19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho

Located on a plain at the south rim of the Snake River Canyon, the beautiful city of Twin Falls, Idaho is a great one to visit.

With outdoor activities galore, hot springs, waterfalls, parks, museums, restaurants, skiing, golfing, and more — there is plenty to do in Twin Falls, Idaho, for every type of visitor.

Here’s 19+ things to do in Twin Falls that will get you outside and happy.


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When it comes to things to do in Twin Falls, ID, you cannot go wrong with visiting Shoshone Falls Park. Shoshone Falls Park is a very famous attraction in Twin Falls, and the views here rival scenery you’d see at some national parks. It’s called “The Niagara of the West,” and as you now might be able to guess, it is home to a very tall waterfall.

Shoshone Falls is one of the largest natural waterfalls in the entire United States. Part of the reason that it’s called “The Niagara of the West,” is that it boasts a height that is higher than Niagara Falls.

Shoshone Falls stretches 212 feet high and 900 feet wide, and is insanely beautiful. Take a look by taking the short walk to the main viewing platform, or take a hike up the Canyon Rim Trail to see it from different vantage points.


19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho

Speaking of waterfalls, you must visit Perrine Coulee Falls when you’re in Twin Falls, Idaho. Although this fall doesn’t breach a height as tall as Shoshone Falls, it is still nearly 200 feet tall.

These falls can be seen from above, along the Canyon Rim Trail, or below. There is also a trail that leads behind the falls — it’s an easy walk, but the trailhead can be a little tricky. (And be prepared to get a little wet!)

Visitors have claimed that this waterfall is almost as gorgeous as any of the Seven Wonders of the World, so you’re sure to be amazed.

Looking for more fun in Twin Falls? Try one of these fun tours!


19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho
Courtesy of Visit South Idaho

Ready to take a break from the waterfalls and look up? The Faulkner Planetarium is an awesome educational attraction in Twin Falls.

The Earl and Hazel Faulkner Planetarium has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years. This planetarium is the largest planetarium theater in Idaho. Catch a show on Tuesday or Friday evenings, or the show is offered multiple times on Saturdays.


19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho

Snake River Canyon is one of the most popular spots for locals and tourists alike in Twin Falls, Idaho. The canyon is also frequented by base jumpers, as a recreational activity.

The Snake River Canyon stretches from the west to the east on either side of the town of Twin Falls. It…snakes…between a canyon that offers attractions such as boating, hiking, fishing, and sightseeing for visiting guests. Enjoy views of the Snake River from the canyon overlooks that are located just south of the bridge Perrine Bridge or at Shoshone Falls.

Additionally, you can use boats (motorized or otherwise) on the river in the nearby canyon. Or, if you’d rather have your feet on the ground, you can take in views of the canyon via the paved walking paths that line it.


19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho
Courtesy of City of Twin Falls

Harmon Park is a public park that features picnic shelters, recreational activities, a playground, and other fun spaces for you and your family. If you’re looking for group-friendly things to do in Twin Falls, you should put this at the top of your list.

The current Harmon Park is the result of a slight re-creation that occurred in 1926, when the Harmon Foundation donated $2,000 so the park could be further developed. Harmon Park remains a famous spot in Twin Falls for many reasons, one of which is that it was home to the very first swimming pool in all of Twin Falls.

Since it was redeveloped, it has seen many milestone achievements for the city, such as the creation of the Twin Falls Cowboys (the minor league baseball team). Partially in honor of this, you can now play on one of the three softball fields, but beyond that, you can also have fun with the outdoor basketball courts, playground equipment, and other park facilities that offer recreational activities.


19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho
Jerry Johnson Hot Springs, courtesy of Roxy Wacyk via AllTrails

Especially if you’re in the area to kick back and relax, there is nothing more soothing than checking out one of the many hot springs in the Twin Falls area. There are several to choose from, such as Kirkham Hot Springs, Jerry Johnson & Weir Creek Hot Springs, Bonneville & Pine Flats Hot Springs…the list goes on and on.

Make an entire trip of finding the perfect hot springs, on either a solo trip or with your family. A visit to the hot springs should definitely be on your Twin Falls bucket list.



