The Beloved Springer Mountain Trail is Great For Every Age

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Springer Mountain Trail

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With our ever-growing love of the Appalachian Trail, it was time to make the trek to Springer Mountain. We went on a cold winter morning with Candy and her kids from Happy Trails, Wild Tails. Fun fact… Candy’s partner helped build the Springer Mtn shelter, so that was especially neat for us all. It was an Eagle Scout project from over 10 years ago!

In case you are not aware, Springer Mountain is the south-most point of the AT. For a NoBo, it’s the beginning of a life changing adventure…and for others, it is the end of a magical journey.  For that reason, to me, it’s another one of Georgia’s sacred places.

From the parking lot, to the terminus is .9 miles. It’s not an easy two-mile round-trip hike, but it is fun! The climb ascends the mountain over rocky terrain. It was not too difficult for my two -year old, but we didn’t hike as quickly as other more flat trails afford. We enjoyed investigating the icicles clinging to the cliffside, and pondering the moss-hewn boulders dotting the path.

About 3/4 of the way up, you’ll intersect with the Benton-MacKaye Trail, a 300-mile hike to the Great Smoky Mountains. Keep going for the intersection which leads to the Springer Mountain shelter, with a few campsites.  The kids loved visiting the shelter. It gave us some protection from the cold for enjoying a few snacks, and they had a good time climbing to the loft up top.

Back on the main trail, your very close to the terminus, commemorated with an AT plaque. In the rock is a cubby which houses a notebook for hikers to share a thank-you.  After several snapshots, and admiring the view, we headed back down the mountain.  It took much less time to head down the mountain side, and it was just as much fun.

If you have trekking poles, this is a great place to use them…and don’t forget your camera!

Springer Mountain

Springer Mountain

Springer Mountain


Candy giving a thumbs-up as we start our hike:Springer Mountain

Springer MountainSpringer MountainSpringer MountainSpringer MountainSpringer Mountain

Visiting the shelter: 2015-01-05 13.04.59 2015-01-05 13.07.53

At the terminus:

Springer Mountain Springer Mountain

Springer Mountain

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Selfie with Candy:

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Springer Mountain

Springer Mountain

Springer Mountain