11+ Best Vermont Waterfalls & Swimming Holes (+ a Helpful Map)

We spent autumn in Vermont and loved seeing Mother Nature in all her glory, along with the Vermont waterfalls and hiking trails.

Come take a look at our favorites and start planning your own waterfall trip to Vermont.

11+ Best Vermont Waterfalls & Swimming Holes (+ a Helpful Map)
Courtesy Vermont Tourism

Falls of Lana (Salisbury)


Unlike most of the falls on this list, you’ll need to work for your waterfall delight to see this one.

Falls of Lana is accessible on a 4-mile hike. Most people actually enjoy this challenging hike more for the view at the top than for the falls, though if you’re hiking in summer you’ll appreciate the swimming pool at the base of the cascade after that climb.

Bingham Falls (Stowe)

11+ Best Vermont Waterfalls & Swimming Holes (+ a Helpful Map)

Bingham Falls in located in Smugglers Notch State Park off Route 108. It’s only a half-mile walk to the falls, and you can capture views of multiple cascades along the river’s edge, but the big falls you see above are across the road from the campground.

We didn’t get in the water here, but we’ve read that it’s a little colder than most swimming holes on this list. Plan to camp here in summer and spend your time jumping off the cliffs into the water!

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Moss Glen Falls (Granville)

moss glen falls

Moss Glenn Falls is only a few hundred feet off the road, just northeast of Stowe in Granville in CC Putnam State Forest. There is a small parking lot, and on most weekends you’ll find a vendor or two set up, offering their wares.

The water falls about 35 – 40 feet and it’s a stunning roadside stop along Vermont Route 100, one of the state’s gorgeous fall scenic drives. You can’t swim here; it’s not permitted. But really, it’s not deep enough anyway.

You’ll love the views from the base of the falls.

Moss Glen Falls (Stowe)

11+ Best Vermont Waterfalls & Swimming Holes (+ a Helpful Map)

Nope – you’re not seeing double. There are TWO Moss Glen Waterfalls in Vermont, and hilariously, they are not even that far from one another.

The Moss Glen Falls in Stowe is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state of Vermont with a total drop of about 125 feet. While we haven’t explored all of New England, it’s easy to see why people love it.

Insider Tip: The hike in AllTrails is 5.2 miles, but if you’re short on time you can just hike the 1/4 mile to the falls and back.

Hamilton Falls (Jamaica)

11+ Best Vermont Waterfalls & Swimming Holes (+ a Helpful Map)

Only one of two on our list that are in southern Vermont. Hamilton Falls in located inside Jamaica State Park, where you’ll also find camping, swimming and more.

The hike to the falls is via West River Trail and Switch Road Trails, coming in at just under 2.5 miles each way. The park warns visitors not to swim here; several people have died from the currents. You can, however, swim at Salmon Hole in the West River, also located in the park near the parking lot.

Buttermilk Falls (Grahamsville)

11+ Best Vermont Waterfalls & Swimming Holes (+ a Helpful Map)
Photo courtesy of AllTrails

Three cascades only about 1/10 mile off the road make Buttermilk Falls a great roadside stop for enjoying the falls or taking a swim in the warmer weather. The pools these falls cascade into are fairly shallow, so plan to soak and not to cliff jump.

It’s such a fun and relaxing escape, you might find it busy during the summer months. It’s especially good for kids because the pools are shallow and free of dangerous currents you might find in other places.

Bartlett Falls, AKA Bristol Falls (Bristol)

11+ Best Vermont Waterfalls & Swimming Holes (+ a Helpful Map)
Courtesy of Reddit

Bartlett Falls, also known as Bristol Falls, is a gem that’s considered one of the top 10 New England waterfall swimming holes, so pack a lunch and plan to spend all day here. We love that you can get behind the falls (it’s only about 15 feet high) in your own private water fort.

The swimming area is quite large, with plenty of sand spots for relaxing…and the water gets deeper as you head toward the falls. And, once again, it’s just right off the road!

Warren Falls (Warren)

11+ Best Vermont Waterfalls & Swimming Holes (+ a Helpful Map)

Warren Falls is a series of small drops into deep pools that make excellent swim holes. There were nearly a dozen of these, all ideal for soaking up the summer sun.

We visited in the fall — Can you see the boys in the photo above? They looks so small! — and even with no one in the water, the parking lot was almost full on the weekend, so plan accordingly. If you’re chasing waterfalls, Moss Glen is not too far from here.

Lye Brook Falls (Manchester Center)

11+ Best Vermont Waterfalls & Swimming Holes (+ a Helpful Map)
Photo courtesy of AllTrails

Your second waterfall in southern Vermont, Lye Brook Falls sits 2.2 miles out on an out-and-back trail in the Green Mountain National Forest. The last part of the trail up to the falls is uphill but worth the effort.

You’ll catch view of this gorgeous 125-foot waterfall, one of the highest in Vermont. Once again though, plan for an early hike because there is only room for 20 cars in the parking lot. April will reportedly bring the highest water flow, and parking fills up fast this time of year.

Map Your Vermont Waterfalls Adventure


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11+ Best Vermont Waterfalls & Swimming Holes (+ a Helpful Map)