19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho
Courtesy of Jared Saltsman via AllTrails

Looking for exercise, along with beautiful views? Head out to Auger Falls Loop, a popular trail loop that clocks in around 4 miles.

Located about a mile inside Auger Falls Heritage Park, Auger Falls is a beautiful waterfall on the Snake River. The park is a great place for low elevation mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and taking in the sights from historical viewpoints. In addition to Auger Falls, Mermaid Falls can be seen at the park, too.


19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho
Courtesy of Twin Falls Visitor Center

If you’re looking for some on-site information about the area, then you have to stop by the Twin Falls Visitor Center. You’ll want to explore the Twin Falls Visitor Center because it is the hub to find all the information you could want to learn about this Idaho town.

As with many of the famous things here, the Twin Falls Visitor Center sits at the top of the Snake River Canyon, and it is a great place to go whether you’re looking into – or are only curious – about things to do in Twin Falls.

But the Twin Falls Visitor Center isn’t just a great place for information. You can check some of the best views in town from here, such as the historic — and very famous — Evel Knievel jump site. If you’re not interested in the jump site, then why not check out the equally famous Perrine Stagecoach, which was once used to shuttle guests from Twin Falls to other nearby locations. You’ll find plenty of greenspace overlooking the Twin Falls Visitor Center too, so you can have a picnic here.

You can also access the Snake River Canyon Rim Trails from here, making a great hike from the Twin Falls Visitor Center a possibility. The center overlooks the Snake River, and the views from here are magnificent. A visit to the Twin Falls Visitor Center is a must!


19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho
Courtesy of AWOL Adventure Sports

AWOL Adventure Sports is a full-service activity center that will allow you to check out some of the famous waterfalls in the Twin Falls area, as well as sports activities. You can zip line through the Snake River Canyon, and see some sights that are impossible to see from any other angle.

Additionally, kayaking and paddleboard services and lessons are available at AWOL, so you can have fun no matter how many skills you do (or don’t) have. They offer paddleboards of various sizes, so if you’re looking for a longer paddle, they can accommodate your needs.


19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho
Courtesy of Canyon Springs Golf Course

If you’re hoping to practice your golf game while you’re visiting Twin Falls, you don’t have to worry. If you’re looking for a premier golf course, then you’ll love this one – Canyon Springs Golf Course is the most sophisticated golf course in Southern Idaho.

Originally part of I.B. Perrine’s estate, this public golf course is set in the Snake River Canyon. Opened in 1973, the course features 18 holes for golfing, as well as stunning views.


19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho
Courtesy of Visit Southern Idaho

If you’re curious about what makes up the heart and soul of Twin Falls, then check out downtown Twin Falls. The downtown area is full of things to do for everyone in your group.

Visitors and locals alike can find events hosted here, art scenes and street art, restaurants and shops that sell locally-sourced goods, and – of course – shopping!

In the past decade, Twin Falls has worked to revitalize the downtown area by adding new businesses and common spaces. There are also breweries, nightlife, theaters, and other activities that can entertain you, no matter what you’re looking for.


19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho
Courtesy of Visit Southern Idaho

Centennial Waterfront Park is a must-experience place to visit in Twin Falls. This park is part of Snake River Canyon fame, and is the main spot for canyon and river recreational activities.

If you’re looking for more breathtaking views, then this is a place to go. You can also check out their recreational activities, such as paddle boarding, kayaking, and hiking courses.

Centennial Waterfront Park is adjacent to Auger Falls Park, and is a great place to watch BASE jumpers, or paddle under the Perrine Bridge. AWOL Adventure Sports offers ziplining across the Snake River here as well.


19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho
Courtesy of Herrett Center for Arts and Science

This list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t feature additional educational activities! The Herrett Center for Arts and Science is a museum that sits on the main campus of the College of Southern Idaho. 

This museum is a non-profit, and it showcases educational events for elementary and secondary school students, as well as adults and other age groups within the Twin Falls area, and surrounding parts.

If you’re looking for a place with anthropological artifacts and prehistoric-focused exhibits, this is the place to check out.


19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho

Another one for the nature-lovers, Sawtooth National Forest is a well-loved and well-protected area in the greater Twin Falls area. This forest is meant to protect and manage the land that it sits on, in the hopes that many generations of people in the future can continue to experience its breathtaking sights and beautiful views.

