Atlanta Motor Speedway: Holiday Light Spectacular

2018 UPDATE: The AMD Holiday Light Spectacular is no longer running! We will miss this fun event!! The last year for this was 2016.


It’s time to for the ultimate show of Atlanta Motor Speedway Lights: Holiday Light Spectacular!! It’s open now and running through Dec 30, 2016!

Photo courtesy of Henry County CVB

Photo courtesy of “This is You…”

Drive through 3 miles of lights at Atlanta Motor Speedway!! Visit on Monday for the opportunity to pay once and drive through TWICE!

Exciting days you don’t want to miss:

  • Dec 10 and Dec 17th you can enjoy holiday movies for FREE after the light show (The Grinch and Frozen, respectively)
  • Santa’s Village is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday until the 16th – and then it’s open every day except Xmas!
  • Cookies For A Cause…Friday nights after the light show you can decorate your own cookie. 100% of the proceeds benefit a charity – a different one each week!
  • Visit the Carnival! Enjoy Merry-Go-Rounds, Swings, Spinning Teddy Bears, and traditional carnival games!
  • Head into Santa’s Village to meet Kris Kringle and have your photo taken (No personal cameras or camera phones permitted.)
  • Face painting
  • Fun painting crafts for the whole family
  • Shopping in the Village
  • Write and deliver letters to Santa
  • Hot Chocolate and Apple Cider, as well as other food options available
  • Roast s’mores for FREE in Santa’s Village

Prices start at $15 per car ($20 on weekends and closer to Christmas.) Additional fees include Photos with Santa (starting at $15) and Carnival Rides ($3 each or an unlimited-rides wristband for $20.) Cash and Cards accepted.

Everything is subject to change, so be sure to check the website before heading out!

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Exciting days and events this winter at the Atlanta Motor Speedway you don't want to miss. So many fun activities for kids and the whole family to celebrate the holidays. The lights, fun, and festivities will get you in the Christmas spirit. Give your children the gift of an experience they will remember forever! #Christmas #events #Atlanta #kids #family #holidays #lights

Lesli Peterson

Lesli Peterson

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Lesli Peterson

5 Comments on "Atlanta Motor Speedway: Holiday Light Spectacular"

  1. Why is AMS not doing Christmas lights? We have made this a family event every year you guys started doing it.

  2. Wow……I’m HEART BROKEN! Going and seeing the holiday lights and taking a pic with Santa is our favorite holiday tradition! Can’t believe y’all aren’t doing the show this year. Please tell us why!!???

  3. Archie Pennington | 12/05/2017 at 12:17 am | Reply

    You could have gone up on the fees and made money, if that is what you were in it for. It’s a shame not to do the lights anymore. You lost a very good PR for the track. It was being seen by many who have never darkened the track before and may have come out for the race events. Poor vision I am thinking. But hey, thanks for the few that you did do it. Please bring it back.

  4. We went in 2014 and thought it was amazing. Lots of lights, and Santa inside by the gift shop (which we stopped in to pick up a few last minute gifts). We went again last year and it seemed like a waste of time, with seemingly fewer lights on a shorter drive and more emphasis on trying to get people to spend extra money with the rides, random crafts that didn’t inspire us to purchase, and such center track. We were going to try again this year anyway, but guess not. If you bring it back, go back to focusing more on the lights and less on the extra center stuff that a lot of families just can’t afford around this time of year, and you’d probably get more people back, while saving costs on the extras. Just a thought.

  5. May want to check link in first link of holiday lights spectacular. For eyes over 21 only

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