Airplane & Hotel Sins?