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365 Atlanta Traveler is a travel and entertainment digital magazine, offering inspiration and trip advice to Atlanta and the entire Southeast.

What Type Of Person Reads 365 Atlanta Family?

Family Decision Makers. 70% are moms, and 66% have children. ForbesLife reports that women play a major role in vacation planning – making 70% of all travel decisions.

Educated. 67% have a college degree, and they are 45% more likely to have a graduate degree.

With Discretionary Income. Readers are 26% more likely to make more than $150,000 per year. In fact, our Facebook audience is 45% more likely than average to be among the wealthiest of all demographic clusters, and 33% more likely to be upper-middle class families worth more than $500,000.

Travelers. Our readers are 10x more interested in travel than the typical reader, with special interest in Family Travel (27x,) Hotels (15x,) Destinations (13.5x,) Europe (15x) and Air Travel (5x.)

Southerners. 60% live in the Atlanta DMA. Top 5 additional states that read our blog? Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee and Texas.

Diverse. 67% are Caucasian. However, African Americans are 75% more likely and Asians are 62% more likely to visit our website than other digital publications.

Note: This information was gathered from Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Quantcast


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