11-year-old Novice Reviews Woodward at Copper Extreme Sports [video]

Woodward at Copper Mountain, the extreme sports training facility at Copper Mountain, CO, left such an impression on my then 9-year-old, who had never snow skied before, that two years later, he wrote a school essay on his experience!

Woodward at Copper

At the time, Woodward Copper had recently opened. Since then, they have added a tremendous amount of new things, and perfected their training programs. But what follows is the essay from an 11-year-old’s memory of his first real ski trip and his introduction to Woodward Copper Mountain.

Woodward at Copper Ski School

In this picture, my youngest is only 9 years-old. Woodward made such an impression on him, he wrote this essay almost two years later.

Learning to Ski at Woodward at Copper Mountain

I jumped out of the car and raced to the doors of Woodward at Copper barn. “Come on,” I yelled excitedly to my mom and my brother, Sam, a tall black haired brown-eyed boy. They where only walking!

When we went into the building my mom signed us in while Sam and I went exploring the Woodward at Copper barn. It was sooooooo cool! Afterwards Sam and I went to our ski group. My mom waved “goodbye,” and left.

Our group sat in a circle and we introduced ourselves. Soon we got our ski boots on, “I wish they weren’t so tight.” I confessed to Sam.

Next they took out special indoor skis with wheels on them. We went to a little skate park type place they had indoors, to test how we would feel on the snow with skis. They put us in-between two ramps and pushed us up one side so we went back down and kept going like a pendulum.

Afterward we got on buses and went to a mountain where we were going to learn to ski. Soon Sam and I where on the lifts going to the top of the mountain.

Woodward at Copper Ski SchoolWe got off the lift and regrouped, the teacher said to ski to a small area off to the side.

Most people glided over easily. Sam faltered a little, but guess what? I couldn’t ski! It turns out the class that was supposed to teach us how to ski was actually teaching how to do tricks on skis.

So the ski instructors had to call another instructor to take Sam and me down the mountain.

Woodward at Copper Ski SchoolIt took him forever to get there but he was very nice. He taught me how to ski and how to slow down and stop. He also showed us how to control our speed going down a hill.

We talked a long time, mostly about video games, and soon enough we where at the bottom of the mountain and my feet where scrunched up so much they hurt.

My mom was waiting at the bottom of the mountain. “Hi!” she exclaimed as we ran to her. “I missed you two.” she said after we greeted her.

“We missed you too,” we said to our mom.

“What do you say we go and get hot chocolate,” mom inquired.

“Okay” Sam and I chorused as we started sharing the day’s adventures with each other and clambered into the car. I felt the day had gone very nicely.


Editor’s Note: One of the great things about writing a travel blog is that my family and I discover some really cool places. As my boys get older, I relish the fact that I’ve been able give them experiences, and introduce them to things they are passionate about, such as skiing.

It’s even better when  a year and nine months after said trip, my son still remembers how much fun he had and uses our ‘field trip’ as the topic of a school essay.

As I mentioned, Woodward at Copper is an action sports training facility. My boys had a great time at the training facility, but didn’t have the skills on skis to get the most from the program they were enrolled in.

However, as you can see, this didn’t deter my son or dampen his enthusiasm. We went shortly after Woodward opened and they were still figuring out their programs, now they have several different programs and something for all levels.

That said, be sure to have an honest conversation about your child’s level and the appropriate experience needed for the activities you are signing up to do.

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Woodward at Copper, Copper Mtn. Colorado

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