5 Captivating Reasons You Will Love Many Glacier in Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is one of the best National Parks in the US. Many Glacier is a section of the park that is a must visit when in Glacier. Here are 5 reasons to visit Many Glacier.

Hike or Boat To Grinnell Lake

A great way to start seeing the Many Glacier area is to hike to Grinnell Lake. This is a great hike because there is very minimal elevation gain. Albeit it’s a 7 mile roundtrip hike, but being flat makes all the difference.

You’ll hike past the beautiful Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine before getting to Grinnell Lake. You’ll also cross a really cool suspension bridge just before coming to your destination.

When arriving to Grinnell Lake, you’ll be greeted by an amphitheater of surrounding mountains with a beautiful glacier fed blue lake at the foot of them. Grinnell Glacier is up in the mountains surrounding the lake and is constantly feeding the turquoise water to the lake.

This is a great spot to picnic (if you were brave enough to carry it 3.5 miles) or just take your shoes off and dip your toes in the frigid water.

If this hike is a bit too far, your other option is to hop aboard a guided boat tour that will take you across Lake Josephine and drop you at about a mile from Grinnell Lake. Once you’ve enjoyed the lake, head back to catch the boat back.

Visit Many Glacier Hotel

One of the most picturesque sights in Glacier National Park is Many Glacier Hotel. This Swiss inspired hotel sits atop a hill with mountains and lakes surrounding it.

Stop at the Ptarmigan Dining Room or the Interlaken Lounge for some good food and a well deserved cocktail after a day of exploring Many Glacier.

See Grinnell Glacier

Seeing an active glacier is a pretty amazing thing. Earning a chance to see it is even better. Hiking over 5 miles to see the glacier and 5 miles back is definitely a well earned view.

That is what it takes to see the Grinnell Glacier. You again have the option to take the boat across Lake Josephine which brings the hike down to a total of just over 7 miles.

Either way it’s a demanding hike, but well worth it!

View Wildlife At Fishercap Lake

Just a short walk from the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn, you’ll come up to Fishercap Lake. This lake is an excellent place to see wildlife. There is a resident moose that likes to cool off in the lake during the summer.

When we visited, he was just standing in the middle of the lake with the water almost to his shoulders. He didn’t seem in a rush and was just enjoying the cool water under the hot sun.

Grab a Bite at Nell’s At Swiftcurrent Restaurant

After wildlife spotting at Fishercap Lake, stop at Nell’s for a breakfast, lunch or dinner. The prices are reasonable and the food is delicious. They also have a great kids menu for the little ones in your group.

If you are in Glacier National Park, make sure to visit Many Glacier as this is a true gem of the park.

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Make sure you Add Many Glacier to your itinerary when you visit Glacier National Park. The beauty of the lakes, glaciers and hiking trails is unbelievable. You and your family will love this part of your trip!

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