The people in charge of this National Forest welcome questions from locals and visitors alike, as they want to ensure that they’re doing their best by the forest and keeping it authentic. The area that counts as the National Forest is extremely vast to better offer activities for those enthusiastic outdoor lovers.


19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho
Courtesy of Blue Heart Springs

If nothing else, please check out the Blue Heart Springs. These are considered one of the hidden gems in Twin Falls, as they’re springs that form an oasis made from natural spring water. 

With crystal-clear water as far as the eye can see, this location is exclusive and can only be visited by water. You can even stay in the nearby area with an RV or tent.

Additionally, you should check out the Banbury Hot Springs in the area to experience all it has to offer.


19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho

If you thought that this list wouldn’t touch upon some of the state parks in the area, think again. Thousand Springs State Park is one of the main reasons this area of southern Idaho is known as the Magic Valley.

The park is split into six different units that are easy to access from any other unit. They each offer different “themes,” in the hopes that visitors who jump between them will experience unique visits to each place.

Explore the different units, and also check the calendar to see if you’re going to be in town near the time when the Thousand Springs Art Festival will be hosting fun events.


19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho
Courtesy of Soldier Mountain Ski Area

If you’re heading to Twin Falls when there’s snow, then you might be interested in checking out the skiing and snowboarding options. There are quite a few, but the three main ones that you have to check out are the Magic Mountain Ski Resort, the Pomerelle Mountain Resort, and the Soldier Mountain Ski Area.

All offer different types of snow experiences for different skill levels, so ensure you do your research before you visit one of them. All of them are family-friendly facilities with offerings for snowboarders and skiers, although locals tend to have very specific feelings about which one is best!



19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho
Courtesy of Elevation 486

For the foodies amongst you, you must dine at Elevation 486. This upscale bistro features delicious favorites, such as cheeseburgers, steak, and fish, while also offering you some of Twin Fall’s best views while you eat.

If you’re looking for a place to relax and eat phenomenal food, this is the place. There are also sister restaurants located in nearby cities, so if you happen to only be near Twin Falls, check to see if you’re near an Elevation 486.


19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho
Courtesy of Twin Falls County Fair

Every year, the Twin Falls County Fair comes to town and brings with it plenty of amusement park rides, delicious food and drinks, exhibits and shows, and so much more.

In addition to all the fair fun, the Magic Valley Stampede PRCA Rodeo is held during the Twin Falls County Fair, bringing more than 15,000 guests for the 3-day event.

The Magic Valley Stampede PRCA Rodeo is one of the top 60 PRCA rodeos in the United States. You’ll find exceptional entertainment, specialty acts, the Top 20 PRCA and WPRA contestants and more.


19+ Amazing Things To Do in Twin Falls, Idaho
Courtesy of Castle Rocks State Park


When it comes to things to do near Twin Falls, you can’t go wrong checking out Castle Rocks State Park. Located about an hour and a half from Twin Falls, this park stretches across nearly 1700 acres of land, and it offers hundreds of hiking trails and paths to explore.

You can come to this state park for walking, hiking, and even rock climbing. And, if you’re wanting to stay awhile, you don’t have to go the rugged route – try glamping in a yurt!


When it comes to some of the most stunning views and experiences, you can’t go wrong with the City of Rocks National Reserve. This reserve is located in southern Idaho, about an hour and a half from Twin Falls, and is well-frequented by locals and tourists alike.

If you’re curious about the place that is called the “Silent City of Rocks,” then you have to go here to learn about the name. The towering granite rock formations make for great spaces for rock climbing and other recreational activities.


Is Twin Falls, Idaho worth visiting?

Absolutely, Twin Falls is worth a visit! With plenty of natural wonders in and around the city, Twin Falls is a popular tourist destination for good reason. Outdoor lovers especially love this active Idaho town.

What is Twin Falls famous for?

Twin Falls is most famous for Shoshone Falls, also known as The Niagara of the West. At 212 feet tall and 900 feet wide, it’s one of largest natural waterfalls in the U.S.

When is the best time to visit Twin Falls?

If you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors and see the waterfalls at their most robust, then visiting in the spring or summer would be the best time to visit Twin Falls.



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